60 Most Failed Countries of the World: Postcards From Hell

60 Most Failed Countries of the World: Postcards From Hell

During the last half-decade, the Fund for Peace has been putting together the Failed States Index, using a battery of indicators that determine how stable (or unstable) a country is. As a result, we have taken the top 60, or should we say worst 60 Failed Countries of the World.postcards from hell 00 in 60 Most Failed Countries of the World: Postcards From Hell

But as much as we admire the stats and numbers there is no better way but as the photos that demonstrate the degree of failure of a country. The best test is the simplest one, which is that you’ll only know a failed state when you see it.

postcards from hell 53 in 60 Most Failed Countries of the World: Postcards From Hell

And these photographs captured by the all seeing eye of the camera are, as they seem, true postcards from hell. As an example, we’ll make a rough start with country No.1: Somalia.

Hint: Click on image to see the larger version


postcards from hell 01 in 60 Most Failed Countries of the World: Postcards From Hell

Somalia has topped the Failed States Index for the last three years — a testament not only to the depth of the country’s long-running political and humanitarian disaster, but also, to the international community’s inability to find an answer. After two decades of chaos, the country is today largely under the control of Islamist militant groups, the most notorious and powerful of which is al-Shabab. A second faction, Hizbul Islam, rivals the former in brutality — it recently executed two Somalis for the crime of watching the World Cup. Off the coast, pirates such as the men pictured here torment passing ships, often holding them hostage for a high price. In 2009, Somali pirates earned an estimated $89 million in ransom payments.


postcards from hell 02 in 60 Most Failed Countries of the World: Postcards From Hell

Chad’s troubles are often written off as spillover from the conflict taking place in next-door Darfur, Sudan. But this central African country has plenty of problems of its own. An indigenous conflict has displaced approximately 200,000, and life under the paranoid rule of Chadian President Idriss Déby is increasingly miserable. Déby has arrested opposition figures and redirected humanitarian funding to the military in recent years. Matters might soon get worse as the U.N. peacekeeping mission in the country’s east, where the bulk of the refugees reside, begins to depart on July 15. Pictured here, local Chadians in the village of Dankouche struggle to share scarce resources such as firewood with a nearby Sudanese refugee camp.


postcards from hell 03 in 60 Most Failed Countries of the World: Postcards From Hell

The next year will prove a decisive one for Sudan, perhaps more so than any other since the country’s independence in 1956. In January 2011, the people of South Sudan will vote in a referendum on whether they would prefer to remain an autonomous region — or secede as an independent state. All analysts predict it will be the latter, but they are equally certain that it won’t be so easy. President Omar Hassan al-Bashir is likely to cling close to his control of the South, where much of the country’s oil riches lie. This is to say nothing of Darfur, where peacekeepers recently reported an uptick in v****nce with hundreds k***ed. In this scene, children crowd around a U.N. helicopter in the South Sudanese town of Akobo.


postcards from hell 04 in 60 Most Failed Countries of the World: Postcards From Hell


postcards from hell 56 in 60 Most Failed Countries of the World: Postcards From Hell


postcards from hell 05 in 60 Most Failed Countries of the World: Postcards From Hell


postcards from hell 48 in 60 Most Failed Countries of the World: Postcards From Hell


postcards from hell 06 in 60 Most Failed Countries of the World: Postcards From Hell


postcards from hell 07 in 60 Most Failed Countries of the World: Postcards From Hell


postcards from hell 08 in 60 Most Failed Countries of the World: Postcards From Hell


postcards from hell 59 in 60 Most Failed Countries of the World: Postcards From Hell


postcards from hell 57 in 60 Most Failed Countries of the World: Postcards From Hell


postcards from hell 09 in 60 Most Failed Countries of the World: Postcards From Hell


postcards from hell 58 in 60 Most Failed Countries of the World: Postcards From Hell


postcards from hell 49 in 60 Most Failed Countries of the World: Postcards From Hell


postcards from hell 10 in 60 Most Failed Countries of the World: Postcards From Hell


postcards from hell 11 in 60 Most Failed Countries of the World: Postcards From Hell


postcards from hell 12 in 60 Most Failed Countries of the World: Postcards From Hell

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156 Responses to “60 Most Failed Countries of the World: Postcards From Hell”
  1. Smart says:

    Well India should have been at number 1. I’m surprised that it’s not lol. Don’t mind indians coz you know your big cities are the most dirtiest cities in the world like Mumbai, Delhi….

  2. Zoe says:

    I know this is terrible but did anyone notice the kid in the Iraq picture has a bo**r? Or at least what looks to be one?

    Nothing’s richer than the joy of laughter!

  3. Ben says:

    To JE Smith,
    You know, you just proved that Americans are stupid. Its very sad becuase I do suppor t you guy and especially what you said in your post.
    But, I need to correct you, you confused 2 nations that once was a one and now at war with each other.

    You confused the Pakis and the Indians, once upon a time they were a one great Indian nation that was divided based on religion, Pakis the muslims and Indians.

    So Holy Cows and Bollywood, some cub drivers and 7/11 are Indians, they not muslims and not violent and generally hate pakis more then anything.

    Pakis, also make Bollywood movies just not famous and they do eat Cows but dont eat pork becuase they Muslims, they also work as cub drivers and in 7/11 but they filthy Western Way of life haters but still immigrate to our countries such as USA and European Countries

    So please dont confuse the good Indians with F****y Pakis, as one great man said an enemy of my enemy is my mate

  4. Mailung Dihingia says:

    Pakistan should have been placed within top 5 positions. It is the one and only hell on earth.

