Top 25 Worst Jobs to have in 2010

Top 25 Worst Jobs to have in 2010

At this point in the recession it’s probably safe to say any job is a good job, but according to a study conducted by job search portal CareerCast, in order to identify the best, you have to also determine which are the worst. After all, not all of us can have employment in finances or IT industry.

The worst 25 are quite surprising and their methodology makes me wonder if they took into account things like pensions, vacations and benefits. How else could cops and temporary circus workers rank so closely together?

What ever is the case, here is the list of 25 worst jobs in 2010. The list is ordered so that number 1. is the job with the title of the worst job in 2010. I hope your job is not on the list.

25. Stationary engineers, aka boiler operators

the worst job in 2010 25 in Top 25 Worst Jobs to have in 2010

Salary: start at $31,000 and top out at $75,000

24. Machine tool operators

the worst job in 2010 24 in Top 25 Worst Jobs to have in 2010

Salary: start at $22,000 and top out at $50,000

23. Drill press operators

the worst job in 2010 23 in Top 25 Worst Jobs to have in 2010

Salary: start at $21,000 and top out at $48,000

22. Roofers

the worst job in 2010 22 in Top 25 Worst Jobs to have in 2010

Salary: start at $22,000 and top out at $59,000

21. Police officers

the worst job in 2010 21 in Top 25 Worst Jobs to have in 2010

Salary: start at $30,000 and top out at $80,000

20. Choreographers

the worst job in 2010 20 in Top 25 Worst Jobs to have in 2010

Salary: start at $18,000 and top out at $67,000

19. Machinists

the worst job in 2010 19 in Top 25 Worst Jobs to have in 2010

Salary: start at $22,000 and top out at $55,000

18. Seamen

the worst job in 2010 18 in Top 25 Worst Jobs to have in 2010

Salary: start at $21,000 and top out at $52,000

17. Newspaper reporters

the worst job in 2010 17 in Top 25 Worst Jobs to have in 2010

Salary: start at $20,000 and top out at $77,000

16. “Stevedores” or longshoremen

the worst job in 2010 16 in Top 25 Worst Jobs to have in 2010

Salary: start at $22,000 and top out at $62,000

15. Emergency medical technicians

the worst job in 2010 15 in Top 25 Worst Jobs to have in 2010

Salary: start at $19,000 and top out at $49,000

14. Sheet metal workers

the worst job in 2010 14 in Top 25 Worst Jobs to have in 2010

Salary: start at $24,000 and top out at $74,000

13. Firefighters

the worst job in 2010 13 in Top 25 Worst Jobs to have in 2010

Salary: start at $22,000 and top out at $72,000

12. Photojournalists

the worst job in 2010 12 in Top 25 Worst Jobs to have in 2010

Salary: start at $16,000 and top out at $60,000

11. Butchers

the worst job in 2010 11 in Top 25 Worst Jobs to have in 2010

Salary: start at $18,000 and top out at $45,000

10. Mail carriers

the worst job in 2010 10 in Top 25 Worst Jobs to have in 2010

Salary: start at $37,000 and top out at $52,000

9. Meter readers

the worst job in 2010 09 in Top 25 Worst Jobs to have in 2010

Salary: start at $20,000 and top out at $54,000

8. Construction workers (laborers)

the worst job in 2010 08 in Top 25 Worst Jobs to have in 2010

Salary: start at $18,000 and top out at $54,000

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65 Responses to “Top 25 Worst Jobs to have in 2010”
  1. Welders says:

    I have been welding for ten years. Top rate around here is about 30. I think the list is about environment and stress. Being a welder su*** when you travel from family. Breathing in toxic fumes and burning your skin isn’t ideal. Sign me up for an office job! You guys are too fixated on the incomes. That’s the worst paid jobs in canada you silly bloggers

  2. Charlee says:

    xFMMlr Very true! Makes a change to see soemone spell it out like that. :)

  3. jeff says:

    who ever wrote this list of bad jobs is a hardcore retard!,
    and i am a fire fighter and when i started i made 55,000 not $22,000,like i said this site was made by a buch of monkeys

  4. Anon says:

    This was written by a European dumb-a** but seemingly with US prices in mind, I think he miscalculated a number of things

  5. iker says:

    correction seaman in the navy but merchant seaman completely different story can make up to 52,000 in 5 months or less depending on rank

  6. Sally says:

    Here in Alberta Canada most of these jobs are 100K+/year…
    None of this seems correct, even during a recession and even for the U.S.

    Plus you forgot:
    Telemarketers, retail sales associates, fast food attendants and all the minimum wage service industry. I would much prefer a law enforcement job over any of the other thankless service jobs that pay $7 an hour.

