5 Weirdest Creatures Ever Found

5 Weirdest Creatures Ever Found

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Weird creatures tend to show their faces on the planet Earth. Thanks to the Internet we are able to see a lot of freaky unexplainable photos of creatures we are tempted to call monsters. These are, as we see them, top 5 weirdest creatures ever found on the face of the Earth.

Piglet With Monkey’s Face

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weirdest creatures ever 01 in 5 Weirdest Creatures Ever Found

weirdest creatures ever 02 in 5 Weirdest Creatures Ever Found

weirdest creatures ever 03 in 5 Weirdest Creatures Ever Found

The animal has a simian jaw, bulging forehead, small snout and eyes that are so close together that they appear almost attached. Its front legs are much shorter than its back legs, causing it top hop rather than walk on all fours like a normal piglet. The animal was one of five piglets recently born to a sow owned by a family in Fengzhang village, Xiping township.

“It’s hideous. No one will be willing to buy it, and it scares the family to even look at it,” owner Feng Changlin told the Oriental Today newspaper.

But the monkey-piglet has become something of a local tourist attraction, with people coming from across the area to photograph its remarkable features.  And not everyone in the family is disgusted by its appearance.

“Our son likes to play with it, and he stopped us from getting rid of it. He even feeds it milk,” said Mr Feng’s wife.

The piglet’s rare condition is thought to be caused by a form of holoprosencephaly, a brain development disorder that can cause cyclopia, the failure of eyes to properly separate.

Source: 1

Seven legged baby goat in China

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A goat with seven legs has been born recently in Jiaoliuhe township, Taonan, Jilin Province in China. The owner of the goat, a woman surnamed Song, explained that it was a difficult birth but the goat is standing on four of it’s legs and is feeding.
“It was very difficult for the goat to deliver the kid, so I used my hand to pull out. It scared me!” the owner said.
“It is the first time I’ve seen anything like this in 13 years.”
Animal experts, a local biologist Li Chunsheng have said the chances of long term survival are slim.

Source: 1

Monster Washed Ashore in Montauk

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This is an actual monster, some sort of rodent-like creature with a dinosaur beak. A tipster says that there is “a government animal testing facility very close by in Long Island,”  but unless the government is trying to design horrible Montauk monsters that will eat IEDs and fart fire at bad Iraqis, we’re not sure why they would create such an unthinkable beast. What is the true  identity of this creature?
Source: 1

Hell Fish found on the Beach

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Source: 1

Weird unknown creature found in a trench in Russia

weirdest creatures ever 14 in 5 Weirdest Creatures Ever Found

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weirdest creatures ever 17 in 5 Weirdest Creatures Ever Found

This weird creature was found in an abandoned foundation pit in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. Looks like a stingray but not. What is that creature actually?

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69 Responses to “5 Weirdest Creatures Ever Found”
  1. Maranda says:

    Photo #2 Montauk Monster is a horribly decomposed Capybara, relative to the chinchilla and guinea pig.

  2. Maranda says:

    Well the last photo does look similar to triops cancriformis, but one problem. Look at the tail of it, it looks nothing like that of triops cancriformis. It is in fact not a triops cancriformis but rather it’s sister species known as triops australiensis. There are very distinct differences between the two. The sheild is a bit different as well as tail.

  3. deadmanwalkin666 says:

    ok the last photo is clearly a few enlarged and enhanced photos of Triops Cancriformis lol i use to raise them so i’d know one if i saw one and thats one of them. Unless the area was full of radiation and caused some kind of mutation to cause that one to be huge compared to others but i doubt it.

  4. Dr.Dave says:

    Ok, let’s get back to class, quit skipping to smoke weed. It’s funny, all the corrections, refuting, and playground bickering solidified by bad spelling? Hard to take them seriously. Lol.
    Ok, we all saw the pig before on ” those amazing animals “..the lamb is self explanatory, the montauk monster… ?? Turtle? Turtles don’t have teeth. Sloth? A sloth has long claws and no tail. Pig? Pigs tails are not that large, and they have cloven hooves. Racoon? That’s the largest set of racoon canines I’ve ever seen, he must have taken calcium supplements. If I had to speculate, I would aim towards a tapir, with facial damage. The crazy baboon fish is real, I caught one last weekend, tasted great, especially the lungs. Horshoe crab? Whatever …. this triops has a unisect carapace, and a flexible tail, and though the picture doesn’t show it, this specimen is very small, the aggregate in the concrete gives the scale away. Secret government conspirators …you guys did too much in the 60′s. lol!