  5. JE Smith says:

    Over populated, no housing (unless you count 27 people living in a 2 bedroom apartment, economy is ‘best paying jobs are telemarket phone operators hired by North American companies”
    Hygiene/disease leaves a bit to be desiredda ,” ….calling a society “filthy animal pork eaters, white .f””” eaters. That shows at least ya got a sense of humour. Because in order to insult someone you should be in a position to do so, hence a society whom enjoy having 50,000 + in a brown filth ridden river to bath, most probably relieve all the body functions while standing waste deep) (water brown who’d know) cleaner than on the side streets I guess. A the kicker worship cows and allow them to wander and s***, hold up traffic etc. that added into the above kinsays the paki’s shouldn’t be using the word filthy.
    Before you all invest to much into the nuking of all the white f…., has someone brought up that you can’t have the paki women pull a cart with the nuke in it all the way to North America? Big body of water in between.
    It’s not all bad though there has been great achievement in areas by the Pakistanis people that has benefited all humanity (white/black/packy etc) Your gifts are appreciated, without you 1)No BollyWood movies 2) definite lack of cab drivers (without you guys a major blow to transportation) (3) and we have all benefited with the off hour cravings for some ice cream, or smokes where would we et them without packies? (the would be no 7-11′s) or pizza delivery people. Cow thing though is my favourite, oh also immigrants from packiville are not criminals though, first few over tried but its to easy to catch them (unique odour trail)
    “sanctity of the cow, in Hinduism, the belief that the cow is representative of divine and natural beneficence and should therefore be protected and venerated”

    Thanks for the cab rides, and smokes couldn’t be doing it without you ASH.
    Ash says:
    February 2, 2011 at 7:03 PM
    to the f#@&!*$ cyn,
    swear as much as u can.calling pakistanies porkies while u guys eat pork not us.how low can u go u filthy creatures dirty animal pork eaters.ll whites are mother f*****……………..Dont mess with Pakistan……..Pakistan will destroy all white west pus**** & a**es with one nuclear bomb………..

    Now come & send ur sisters , daughters & wifes to check oue AK47’s & Rocket Launchers……….

    F*** you white mother f******…………….

  6. Ash says:

    to the f#@&!*$ cyn,
    swear as much as u can.calling pakistanies porkies while u guys eat pork not us.how low can u go u filthy creatures dirty animal pork eaters.

  7. Ash says:

    TO the raisist BEN
    according to u countries failure or pass depends on immigrants.India should be on top of the list.Pakistan isnt a failed state,its a+ passed nucliar power just surrounded by dirty minded friends like america who eventualy use pakistan 4 their dirty missions to ki** innocent people.

  8. Ben says:

    To Cyn
    I completely agree with you, Pakistan or should i say FailStan is a low class poor country, and the fact is that both EU and USA is filled with filthy FailStanian immigrants, so I ask myself Why? is it becuase Pakistan is such an awesome country with thriving economy, civil rights and liberties that porkistanians flee it like fire? Ha?

    The fact is, to see if your country is failed or not you should always look at how many people immigrating OUT of your country and to see if your country is awesome you should see how many people are trying to immigrate INTO the country.

    Oh and If USA wanted it could destroy Pakistan in 24-48H without using any nukes.

  9. Cyn says:

    Dude. The Cambrian Patrol is not an “international military exercise”. It’s a freaking medal-scoring patrol & equipment competition. With teams of less than 10.

    Please don’t even think to compare a little competition where you can WIN gold, bronze and silver medals, with ACTUAL warfare where lives are lost.

    And, no matter WHAT country – USA, UK, Pakistan, Wherever – any of these boys are from, I would never be so f’*ng ignorant as to call them “p***ies”. That you can refer to men who go out and fight for their country as “p***ies” says far more about you than anything else.

    What do you big brave men do for a living, besides live with your heads up your ar***.

    How fu***** dare you, you little piece of sh**.

  10. Ben says:


    Its obvious to me that you just another Terrorist supporter, Arabs started every single war against the Israel BUT as any other brainwashed Liberal Communist/Obama supporter/Terrorist lover you distort every bit of reality and History to suit your p*rv**ted needs.

    And its obvious you have a ZERO understanding in Politics, but its OK you one of those useful fools after all.

  11. Kane says:


    You\’ve been crying a little too hard over ppl\’s refusal to capitalize letters. Get a life, darling..You appear to be some sorry-as* nerd who has no better things to do.

    According to u, Pakistan cannot support itself. More importantly for u, the question is can America support itself? It owes billions of dollars to different countries around the world, and at the moment Obama is being forced to beg China not to kick America\’s a** with its monetary and fiscal policies. U might want to stop reading Shakespeare and take a look at some newspaper that feeds u a bit of information about current affairs.

    Did u say anything like america doesn’t need to send its \”men\” to fight the likes of you? Wat \”men\”, dear. Are u referring to those white west pus****, the name Bhatti rightly suggested for them, who get fu**ed in nearly every military operation they launch? The disasters in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq speak for themselves. And by the way, Pakistan, unlike some of the western countries, doesn\’t f**k up wet dreams. Apart from being a nuclear power, Pakistan has one of the best military forces in the world. It has successfully fought against armies much larger and more resourceful than itself. Internationl military exercises like Cambrian Patrol would also prove my point, where Pakistan often comes on top and its performance is much better than the other countries like USA & UK.

    So, dear ignorant donkey, don\’t open your mouth when you don\’t know what to say. Correcting ppl\’s English seems to be the only thing you can do.

  12. Muhammad Faizan Khan says:

    Soon Pakistan will become a powerful nation inshallah. I hope you all people are agree with me.India will soon become in the top of the list because India is a trash country. F**k India

  13. Larry says:

    Cyn – Thanks for the back-up.

    Bhatti – Your English is about as strong as your threats; worthless and stupid. Pakistan, another worthless country that cannot even support itself… Do you know why it is on this list? It is due to the fact that your own government couldn’t take care of its people. Who provided support? That’s right, “All the white west pus****…” as you so politely called us. You can threaten us with nuclear weapons all you want but at the end of the day everyone knows the only thing that you’re capable of is f***ing up a wet dream. Oh, and I’ll send my mother and sister to come check out your AK-47 after they pick it from your dead body. America doesn’t need to send its men to fight the likes of you. Have a nice day sir.

  14. uzi says:

    thanks dear, thanks for putting the name of my country in the failed state. i would not blame westerns or usa for the condition of my country. i am sure if we were strong and united , then these outsider vulture could not have done anything.
    i thank you because it reminds me and gives me energy to work harder for my country.
    i dont remind you of the collapse of western society lest they should also wake up.

  15. Rocky says:


    Your statements are so childish you should be spanked if you ever bothered calling yourself a grownup. I always thought Israelis were a bit messed up, and now it looks like you ppl are more brainwashed than the sui**de bombers in Afghanistan or the child soldiers of Zimbabwe.