  7. Ivan says:

    The figures quoted on some of the jobs are incorrect. It would be good to know how the figures were calculated, in particular given that I know of policemen who earn well over $100K (U.S.).

  8. rolando says:

    i rather have any of the jobs listed then mine ( network engineer for a telecom)

  9. Michael L says:

    What elitist left-wing wacko wrote this? These are all respectable and productive jobs. While I get some of these may be endangered due to automation, if you have one of these jobs you are better off than about 50 million jobless Americans.

    Many of these jobs are manufacturing related, public service or service sector. What is wrong with that? There are millions or people that would love to be making $22K let alone $87K.

    Whatever criteria was used to select and rank these jobs is total BS. Do some research!

  10. Bell Curve says:

    “Mail carriers?” We call them “postmen” in our neck of the woods.

  11. FiremanChris says:

    This is total BS. What do you consider a “good job”? Something where you can sit inside a windowless office with A/C and make 80k/yr pushing paper and crunching numbers? No thanks. I’d rather be a construction worker than an accountant. You can keep your job sitting in front of a computer, I’ll keep my firefighting job (w/benefits, retirement, great schedule).

  12. Meaghan says:

    How are those bad jobs? They all make more than I do, and most get benefits. Why isn’t retail up there? I make $11,000 and have no benefits. I can barely afford to live, and I though I make $9.41 per hour, I can work 35 hours a week in December, then 5 hours a week in July.

  13. ANON says:

    Why are these the worst jobs in 2010? Did a limousine liberal come up with this list? In this economy most of these would be nothing less than damn good jobs. Most of them come with benefits which are worth tens of thousands of dollars themselves. Sad thing is our greedy government, greedy unions, and greedy trial lawyers are driving most of these jobs out of the US.

  14. Jereati says:

    I’ve been a prison guard for 7 years but to my knowledge, being a prison guard is the worst jop especialy when one single guard look after 60 to 70 top criminals.
    Emagine the amount of abusive language and treat you recieve during your tour of duty.

  15. joe says:

    I work in IT; I make more money but the work is boring and pointless. Most of these jobs have more intrinsic value but American society just doesn’t work that way ; pay is pretty much inversely proportional to actual value.

    Plumbers and garbageman are the backbone of civilization.

  16. Sterling says:

    As I looked through these I couldn’t help thinking “why”. What is so bad about this or that job?

    If your going to list them you need to include your reasons, which very likely would not be the same reason or view as others.

  17. arczi says:

    Choreographers and photojournalists are very good jobs

  18. Erik says:

    Wow.. You Americans are spoiled brats.. Your lowest salary is like highest wag in Europe.. and we got higher taxes and more expensive electronics..

    No wonder you got Financial crisis.. welcome to the reality.

  19. Satisfied Observer says:

    I’m glad to see that the comments for this post generally reflect my own feelings about it. Get a job for which you are actually qualified. Gold digger, maybe.

  20. Evil Taco says:

    What about cooks/chefs? I love my job, but I’m one of the above, and we never get benefits, consistently work long hours, with low wages. It’s the textbook example of “labor of love”.

  21. Grant says:

    So, where was suic*de call center operator? or taking care of old people in a nursing home?

    If its just your opinion, state it in the title, don’t list it as a fact

    IE “the top 25 jobs I feel are the worst to have in 2010″ <— opinion not a fact

    and where is blogger on this list, I think the top salary is around $18k

    or how about grocery clerk, or maybe needle exchange attendant? or the guy who picks up de*d homeless from back alleys, didn't make the list either?

  22. admin says:

    Every list that I or anybody else makes IS personal view. This list has been compiled just for the fun of it.
    If you think you can compile a better list of 25 worst jobs and give reasons, I would be happy to publish it on Chill Out Point.

    So that you can all enjoy it.
    I want to hear some creative and constructive propositions on your part: Please write some of the jobs you believe would fit this list perfectly

  23. Disappointed says:

    I really liked this website until I hit this article. The article leaves out peripheral benefits such as health insurance, hazard pay, overtime (which police almost always get for example), and most importantly, the experience in itself. Some people would literally PAY to have access and see things first hand around the world as a photojournalist, yet it’s considered worse than many of those repetitious jobs?

    I would really suggest COP to take out this article, or at least modify it/clarify it’s a personal article, very disappointing to see such a poor quality article.