  5. Saromin says:

    that ‘wierd creature’ that looks like a stingfish is a prehistoric ocean creature ^^

  6. Chris says:

    Number 3 looks more like a capebarra than a cow, dog, sloth, etc. It does have rodent features including the small snout bone that could apear to be a beak to some people, but its not its just the snout structure.

  7. Javocih says:

    The montauk monster is not a raccoon go outside in the the with a flashlight for once in ur life. Pig is close but it’s actually a wild boar. Don’t tell me it a co*n Ive seen raccoon and if the ones in citys look like that then someone fed them to much and beat them with a bat just saying

  8. Claire says:

    That creature found in Montauk is crazy looking… maybe a cross between a goat/lamb and a chicken? I agree that it was furry at one point, but not a decomposed cow.

    I believe the first 3, the last couple not so much. That piglet is cute.

  9. malagrond says:

    The third photo is almost definitely a bloated and decomposing cow. Look at the tail, the patches of fur in the second photo, and the ears. The hooves are also a d*** giveaway.

  10. maybe says:

    The creature in the last pictures seems to be a “Triops cancriformis”. Their dried eggs can be purchased to hatch and grow them in tanks at home. For a horseshoe crab it has too many legs and the shell is not dark enough…

  11. anonymousindonesian says:

    That monkey faced piglet must be mistakenly reported to be found in China. I believe it’s found in Indonesia. First, see the picture of the people? I never knew any Chinese people with that complexion, and their faces don’t look like Chinese faces. Secondly, the manwho carry the piglet in the picture’s wearing a cap with the logo of “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”, it’s an official national motto of Indonesia (source: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhinneka_Tunggal_Ika)

  12. just says:

    The last one is NOT a horseshoe crab, it’s at triops, a prehistoric creature. Believe it or not, it is still found today!

  13. Epynonomous says:

    The fish is a taxidermists joke, that’s the jaw from a baboon.

  14. themacmeister says:

    Russian trench sea creature looks lie a horseshoe crab (or Bars Bug or Balmain Bug) found in Australian waters and also in Japan. The blood of the horseshoe crab is still used to this day for creating anticoagulant for use in medicine. see here – //farm4.static.flickr.com/3090/3168150068_016bdd290a.jpg

  15. Pumpking says:

    Nr 3 is NOT a sloth, look at the teeth, it’s a dog !!!
    The stranded fish is a hoax, those different tooth shapes are only found in mammals. I’d even say those are monkey jaws actually.
    The last one is a horseshoe crab, although the tail looks really strange (usually, it’s like a simple stick and rigid)

  16. Fen says:

    Number 3′s skull does not look anything like a sloth, look at it’s incisors and floppy ears!

    Saying that wolverines don’t live in Long Island is really no arguement. Snapping turtles and piranha don’t live in the UK but that doesn’t negate the fact that they found some in a pond here… The animal has obviously been in the water a while, Canada to Long Island is not a huge leap of the imagination. A boxer’s skull and musculature do not fit this animal at all. A mid-sized dog fits the size of a wolverine well. I’m open to the possibility that it’s not a wolverine but you’ll have to try harder than that.

  17. john says:

    I live on long island and for all those who are unfamiliar with the wild life here wolverines do not live here. As for pigs there are no feral ones And all the domestic ones are much further west of the island. And ocean currents run west along the shore. As for the crazy government lab. It does exist its called plum island but that’s located in the middle of the forks. There for it can’t be that. When the creature wash up it wad the size of a mid sized dog and was believed to be a boxer.

  18. Anonnymous says:

    Number 3 is actually a 3 toes sloth which has los it’s hair due to exposure to the water etc. and it didn;t wash up in montauk, it washed up on the coast of brazil….. but hey who needs accuracy on the internet hey

  19. Unanimous says:

    Chelyabinsk is actually one of the Nuclear towns… To the best of my knowledge there was Chelyabinsk-38 that had a nuclear waste leakage so massive, Chernobyl looks like a baby fart compared to it….