    “aid money is nothing compared to the regular Budget”.. oh really. If Israel doesn’t need it, why is it taking the aid? How amusing..ppl actually force you to take their money!

    “USA offered the aid money for Israel to Give up the Sinai peninsula that they won from Egyptians”.. haha. This one proves wat a sick fu** you are, kid. It’s like, Israel goes around committing acts of terrorism, robs people of their land and then actually expects to be paid money for it? How about this..if a group of burglars stormed ur house, abused you and your family, and refused to get the h*ll out, would it even sound like a logical decision for a policeman to give them money? I don’t think so. No sane person would think so. But of course, you’re a stupid Israeli kid.

    “USA pressured Israel freeze the…”
    pressured as in..USA put u under a road roller or sth? How come u succumb to pressure so easily. You surely are a nation of pu**ies. I wonder why there’s no “pressure” on u when u go around bombing civilians.

    oh, and did u say anything abt Israel being unaffected by the economic crisis? Of course Israel wouldn’t be too concerned abt its economy. Right now, it’s more concerned about the missiles that rain into Israel whenever Hezbollah feels like it. Looks like bombing Palestine didn’t really do you any good.

    Now don’t you go crying to ur mom how sb knocked some sense in to you. I suggest you actually go and learn a thing or two abt reality instead of depending on the bulls*it that Israeli media constantly feeds you with. And please try to grow up, although I know it must be a little hard for u.

  16. Bhatti says:

    All whites are mother f*****……………..Dont mess with Pakistan……..Pakistan will destroy all white west pus**** & a**es with one nuclear bomb………..

    Now come & send ur sisters , daughters & wifes to check oue AK47′s & Rocket Launchers……….

    F*** you white mother f******…………….

  17. Matertaenebre says:

    When i see pictures like these i thank God every second of my life for not to be born in places like that!

  18. Ben Dan says:

    This is a bizarre list. A lot of these countries may have problems, but are in no way failed states (like Colombia or Syria).

  19. Karabao says:

    Forget the lists-Country run by black or muslim are the fail country

  20. Devil says:



    As much as MTV tries to cram down the worlds throats that all people, especially blacks, are equal, one simply has to look at countries run by the black race. Call me racist, call me an idiot, look at the stats and the numbers….

    They don’t lie!

  21. A.M says:

    In all the above counteries US, NATO FRANCE, UK, means all the so called peace loving troops are there then how a country can grow????

  22. Cyn says:

    Excellent post, Larry. Most of these people are posting just to WHINE that ‘Awww how come the US isn’t on the list. It’s so EVIL.” Because the US doesn’t have child soldiers, the US isn’t in a current civil war that’s ki**ed millions via r*pe or starvation or whatever else. The US may be many things, but it sure isn’t one of these countries and most certainly isn’t a failed state.

    People are saying “oh the photographs don’t show anything.” Well DUH. This site didn’t put the list together, it simply ran some pictures with the story. Most of the countries are failed for various reasons.

    And if they’re buying weapons from the US – whose damn fault is that??? Unless a product is WANTED, it can’t be SOLD. To anyone.

  23. Larry says:

    Sure; you’re making an absolutely stupid argument and only reinforcing why these countries are listed as the “worst countries.” You ask “But who sell all those weapons these countries? Who support the stupid dictators of these countries?” Yes, we ARE selling them weapons and supporting them but who is ACCEPTING them. They are! You cannot offer someone support if they’re not willing to accept it. So at the end of the day, these worthless countries have no idea how to properly utilize the support they’re receiving. Furthermore, it’s not our fault they want to buy our weapons so f**k them. The USA, Russia, and China are on top because these countries accept our support and feed us money for our weapons. So in reality who is the failure? The ones taking advantage of the situation or the ones being taken advantage of?

  24. Sure says:

    But who sell all those weapons these countries? Who support the stupid dictators of these countries? Well USA, Russia and China. Hummm… shouldn’t be these greatest FAIL countries of the world?

  25. shingen says:

    us policy is responsible for at least 40/60 countries from the list. war in bosnia ended more than 15 yrs ago, bosnia is now very developed and modern country.

  26. Ben says:

    Jack/Muhammad, what is the you have to be white to enter law?

    Tell me, what will they do with all the Ethiopian Jews? Send them back?

    Again, you full of sh**t.

  27. Ben says:

    First of all lets clear things up, Israel is NOT on this list, it says Israel/West Bank and west bank is NO LONGER ISRAEL, its now called Palestinian Autonomy.
    And its 100% populated by Muslims, Not Jews.

    Second, you can shove up your aid you know where, the aid money is nothing compared to the regular Budget, additionally the US aid to Israel is actually helps to US economy since Israel cant cash in the aid and must purchase USA made products aka military aid, that Americans work in these factories and make money that otherwise they wont since it comes from government budget.
    The only reason Israel gets any Military aid from USA is to balance the aid it gives to Muslim country’s, stop paying them and you can stop paying Israel.
    Historically USA offered the aid money for Israel to Give up the Sinai peninsula that they won from Egyptians, a land mass that much larger then Israel.

    You should learn your facts “jack” or maybe i should call you Muhamad or Naser? ha?

    Oh and unlike your 3rd world muslim countries that produce camel s**t Israel actually have the means to produce fighter jets, USA pressured Israel freeze the Lavi program and offered Israel to get their planes with discount instead.

    You sir are full of s**t and have no idea what you are talking about, Israel was one of the few economies unaffected by the economic crisis.

  28. J.E.Smith says:

    Instead of saying this is wrong, u.s.a caused it, opinions are biased etc,etc,etc, lets just shut the door walk away from these countries and see what happens, (fairly safe bet if left to their own devices without the world opinion it wouldnt be a srurprise what happens hhhmmm, warlords,dictatorships, genocide, civil war, blah,blah,blah. My apologies, lost my train of thought, we could also close borders for’immigration’, ‘refugees’ its your country, your problem, come visit when ya get things working right…Oh, wait lets leave, milk the social structures of the countries you go to, cry racism, shove yr countries beliefs and religions down our throat, drain the social structure and protest all the time against ‘the man’, is this list right? probably off a bit, I havent got by chuckling at the first 25 yet, so far no surprises………….its gonna be rock fights and loin clothes in 30 more yrs…..you are idiots……..