  24. grtwhtbnr says:

    Apparently the common theme is that the author is messed up for this…REMEMBER Its NOT the author. The author is just relaying info he/she read and DOESNT BELIEVE IT EITHER…HE SAYS IT IN THE FIRST LINE OF HIS SECOND PARAGRAPH…CareerCast are the guys we should be mad at…

    Cus dude the numbers were way off. I am from a metropolitan area that is also close to some harbors/ports where the police and fire start off at $56K+ while in the fire tower/academy, and OT can EASILY raise that. Dont like cops/fire/medics/doc workers/metal workers getting OT? Then stop requiring them to go to court/the hospital/take a mandatory extra shift/etc…Not to mention there is a pension and the stories you will have to tell when youre older…The metal workers make bank especially close to port side…Butchers are frikin artists for what they can do, no its a wee bit more complicated than put the pointy thing into the dead thing…I mean if he is going national average then the numbers scew, but really…what are the living wages there? If i’m makeing $40k but my mortgage was only $600 a month then, technically, i’d be doing better than that guy who is doing the same thing for $56k but his mortgage is $1200/mo…ya gotta take everything into perspective…


  25. digit says:

    while i agree that the article is some seriously inaccurate elitist bull****, you are complaining about a link farm article that someone wasnt even proud enough to put their name on.

  26. Paul says:

    prejudiced shallow elitist :(
    and so we go.

  27. fin says:

    i think its funny how there is not one positive comment about this “WORST JOB OF 2010″. who thinks they have a better job making up things and putting in on the web, over saving lives and actually doing things.

  28. Mark says:

    What a pitiful compilation of “Worst” jobs. A lumberjack would be my personal preference. This website is rapidlby deteriorating with each new post.

  29. really says:

    wow, this is wrong in so many ways there is nowhere to start.
    @ skon your honestly trying to tell me your have 28 years experience as a machinist (let alone any job) and you make about 6.70? isnt minimum wage at least 8 bucks in most places.
    not buying that cr*p buddy im a steel fabricator 1st year and i make much more…much much more

  30. Scott says:

    It actually depends where you live

  31. Thomas C. says:

    Bad article. Photojournalist a bad job ?! Ok the pay might not be that great depending on your talent but you get to travel the world all expenses paid ( and if you do this job it’s that you love traveling )

  32. Ash says:

    This is one of the worst articles I have stumbled upon. You have no justification for your job options and frankly this sucks.

  33. dag says:

    I have to call BS on the welder claim. at 18 years old with 3 years of school i was making 65k plus overtime as a journeyman welder. now, at 25 i am making just under 80k as a welder supervisor still spending 20+ hours a week under the hood. in truth i am on the lower end of the pay scale for my skill-set and experience.

  34. admin says:

    Maybe you should put down blogger, earns hardly anything in order for everyone to think they’re wrong.

    This is the best one I’ve heard! I couldn’t agree more, pure genius

  35. Rory says:

    This list is really stupid. I’d much rather work cutting down trees, work with metal, take photos, SAVE LIVES.

    How are any of these the ‘worst jobs’? Not in comparison to many of the places I’ve worked, try working at a cinema, or a coffee shop.

    Maybe you should put down blogger, earns hardly anything in order for everyone to think they’re wrong.

  36. BIGWORM says:

    I’m a boiler operator who works with many machinists and welders. I live in Long Beach Ca. and know many longshoremen. These are all GREAT jobs to have. They are union. They are well paying and have wonderful benefits. Not one person I know including myself makes less then your maximum pay. Longshoremen easily make 6 figure salaries. This is a truly stupid list based on no real factual data.

  37. Dan says:

    wow, bet the person only judges jobs by salary or social status, pretty shallow. i dont think he realizes some people dont really care about the salary and just want to do volunteer work such as UN or red cross. medical technicians? BS. anything medical related in australia is in very short supply, so salary would definately be a lot higher.

  38. Alex says:

    Those salary’s are ridiculous, here in a third world country (South Africa), a lawyer after 10 years of practice would be lucky to be earning that sought of salary. A police person after 10 years earns about &2000 a month.

  39. Skon says:

    These wages are way off. At least for the part of the US I live in none of these would pay even 1/2 this much. An EMT in this county makes a max of $12,000 a year and that is one of the best paying jobs you can get if your not a Dr.! I’ve been a machinists for 28 years and never have made nor know any other machinists that make more then $15k a year. And that’s in a union shop! Where the h*ll did the author of this article get his figures?

  40. Seth says:

    This may be the worst written article on the web. Police officer, firefighter, EMT? You have to be kidding. Firefighters are consistently ranked at the top of the best jobs to have. Have you ever seen their retirement/pensions? They work 10 days a month!

  41. Matt says:

    Funny I didn’t see fast food worker as number 1

  42. Someone says:

    All these wages are very wrong.

    For one, welders make a lot more.. and there are a lot less of them.

