Confesion of an illustrator

apples and scissors in Confesion of an illustratorI make my living as an illustrator and, like many commercial artists, the paintings I create are intended to solve a problem, express or clarify an idea, or render a product. However, I’m not interested in precise renderings of specific objects. I want my paintings to be as loose and spontaneous as possible–just tight enough so that the viewer can tell what they’re supposed to be.

My favorite subjects are still lifes that include lace, fruit, flowers, and people, and I often surround these with my own unusual fabrics and antique ceramics and objects. I try to create a mood and a sense of light in my paintings. When I’m painting a still life or figure, the picture should look a bit romantic without losing its feel of reality. Read more

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origami swan in OrigamiArt is one of the most important aspects of growing up. Art should be experience and enjoyed by people of all ages not just when we are little kids. For small children there are a huge amount of arts and crafts options where a parent should begin looking. Depending on whether your child is a boy or girl will make a slight difference in what type of art projects they will be interested in. For more details Art combines many aspects of life, technical abilities, hand eye coordination, imagination, problem solving, patience (art projects may take awhile to complete), fun, sense of accomplishment, fulfillment, and even create a passion within some people who truly love it.

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Sketching using a pen

pencil sketch in Sketching using a penA sketch is a rapidly executed freehand drawing that is not intended as a finished work. If in oil paint it is called an oil sketch. In general, a sketch is a quick way to record an idea for later use. Artist’s sketches primarily serve as a way to try out different ideas and establish a composition before undertaking a more finished work, especially when Read more

You MUST see cool photo galleries handpicked for YOU!

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