  29. jack says:

    Ben no Israel is a failed state all those things Israel has is because of the US thats why Israel needs to spy on the USA and have AIPAC try to control their politicians UAE is doing just fine so is Saudi and alot of Muslim countries and guess what they are doing it without US aid or wh*ring whatever you like to call it lol…..Lebanon is like that 1.for the sectarian violence and 2.because Israelis don’t want their neighbors to develop so every now and then Israel likes to blow up a few civilians and say they are doing it to protect their citizens. So the list is 100% correct except Israel needs to be higher on that list but don’t worry Israel could be # 1 most racist country in the world after their “you have to be white to enter” law comes into place…

  30. nimonics says:

    take pakistan out of the fail list … its a very very nice place … i guess the media is just spreading false information about it being poor and dangerous and all that … well as far as the other countries r concerned … the so called shadow governments have done and plan on doing that to them so they wont stand up to fight against … “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT” .. “NEW WORLD ORDER” … as far as my knowledge goes … all these events that happened to all these countries have been pre planned and manufactured by some very powerful people … just to serve there personal interests …

  31. newly american says:

    LOL this is most random list I’ve ever seen. Probably the one who created it watching too much television. It is hard to say what is “failed country”? No government? No democracy? Half of the countries are pretty decent places, that had some local conflicts recently or over decade in past, some of the countries have a dictators, which is in most cases better then anarchy (check out Iraq before and after Saddam regime). The list is ignorant and stupid. There is actually an Economist magazine statistics on d**th rates/incomes etc. better view on global problems

  32. Ben says:

    LOL at the looser saying their poor countries are not failed..

    Dan, Pakistan is a poor, filthy, dirty and hungry country, with no social service, health care or infrastructure like in Europe/USA.
    Except for the 1% of rich people rest live in poverty.
    Dont compare your s***hole to the west.

    Ziad Omran, Lebanon is another s***hole, we (Israelis) bombed you back to the stone age not once, and most of your normal people aka Christians (Educated and not primitive like the Shia) are long time moved to USA, Europe and yes some even over here to Israel.
    I will start with basic things, talk to me when any Lebanese can afford 100Mb fast internet, hell even 10MB will do.

    All muslim controlled countries are failed, even the rich ones only have all their houses and infrastructure because the white people paid you for oil and you paid us back with same money to build you the country.

    This list is 99% correct, except for one picture where it says Israel/West bank, well west bank is NOT in Israel its in “Palestine” and they have their own government.

  33. admin says:

    As I said, we have not compiled this list. (See and read the post)
    On the other hand, by leaving a comment like this you are not helping your cause against the people who did :)

  34. Dan says:


  35. Ziad Omran says:

    Lebanon Is A Very Nice Country!
    It’s The Most Greatest Country In The World! :-D
    It’s Not Failed!
    You Took This Picture Of Lebanon! But There Are So Many Good Pics For It! ;-)
    You Son Of A B**** Who Made This Page Don’t Know Lebanese People! :-D
    Come To Lebanon And We Will F*** You And Your Mother! ;-)
    Wait Me In The Front Of Viva Young Bar At Hamra – Beirut!
    And You Will See What I Will Do With You Mother*****! ;-)

  36. Larry says:

    MH; you misspelled American. You forgot to capitalize it which tells me you’re either a qu**r or a terrorist.

    Anonomous; First off, it’s anonymous… Secondly, why should the author of this article sacrifice his time to help these people when millions of other people do it all the time. You’re obviously someone who lives in another reality if you actually believe that these countries have anything worthwhile to provide. These countries have been receiving financial aid from all over the world and still they fail to fix their problems. We’re better off saving our money and letting them all starve or kill themselves. Then ‘real’ people could actually move in and make something of these supposed ‘beautiful’ lands that you speak of.

  37. MH says:

    I don’t know who compiled this list, but from his/her sheer ignorance I can tell he/she is american.

  38. Anonomus says:

    I think you should be ashamed of yourself , instead of sitting on your a** and writing about these countries , using a single photo to make them seem bad , why dont you help them. Sudan for example is not a bad country , but it is idiots like you who are giving it bad publicity. There is no way in hell that Sudan is the third worst country in the world , you only look at the bad sides , Sudan has many beautiful sights and the most hospitable people in the world. So next time think before you write you idiot.

  39. dick says:

    Congratulations on perpetuating utter ignorance you f******ds, 1 picture and nothing to back up the claim of a failed state? You f*****g idiots.

  40. cMayhem says:

    This list is fail, Liberia should be in the top 5.
    Is it just me or is the republic of congo on this list twice?

  41. Ben says:

    Iran is THE MOST failed country in the world!

    To all the 3rd worlders below that think their poor a*s s***hole countries somehow are not failed, you wrong.
    How can you compare your garbage of a country to anything in Europe, USA, Japan, Australia, S.Korea, Israel

  42. John says:

    Iran is a failed state!? LOL!

  43. lovemore says:

    check out the zimbabwe number 4 pic, those kids were perfoming at a national event, if it was somewhere in europe it would be called patriotism but since its africa it is labelled failure and propaganda, now where is the sense and fairness in that zim is not at war and hasnt been for the past 30 years , the last war that was fought in zimm was against white minority rule

  44. sajsal says:

    LOL….Pakistan. Have anybody visited Pakistan and its infrastructure? Biased opinion.

  45. Rathore says:

    ….usa and australia shld be there in the list probably in top 10.

  46. Cyn says:

    God, I’m so SICK of reading stupid comments from people telling this BLOG to “get your facts right” or similar.

    This BLOG did not DO THIS STORY. They are reporting it. Go whinge to the people who DID do it.

    F’ing READ before you POST, morons.

  47. Sissop says:

    The one on Zimbabwe is entirely wrong; the country may be under sanctions and economic depression; but it still remains one of the post independence successes in Africa; literacy rate in Zimbabwe is higher than the US; high school drop-out rates are better than the UK… that picture is also ver misleading; those kids are cub scouts putting on a display at an annual even… just google “Harare” images for a more balanced pictorial of Zimbabwe…

  48. mydaydream says:

    Hmmm, I think all people forget that first and ever UN Secretary who was elected for 10 years is from one of those so called failed countries.