    But i don’t know for sure if Chelyabinsk itself was affected at all

  20. Fen says:

    The monster washed ashore is, I believe, a wolverine. It has either been skinned or lost it’s fur from a long while in the water. It is also missing it’s nose and lips. That is the nasal cavity of it’s skull poking through, not a beak. Poor thing :(

  21. Bob says:

    The last creature is known. If you’ve seen StarWars it is a Tatooie fish. Or also known as a Triop.

  22. BigBadBrad says:

    #1 is Slingpig
    #2 is Septigoat (this is why goats and octipus should not be kept together)
    #3 is a very rare hairless-bloated-bonenosed ocean raccoon, notice the long tail and the delicate paws. Pigs don’t have those features. The eyes are too centered to be a dog, and it has carnivorous teeth similar to a feline’s which raccoons tend to have. The saltwater and sun has bleached any coloring so its hard to be 100% certain.
    #4 is an extremely rare deepsea babooncarp,(actually only one has ever existed). It was said to have been born from a very talented taxidermist. This one may have di*d because it seems to be lacking gills and for a fish of this size, that could make a shark wet itself, is really weird.
    #5 is probably a big triop, because Chernoble makes things bigger now than they used to be over there in Mother Russia (I know, its actually Ukraine… work with me).

  23. Nicola says:

    Number 5 is not a monster or even a unknown species it’s a Notostraca. They can hatch from dry eggs like sea monkeys!
    Im pretty sure number 3 is a pig and the ‘beak’ is the skull poking through!
    Number 1 and 2 are just poor unluky animals that are deformed and would not have survived in the wild but our human interference makes them suffer.
    The only one im stumped on is the Hell fish because its jaw and face is definately mamalian but its body is fish? Is it a hoax an unbelievable deformity or an actual hell fish??

  24. Jaze says:

    All I know is the Pig Monkey is saying “k*llllll me pleeeeease” I get these people are poor so when something like this happens they will look to make some money from it, but that thing looks like it’s in some serious pain, it’s eyes……

  25. andy says:

    the montauk monster is a partially decomposed dog. plain and simple, no speculation. How many sea turtles have you seen with fur or pointed ears?

  26. desy says:

    the montauk monster thing, the 1st picture looks like a turtle with no shell, and the second picture looks like a pig, just look at the ears….

  27. Mytre says:

    1. Genetic mutation
    2. Another genetic mutation.
    3. Looks like a wild boar, notice the end of the nose has been removed. The beak thing is actually its skull. You can see the hoves and the triangle ears. Tusks are from male (I think females might have them as well)
    4. As someone else said, baboon or the like skull. Notice the molars, which are used for crushing plant matter.
    5. It is an actual animal.

  28. Jim says:

    Uhm that last one… google image Notostraca and that exact photo will be one of the top ones there… someone skipped middle-schools trip to the aquarium…

  29. D: says:

    The last thing there reminded me of the movie “Alien”. creeps me out..

  30. -Q- says:

    Sorry, but i think the article have some error. the piglet in the pics is obviously came from indonesia, you can see in the second picture, the man holding it is using a hat with indonesian badge in it. sorry for my bad english.

  31. Dreams says:

    Montauk…first thing that comes into my mind is the montauk project, brookhaven labs.
    I can see that so many people in the world does not have a clue of whats going on…oh well, its only natural… otherwise the media would have failed its purpose.
    Public will always be public. Everyone follows the majority. They all think its a conspiracy too big, they choose not to believe in it.

  32. clp says:

    I just have to say that is a horseshoe crab, but its clearly a baby and could easily be a mutant. This is what nature actually does, like 7 legged lambs. Sometimes they work and sometimes not but if you think about it a 7 legged lamb has no advantages so it won’t breed or survive. This one has changed weirdly and so doesn’t look as much like a normal horseshoe crab.

  33. Windoze says:

    Monster washed ashore = capeless turtle

  34. Bob Saget says:

    Or a Triops that’s gotten way too large for the same reason.

  35. Bob Saget says:

    #5 is likely a horseshoe crab, though it is worth noting that Chelyabinsk was the site of a radioactive storage accident during the Cold War that spread high levels of radiation throughout the area. It is possible that some deformity may be present in this crab due to several generations of them being exposed to that radiation and suffering severe defects both physical and genetic as a result.

  36. unknown me says:

    I live on a beach where horseshoe crabs often wash up…its not that…unless its a mutant horseshoe crab!