    Roustabouts, or oil riggers can make upwards to 100k/year, depending on work.

    The rest are also inaccurate.

    Whoever wrote this, stop, just stop.

  43. chuck says:

    yeah once i saw the firefighting, welding, EMT, and police officer i just though this was stupid. it depends where you get hired for most of these, where im at firefighters start at 50,000

  44. Sly says:

    Some of those are accurate but most are *****:

    Dairy farmers here in NZ can make anywhere up from 140k a year or more (depending on how big the farm is and if it is shared between several workers). Would suck getting up at 4am every day though :P

  45. J says:

    I see that retail cashier (ask a walmart cashier what they make) and teacher (starting salary in my state is 28,000- and it was just upped.) I’m sorry, but I look at some of these wages and say: How can I get that job!? There are many that are MUCH worse.

  46. Andy says:

    Wow, 25 arbitrary jobs, many of which are good, honest hard work and absolutely vital to our society (ever watch Dirty Jobs?). Some are also highly desirable and have competitive hiring processes – anyone who’s tested to be a police officer or firefighter know what I’m talking about.

  47. CMS says:

    A lot of that is cr**, where I live in CA starting salary for a police officer is 85k, and the benefits are ridiculous. In fact the data for a lot of the jobs listed above is suspect. Throw union benefits in for a lot of those and they actually pay absurdly well for the minimal (if any) skill/education level required to do the job.

  48. Vincent Flint says:

    This is completely inaccurate; sailors / seamen have the same pay scale as any other branch in the military, and military pay starts at $17k for E1 at lowest and tops at $224k at O10 at highest (although the latter is a pay grade held by very, very few). The majority of servicemembers are E4-E6 between five and ten years in service, which would place the majority of pay in between $27k and $37k as a rough majority of salaries.

  49. Trio says:

    These numbers are completely made up. I am currently looking for a welding engineering job but i also look at welding jobs plus at my college they send career “teachers” to classes to look at average salaries. A welder normally starts at, at least, $50,000 same as a welding engineer but they top off at about $100,000 while a welding engineer tops off at around $140,000. Same with alot of machinists and construction workers. So I have no idea who got these numbers. Also these are some of the best jobs (welders, construction workers, machinist…) because businesses give the best benefits up front because there are few of these types of people doing this job and they want to keep the new recruits.

  50. CHRIS says:

    also this list is false because im both a roofer and a welder and a top welder can easily make over 100K a year!

  51. soooooo says:


  52. TruthSeekr says:

    Some of these are truly respectable jobs and you should be thankful someone out there is working to collect your garbage, read your meters and drive your taxis.

    Its not like being a business executive or a company CEO is the ONLY good job to have…this list is so pathetic, unjustifiable and out right stupid!

  53. virge12 says:

    Wow, dumb f***** — you have no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to many of these jobs. Another 10 year old kid writing something “big” online….go back to bed.

  54. oxoboxo says:

    horrible list indeed, explain it!

  55. crossmr says:

    What a horrible list. Just 25 random jobs with no explanation or justification why these are so much worse than any other 25 random jobs.

  56. hoorweeneck says:

    Forgot about “WAL*MART shop assistant” salary: start at 13,000 and top out at 26,000.

  57. Troen says:

    This are jobs with heavenly salaries for third world countries. Don’t act spoiled. Be thankful you have any one of these jobs.

  58. Chris says:

    Obviously,you must be kidding.

  59. Jeremy says:

    HAHAHA this list is horribly inaccurate! I’m not sure which country you’re talking about, but in Canada, most welders make well over $90,000/ year, Iron workers are at about the same, and a letter carrier makes $30/hour with the best possible benefits, and an incredible retirement package! I can tell you, I know of MANY jobs that would beat anything on this list. Poorly done.

  60. mad1982 says:

    They help the people God bless them

  61. Bill Nye says:

    This is a horrible list. It is highly inaccurate as we all know the worst job around is most likely being a Jizz Mopper. Or a Fluffer.

  62. Matt says:

    So all of these are worse than flipping burgers? Or being a late night convenience store clerk? How about being the person at animal shelters who has the unfortunate duty of dispatching the animals that have been there too long? That seems pretty crappy to me.

    This list would have been much better if they had called it the most thankless jobs and frankly, I’d be happy to have just about any of them.

  63. JWeich says:

    In other words, everybody that actually contributes to society as opposed to people that stare at computer screens all day that don’t.

  64. Pascalis Claudius Lotinggi says:

    Mostly blue collar jobs.

    How is it with white collar jobs? Or were these taken into consideration?

    And how do the statistics compare across borders?


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