  49. ali says:

    Amazingly Pakistan is also in this list …. no doubt this list is too biased …. i wonder why dont they include UGANDA in it … :P

  50. Dave Witfield says:

    Ethiopia is far from being a failed state. Just because a country experienced famine in the early 80′s does not make ity a failed state. It’s one of the fastest growing states in Africa and that picture is of an election that took place in 2005… Get your information right!

  51. ben says:

    the one on kenya is wrong its not backward there is a city and the country is not at war!!!!

  52. b says:

    S*ck, are you saying ALL of these countries have been turned into war zones by the US? To my knowledge, some of these places have issues caused by Russia and China or even their own corrupt government. Don’t forget to blame the organizations that have been “helping” by gathering money to feed these people. Big mistake that is. Let’s educate these people instead.

    Eddie, the U.S. isn’t be on this list because it’s not a hell-hole of war and/or led by drug lords and child soldiers. It’s still among the top economies and most parents don’t have to sell their kids to feed the rest of their family.

  53. Suck says:

    what’s wrong with fishing and militia clearing the hilltop? you clearly are showing only the worst things of these places. everywhere you can find hunger and strife even in europe and north america! these states do not deserve to be branded failures. It just so happen that they have been left out from the crumbs of liberty. Most of these nations had been turned into a warzone by the war-monger US. Go f**k your cow if you got nothing to do!!!

  54. asd007 says:


  55. EddieW says:

    Why isn’t U.S on the list?

  56. Sarath says:

    I can see some faces get immense happiness from these photos. As we are the neighbours if shrilanka i dont think its a failed state. there may be some internal problems. Infact who hasnt any problems??

  57. anonymus99 says:

    this top is a total BS. i really can’t imagine what kind of an illiterate ignorant person must one be to make something like this. and furthermore, really.. moldova? lol.. then why not say the entire eastern europe is failed??

  58. Ben says:

    This list is not all right. Rwanda is and allways will be one of the biggest economical improvements! Rich in food and crops, the people never starve. The gen*cide does not mean it failed as a country!

  59. kenya sawa says:

    There is a difference between a failed state and a collapsed state. A failed state is one which people cannot afford a minimum standard of descent living such as health care, education,clean drinking water etc..56 percent of kenyans live under the poverty level of US$2 a day == failed state

  60. nice says:

    It seems the vast majority of these countries is either ‘black’ or ‘Muslim’ or both (with the most extreme cases being both).

    In my opinion, traditional Islam cripples a nation´s productivity because it makes people ‘pray all day’ and ‘look if others are doing the same’ – there´s simply no time to work and engineer and think on your own.
    And the black nations – who knows… ;-)

  61. Waweru Mwangi says:

    I’m a Kenyan and very proud to be a Kenyan. Honestly I doubt the criteria used to define countries as failed or, or not. Would we have considered britain as failed when they had- maybe still have- the Irish Problem? America when they had their civil war, or when they were devastated be Hurricane Katrina?. Or does it mean any country that is not like the west is a failed state. The person posting this should try just a little objectivity.

  62. poldo says:

    i don’t agree with this list

  63. kevin walsh says:

    You forgot Mexico. The U.S. State Dept. says it’s #2 on the list of countries most likely to collapse from within and descend into anarchy. Who’s #1 you ask? Our terror war ally and nuclear armed jihadist sponge, Pakistan. Pleasant dreams my friends.

  64. Mark Morcom says:

    You put pictures of countries here that are supposable bad – yet many of the pictures show nothing.
    Namely these:
    Thats just a happy crowd

    Soldiers digging – Other countries have soldiers, don’t they?

    Look wonderful

    OMG – A policeman, what are we to do?

    More soldiers – these countries really have to do something about these guys

    Oh no – working class people

    That actually looks fun

    Two soldiers and a street – O_o

    They have water trenches – and children – Call the UN!!!!

    Crumby apartments – Ok

    Oh sh*t – those are graves!!!!!

    Ok, will stop there – hope you get the point

  65. Mbbas says:

    What these places have in common is that over the last 60 years they were (some still are) occupied by British French and USA. They should have shown gaza Palestine on the list.
    They should also make a list of coutries that have occupied other countries and make a comparison between

  66. Ugwunze ok says:

    I support u rodrigo,come over to nigeria & see beautiful girls which is an indication that they ar leaving in peace & harmony(beautey & happiness is our index of measurement)we ar not & we will never be a failled state.

  67. Ugwunze ok says:

    Nigeria is never a f…state,d peaple ar known as d hapiest on earth,supports a lot of peace keepng in africa & d world.d writer is suffering frm (short sightedness or parkinsen disease)

  68. WarOnWar says:

    The reason for the “failure” of these states boil down to one thing: greed. May that be greed for power or money. I must point out that greed is far more eminent in Western countries and I personally would rather live in one of these “failed” states than where I do now (UK). I would also suggest that Western states are more morally “failed” than these, when we have policy and rules that allow businesses to be bigger than countries yet have minimal global responsibility it shows the epic fail that is capitalism and western society.

  69. Jim From Hell says:

    @ Rodrigo: Terrorism in Colombia has extremely decreased during last years while the sendero luminoso is already back in strenght in Peru, supported by Chavez, the FARCS and many others.

  70. Singh says:

    WTF?…Bhutan?…I have been to Bhutan and i must say it is the most beautiful country with healthy happy and friendly people and economy and nature..wow the nature…I am from central India and it sucks..vile people.

  71. Nico says:

    The question is not whether these countries are failed states or not or if the Failed States index (or its authors) are valid. The real question is if the criteria used has value or validity outside the bubble that is:

    a) capitalism
    b) democracy

    and in my humble opinion … it has absolutely no value at all. Many of the elements in the criteria used are based on trade, globalisation, etc. … capitalism. In many of the countries high up on that list this ‘money-making-frenzy’ is nothing more than basic daily survival and the ideas of interests from banks, money gained from stocks and all that jazz may well be from Mars or a different solar system alltogether, thats how alien it is to the people living there. There, a fish has more value than a shoe full of money.