  37. BIll says:

    Are you guys retarded? That last one is obviously a head crab.

  38. Davo says:

    3 is a raccoon folks

  39. Emily S says:

    Montauk Monster is clearly a pig – the lower jaw gives it away completely, those are definitely pig canines. The “beak” is just where its skull is showing through because the snout has been decomposed or eaten away already.

    Also, #1 is a generic deformity, obviously a pig when looked at from the side. #4 looks fishy, pardon the pun – the slit in the back along the dorsal ridge isn’t right, the teeth are very mammalian. On top of all that it’s kind of dubious that a fish body that size could propel such a large, non-streamlined head through the water fast enough to avoid being eaten, and its forward-facing eyes combined with the protruding jaw would mean that it couldn’t see predators sneaking up on it. In other words, such a fish could’ve never evolved cause it would’ve just been easy dinner for everything else in the ocean.

    #5 just looks like a horseshoe crab, triops, or related species. Probably rare in Russia, but common as heck in the US.

  40. Arthur Garden says:

    1 & 2 are of course are genetic mutations
    3 “the Montauk Monster” is actually two clearly different animals. The first picture is most likely that of a shellless sea turtle. The second picture is clearly a mammal, possibly a dog.
    4 Fake of course
    5 Put this one to rest people. It is quite clearly a Triop. Horseshoe craps may have a somewhat similiar appearance, however their tails are narrow and spiny. They also have spiny ridges at the rear of their shell.

  41. andu says:

    3.one of an armmy of muutants
    4.babbon skull in a fish its hoaxed
    5.horsheshoe crab

    sorry acctually its a triops!

  42. James says:

    The animal found in the Russian City looks like it could be a hybrid between a Horseshoe Crab and some other type of see creature. If you look at the upper body in the pics, both the front and back of it are extremely similar to that of a Horseshoe Crab. The only thing that is odd about it is the tail end of it, as Horseshoe Crabs have a tail that is much like that of a sting ray.

  43. Mir says:

    …and one more thing, I want to know how in the hell someone got a baboon skull on/in a fish. Make a tutorial or something, I want one on my wall.

  44. Mir says:

    Does anyone have any ACTUAL information on the “Montauk Monster”? I see claims of decomposing pigs and raccoons, and one person even said a turtle with no shell (obviously not a turtle, turtles don’t have fur, and neither do pigs for that matter…). But it really doesn’t look like any of those to me. Even after having looked up some information and photos of decomposing pigs and raccoons, that thing just doesn’t look like any creature I’ve ever seen. Also, it’s difficult to get a true sense of the size of it from the photos. It looks about the size of a raccoon sure, but it could honestly be a malformed rat or something. I’m sure there is a totally normal and understandable explanation, and I highly doubt that some Doctor Moreau-esque vivisection is going on in NY. Just wondering if anyone has found anything concrete.

  45. Jud says:

    The monster washed ashore is a decomposing Raccoon.
    Saw it a long time ago and it was explained.

  46. Ben Dover says:

    Regarding that monkey-faced piglet, clearly a genetic mutation. However, you must understand the poorer regions of China, in that they are the disposal areas for a lot of toxic chemicals and you read in the news regularly of all the cr+p the Chinese have put in everything from toothpaste, baby formula and dog food. You see, it’s anything to make a profit, and they dump their toxic sludge rather than proper dispose of it. We did much the same here, for some time, thanks to the disposal services industry (which has/had a close tie to the teamsters and organized crime).

  47. Jdog7296 says:

    The third one is in fact a sea turtle with no shell and of course de*d it must had been born with no shell and the 1st and 2nd are just animals that deformed from birth 4th one is a hoax 5th is a triop..

  48. Gavpwn says:

    #1 and #2 are pretty simple. Mutations before birth.

    #3 is some sort of decomposing rodent. (It’s not a beak.)

    #4 is a Hoax. Any idiot can see that is a Baboon Skull.

    #5 The last one is clearly a Triops. You can buy them. Kinda like Seamonkeys.

  49. autumn says:

    ever heard of a horseshoe crab? geeez.

  50. kyra says:

    i like that werid monkey thing cool

  51. Daniel says:


    Horseshoe crab? Puhleese.

    If you’re going to try to correct people, at least don’t do it when they’re right and you’re wrong.