    For all the people getting annoyed or agitated by this misleading post and the Index which-has-no-reason … look around and look for the beauty each and every country has to offer. As long as you see a kid smiling, a person helping you with translation or some old folks laughing about a joke in the shadows of a tree … then you are in a successful country. It might be led by failed leaders or wanna-be leaders, but if the people keep their hearts, the country has a beat!

  72. Rodrigo says:

    I don´t agree with this commnt: “My girlfriend is a Nigerian Ibo, I really want her to join me in Europe.
    I disagree about Colombia it’s not that poor and violent, then Colombians made HUGE progress in a short time you really have to notice. Moreover there is much worst in South America (Bolivia, Venezuela (because of the dictatorship but I love Venezuelan people), Guyana, Peru, etc…) and what about Central America and Cuba? Come on Cuba has the biggest Immigration in the World and there are 15 murd*rs a day in El Salvador for a population of only 6 Millions!!!!”

    Colombia still has terrorism and Peru does not, poberty is decreasing in Peru and the king of poberty of some peruvian poeple cannot be compared to what I’ve seen in this pictures, but Guyana, Bolivia, Ecuator and Surinam THOSE ARE REAL “FAIL” COUNTRIES.

  73. Jim From Hell says:

    My girlfriend is a Nigerian Ibo, I really want her to join me in Europe.
    I disagree about Colombia it’s not that poor and violent, then Colombians made HUGE progress in a short time you really have to notice. Moreover there is much worst in South America (Bolivia, Venezuela (because of the dictatorship but I love Venezuelan people), Guyana, Peru, etc…) and what about Central America and Cuba? Come on Cuba has the biggest Immigration in the World and there are 15 murd*rs a day in El Salvador for a population of only 6 Millions!!!!

  74. joe says:

    well thing with bosnia and herzegovina (bosna i hercegovina) is that its fairly common thnig to have civil wars every now and than, its like sports

  75. Muzukuru says:

    LOL, if you are not the source for these absurd stats, then definately you must have copied from a source that is afr from credible. Coz you copied useless stats, your stats also become useless and you become a fool. Fool copied fool and now fool wants people to believe that since he has been duped, we should be duped. I fail to understand why a picture of child celebrating Zimbabwe’s independence with a toy gun at the National Sports Stadium has anything to do with this. You are desperate Mr Editor. Your Sources are rubbish and that makes you rubbish too.

  76. green says:

    It looks like the whole of Africa is a fail.

  77. kate says:

    I don’t agree with this list that Kenya should be number 13 on failed countries.Just because we had post election violence in 2008 does not mean we are failed or because there are people living in arid areas.The government is currently doing a lot to alleviate such people’s miseries.Plus just the other day we held a very peaceful referendum without a single drop of bl*odshed.I think these people should do their research well.I LOVE MY COUNTRY KENYA AND I KNOW ONE DAY ALL WILL BE WELL

  78. maw says:

    A lot on this list aren’t failed states.

  79. WTF is Bolivia on here? says:

    Those are Bolivia’s soldiers doing a comunity help program on the countryside. I don’t see how that is bad. In a way it’s like the “Toy’s for Tot’s” in the US. The soldiers volunteer to participate in the program as well.

  80. Cyn says:

    Yeah, right. Because none of these people were at tribal war with each other until the US came along a mili-second in history ago. Whatever dude. Keep dreaming.

  81. rizillion says:


    all the countries are listed in the failed states index. one way or another each and every country is failing and it doesn’t mean that they are loosers.

  82. Political says:

    African countries were explored by Europe ( UK, France, etc…) during 200 years. The others suffers interference from the big US exportation product: intolerance and war.

  83. nova says:

    @Cyn, thanks for pointing out: “…READ THE ARTICLE before posting. The “FUND FOR PEACE” is the one who put this list together’.

    The point is: what is the chance an average child will need to deal with a lot of shit growing up (little food, poor education, unsecure about job or a piece of land to make a living from, violance, hate, war…)? And believe me, most people in African countries will tell you that a child is more lucky born somewhere else…

    The list complete list is interesting. Look at the USA. We score bad on:
    - Legacy of Vengeance-Seeking Group Grievance or Group Paranoia
    - Uneven Economic Development along Group Lines
    How is that ‘discriminating muslims or blacks?’

    And in spite of all that could be better, most people have great lifes, also in Somalia, Kenya, Libanon or the USA.

  84. WHAT? says:

    African countries should start off as worst, then the Arab ones.
    NK, Syria, Nepal, and many others are MUCH better than half of those Africa countries.
    ESPECIALLY RWANDA, they just had a genocide not too long ago.
    The Congo is really f+++++ up.
    I’ts not discrimination, it’s truth.

  85. John says:

    Lebanon is failed because it allows a terrorist organization like Hezbollah do whatever they want.
    In any Normal country only Official Government Organizations like the Army and the Police can bare arms.

    You cowards allow Hezbollah to do whatever they want this is why you failed.

    You need to throw them out and make your army strong.

    And believe me, if you trow out the shia hezbollah, Israel will never have ANY reasons to bomb you again!

  86. NVN says:

    Most of these countries are either of People in Black or Muslim Countries. Why are these countries facing so much of discremination? Because they are Black? Because they are Muslims?

  87. Erik says:

    Whoo hoo my country has made it to the top 25. Seriously, poverty and civil wars may have affected us but we have a sense of humour.

  88. Dar says:

    Most of these nations are just poor, and/or under dictators, but neither of those make them “failed” nations.

  89. rosalia says:

    Kenya is a failed state because?!!!! – gosh, maybe I should read the papers and watch the news more often, I live in a failed state and I’m not aware of it!

  90. K.Boutros says:

    Lebanon ? You have got to be kidding me !
    Yeah I see where this is going, choosing pictures of your own… Why don’t you show the mountains,beaches,historical places , CHRISTIAN towns , people that have money and not the partiular places where Israel have bombed ? Would you like it if I picture the worst alleys in america where a hell of homeless people are begging ? Respect the people please.

  91. Rajarshi Routh says:

    The whole concept is good, but I think some of the rankings are wrong like Kenya & Nigeria are not failing countries, Bosnia on the other hand is among the first 20 in that list however its very disheartening to see that 50% of the countries in this list are African Countries.

  92. admin says:

    And you proved that one thing you are not failing at is using foul language.

    As I said, you may agree or disagree with this list. Read the post and the comments. And I agree with all of you all, there are different forms of failure and there are no perfect countries (not even close).

    The country I live in is on the list and it has, in many aspects of its existence, failed. It doesn’t mean any of these countries should be ashamed. They are capable of great progress. As all of us are.
    This is mostly one way of looking at things, just for the fun of it

  93. Ed says:

    Admin, you’re an ignorant piece of s***, but I guess it’s a good thing people like you actually believe this kind of cr** so you don’t come to our “failed countries” and harm them with your stupidity.
    “But as much as we admire the stats and numbers there is no better way but as the photos that demonstrate the degree of failure of a country” …haha the only thing you demonstrated with your biased photos is that you’re an as*ho**.
    Have a nice day.

  94. Squab says:

    Third world countries. They have been like that since the beginning of time. They will continue that way until the end of time.

  95. Joanna says:

    According to what?

    Just because these countries don’t match up to Western values and privileges? As mentioned already, many of these seem to have been decided due to a few isolated incidents.

    Most of these countries face problems due to interference from the Western world. For instance Afghanistan’s terrorist groups were funded during the 1980′s by the United States in order to combat Soviet Forces. America’s involvement continues to be harmful to this day.

    And the use of ‘fail’ doesn’t sit well with me. Seems you’re just forcing your own perceptions or what a successful country is onto us. Also on the internet ‘fail’ is meant to be used offensively, rather than just to denote when someone hasn’t succeeded.

  96. Cyn says:

    Reading most of these posts, it never fails to amaze me either a. how stupid people are and b. how they never fail to READ THE ARTICLE before posting.

    The “FUND FOR PEACE” is the one who put this list together, NOT this website or the writer. Get over it.

    You want to take your “oh whoa is me, how dare you diminish my country” complaints to the actual people responsible.


  97. francis says:

    i dont take it that u can post kenya as a failed state.its one place uwould love to be in.so dont take insolated cases to deminish my country.

  98. MMR Polash says:

    What is the scale of failure? Poverty, political instability; if those cause of failure
    This post has no logical rights. Why India isn’t? There worlds poorest people live in, there government or NGO do nothing in long times. They have very deep problem in political parties. So I think this post and reference have some Political aims. Don’t minds India only a example.

  99. hate taliban quda says:

    countries with the taliban and alquda

  100. idiot says:

    fail most of these countries you listed as “fail” only because of small little things

  101. Wilco says:

    People this is based off a Index done by an organization called Fund for Peace and they listed the all the nations in the world (UN members mainly) and put them in a ranking and these are the 60 worst on the Failed State Index.

  102. tww says:

    ll mostly Muslim countries.. haha Muslims are terrorists

  103. john says:

    Hos is Lebanon a failed country…
    3 million tourists a year in a country of 4 million, and you show pictures of places where Israel bombed?
    Idiots… Put up some pics of 9/11 and put it on top of the list, is that fair?

  104. Haroon says:

    How can one term a whole sizzling country a failed state on the basis of one pic only? If Pakistan were a failed country because of a pic taken right after a bomb blast – where investigations are going on – Police and agencies are there as in the pic: then what would one say about America if the 911 pics are taken into account.

    Pakistan is the only country the whole US-NATO coalition relies on for its unfinished business in South East Asia specifically Afghanistan.

  105. Don says:

    If Sri Lanka were a failed state, I wonder why Arthur C. Clarke (The world famous science fiction writer) chose to live and di* there? He could have lived anywhere he chose!

  106. Cyn says:

    Oh My God You MORONS!! “Where is USA!” “Why Sri Lanka!” “ooh ooh you put my favourite country on there – ooh it was PRETTY when I was there the ONE time I visited and someone smiled at me. Ooh!”


    Idiots. Try reading before you post.

  107. Atzel says:

    I don’t understand a lot of these pictures, or how they are “fail”.

    #38 is a woman jumping over an irregation ditch… irregation is a positive thing, isn’t it?

    #26 is just a sign saying “now entering nature reserve for salt water crocodiles”

    #31 is people sitting under a tent. Considering that both football and rugby are popular sports in Congo and that everyone is dressed in roughly the same colour I’d assume these are supporters of a currently playing team.

  108. CC says:


  109. bojangles the 3rd says:

    none of these pictures speak for themselves. a guy fishing, a crowd cheering, a kid walking past a street vendor? let’s talk about the REAL issues, not just pity the lack of neon

  110. arjuna says:

    Thank God there is no Indonesia in the list..

  111. Chinthaka says:

    A very bias list.

  112. Jack says:

    Where is Israel?

    If they stopped bombing Lebanon and murdering Palestinians then they would be beautiful country.

    Beirut was ‘the Paris of the Middle East’.

  113. Hawood Polk says:

    USA will be on the list once more of BroBama’s socialist policies take hold.

    Where is Mexico? Lots of corruption, the drug cartels rule the country and their immigration policy is rediculous.

    Notice a common thread to most of the countries on the list? I don’t see too many pale people on the list, only when the Muslims have some control of the country.

    Use some A-Bombs and take out the cancer of the globe.

  114. Pipperrrrr says:

    (Why is everyone freaking out about Sri Lanka?)

    Bascially, all the countries are fails;
    -MEDCs (USA, UK, France, Canada, yada yada yada) have tonnes of money, and therefore loads of options to spend it on, which results in a higher chance that it would be spent on the wrong thing.
    -LEDCs (China, The Philippines, Zambia, yada yada yadaaaa) basically have a less powerful government, so what they say doesn’t matter.

    I live in the UK and the economy is complete sh** right now, where in the middle of a credit crunch, thousands are unemployed and we’ve just got a new Prime Ministor whos f***ing everything up in the apparent name of the greater good and that in a couple hundred years, England will be fine again.

    We should all just be hippies and leave it at that. :D

  115. frsky says:

    where is china ????????????????????????????????????