    THe horseshoe crab can be a foot across. A triops is only about three incehs max. The photo shows a triops that’s about 1-2 inches… look at the water and the concrete.

    Furthermore here’s a horseshoe crab picture:

    Note the closed in, two piece carapace, the tail that is stiff and spinelike (called a telson actually)

    Now here’s pictures of a triops:

    Notice the one piece carapace open at the back where emerges a highly flexible and muscular tail.

    Notice the many pairs of gills mounted on legs, which the horeshoe crab doesn’t have(it has only six pairs of book gills).

    So tell me…. why does your horseshoe cran look like a triops, breath like a triops, is the size of a triops…. and not at all like a horeshoe crab?

    Because…. big Duu-uuh here… IT’S A TRIOPS.

    Nex time you decide to pretend you’re an expert… try to make sure you have a clue what you’re talking about

  52. Freezer says:

    I just watched a show on Animal Planet, and guess what. The last one isn’t that strange, it’s a horeshoe crab. It isn’t really a crab, but that’s the name. And it isn’t so rare, it is common in spring near New York where they come to mate. In millions! :)

  53. Jay says:

    It’s a horseshoe crab dumba**.

  54. Ash says:

    that monster fish with the giant teeth… yeah that’s fake. I should know I work creating fake creatures and special fx. Cool though :)

  55. Jamie says:

    hey there, ive ready a few other comments saying the last pic is a ”triop” well although it may look like a Triop it is infact a ‘Horse-Shoe Crab’ theyr ALOT bigger than these triops and look like something from the prehistoric era lol

  56. Heather says:

    The pig doesn’t have Harlequin type ichthyosis. That’s a totally different birth defect then what the pig actually has, which is cyclopia. Look it up. Picture #3… I don’t know what kinda raccoon you people have seen. But that’s no raccoon. I’m not saying it’s an unknown monster either, but it really wouldn’t surprise me if the government did have some crazy experimentation lab on some island. I remember seeing the dog fish and it was proven to be a Hoax. And the last one… It does look like a horse shoe crab, looks like a Mirelurk from Fallout hehe. But I do think it’s a triop, in which I grew in a jar as well. Well that’s my opinion!

  57. Mediumheadboy says:

    They’re not “unexplainable,” they’re unexplained. Big difference.

  58. Clover says:

    The last is a Triop. I used to have some. They are so cool when they swim. They love flipping and doing loopty loops. They always reminds me of the creature from “Alien” that would attach to the man’s face.

  59. google says:

    the man holding the pig wear a hat with an indonesian state logo, not chinese. u people can make up anything. Fengzhang, China????? what bull****!!!!!

  60. Stefano says:

    Sorry for the pig. This means orrible genetic mutations that will affect also people sooner or later all over the world cause of pollution or radioactivity.

  61. hypno says:

    You can see the skull on the Montauk monster. Is a decomposing raccoon, that`s obviously not a beak.

  62. Crae says:

    I have researched the last creature as best as I could. I had originally thought that the crustacean was a horseshoe crab. After further viewing of the picture I realized the tail was different. Since I don’t know the actual size of said creature in picture I couldn’t be completely sure. Judging by the tail though I would have to agree with Eagle and Marcus that it is in fact a Triop. Triop adults reach one to three inches in size.

  63. David levy says:

    Monster washed ashore is clearly a rotting pig corpse

  64. sage says:

    #1 Looks really similar to some examples of the rare human birth defect Harlequin type ichthyosis

    #3 Is likely a decomposing, bloated and sunburnt raccoon with part of it’s skull exposed. That’s a a really common category of “monster” pictures. People just don’t get that the corpses of ordinary animals can look really freaky at certain points of decomposition.

  65. Mazz says:

    Last creature also looks like a horseshoe crab found all over the east coast of the USA, too.

  66. O´Slow. says:


  67. KnhoJ says:

    The Dogfish one was discovered to be a hoax. They inserted a babboon skull into a fish.

  68. eagle says:

    that last animal is a Triops! look it up on the net. these creatures are 360 mio. years old and for normal, they hsould stop growning at a mac. length of 15CM! (depends on the species. there are 3 of ‘em: american, europeen and australian….)

  69. Marcus says:

    The bottom pics (that look like an apparent stingray) are actually teeny creatures similar to sea monkeys called “Triops”. I used to have some at uni.

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