  116. Sammy says:

    Where the hell is INDIA! . My Country is a failed state in all manners. No Proper law, No Security, Nothing in the country. Full corruption,

  117. Michael says:

    This list was obviously made by some westerners who don’t understand these countries and wanna make themselves feel better about living in their “1st world” countries while they jeer at the rest of humanity. There is no country that is “fail” in this world, just countries ravaged by war and other social circumstances brought upon them by centuries of colonial abuse. The same people who made this list come from the countries whose forefathers plundered these countries and taught them how to be greedy and rule in a dictatorial manner. So shut up about your USA’s and Britain’s and just think about how your countries have benefited over the years because of these people’s suffering…

  118. andor emir says:

    been in Cambodia and I would like to move there……if u get off tourist track
    people are more happier there then in EU…..

  119. admin says:

    As I already written and as you can read in the first sentance of this post (if you bothered to read it at all), this list was compiled acording to Faild States Index you can find on wikipedia. The photos are just there to illustrate the problems of the country. You can agree or disagree with this list. Everyone is entitled to their opinion as you should give others their chanse to express theirs.
    But I can tell you this, if you think that you have to go and live and experience life in all 60 countries to be allowed to write a post on it on the internet, then you wouldn’t find many top lists on the Internet.
    Sometimes you have to rely on what others have found out. List of Failed States has been established on certain critieria and you can read all about them.

    If you think you can do better do it yourself. Just try to compile a list that not a single person wouldn’t complain about. I would be amazed to see that!

    PS We don’t appreciate that kind of langage on Chill Out Point

  120. Malindu Udawatta says:

    id dnt knw abt the other countries but…sri lanka is not a failed country..how dare who ever id this sh**… its true that sri lanka suffered 30 yrs of war but its not a horrible place..and actually its one of the best countries in south asia.with reall friendly and welcoming people..and the picture is a misinterpretation..sri lanka is a pure therevada budhist country … so please dont put what u DONT KNW on the net…

  121. Dhaval Italiya says:

    It is good for you that u didnt included INDIA in the list ….

    And it is very bad that u didnt add USA and UK in the list ….

    The public of this both country is very cheap … and also with cheap thinking ….

    UK is ahead because of INDIA’s wealth which is stolen by them before 1947 for 150 years ….

  122. xyz says:

    Where is 20? U.S. and Russia have won first place in this list! Fu***** Democrats!

  123. George says:

    After 30 or so years doing oil-related construction work in some of the most god forsaken hellholes around the world.I know one thing,all of the idiots that say that America needs to be on the list either have never been outside of this great nation or are libtards like the current president and the democrat party! PALIN 2012

  124. Lakshan says:

    ohhh….. then what about USA? hey any F…..er… remove Sri Lanka from this shitty list… coz Sri Lanka is Better than other FU..ing contrys.. remember that… no war in Sri lanka and peoples live verry happily….

  125. TUS says:

    WTF this is???
    Srilanka is not a failed country..we passed the war against world’s largest terrorist organization like LTTE..most of the western n European countries(USA,UK,France,Norway,Canda….) supported tht terrorism.but we won..u failed so called “passed countries” USA,UK,France,Norway, Canada,Sweden etc…bull****!

  126. KotAndaluzyjski says:

    It’s a shame there are still european contries there (Moldova, Georgia). Particulary Moldova, country bordering with EU… (they should join Romania ASAP!)

    “Signoro Incognito says:
    July 5, 2010 at 3:34 PM
    This is bull****. USA is missing. 10 minutes drive into the projects or in a jobless mid-western city is as bad as anything Central European.”

    I dont know where are you from, but propably you know nothing about Central Europe. So be so kind and shut your face.

  127. Rajan says:

    What are you trying to prove by publishing this reckless report.Look at Congo,UN has tried to show its presence there by force only. In Nepal,it has tried to do so by extending the terms of UNMIN.We don’t them.Hey guys all over the world, visit our country-cheaper,full of beauties like heaven,honest people and at the top peace. I guarantee you of that. Nepal to know whether it is really a failed nation?I disagree you,like hell!

  128. Alexia says:

    Why is the US of A not on this list? if you take issues of crime, teenage pregnancy, hooliganism, street gangs, single parent families, drugs etc, then USA should be among the first ten

  129. @Augure says:

    finally someone with brain:)

  130. Steve says:

    “Love these kids asking where America is, the fact is we’re the best damn country on this earth, and that’s what pisses you off”

    Well you’re the most deluded country on earth…

  131. abbabba says:

    I work for the UN Aviation sector and I have lived in Sudan, the Congo, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Chad and am currently in Cote D’Ivoire. While all these countries (plus MANY more, if not all) are not without their own problems, I just do not agree with the ranking of this list……

  132. Leon says:

    Looking at this list makes me glad I live in the U.S. I’m always going to be thankful I live here.

  133. Gile says:

    You forgot Kosovo…

  134. Miguel says:

    This rank is completely wrong. Ridiculous!

  135. Willnet says:

    Number 55′s picture is misleading. The soldiers are wearing miles gear. Its training gear used by the military. Literally laser tag. See the laser (block by the muzzle) on the rifle? and the halo receiver on the helmet? Also the green vest. I know its not the point, and the country is probably horrible, but its not the best choice of picture.

  136. Lai-Lai says:

    Well, they all look like hellholes compared to any place I’ve been to. I can’t help but think this list could end up being some kind of rac*sm fodder in the wrong hands.

  137. tarek says:

    thats a very sad pic’s of humens

    there is a mistake in one picture
    in 54.israel/west bank
    west bank in palestine
    and according to oslo peace protocol between P.L.O and Israel west bank and gaza strip are under the control of palestian national athourty P.N.A

  138. Lebo kid says:

    why lebanon they are a mad country they just came out of war leave them alone and look a the proper pictures of there it is so peaceful and loving it is not iraq

  139. WTF list says:

    i think the list failed not this countrys
    why syria? i went to syria 2 years ago i really love this country is peaceful, friendly people and no m*rd*r like we see in the ghetto everyday. libannon have some problems is not faild country.
    angola for god sake why ???????????

    that should by the name of this list(the must hated country’s by US government)

  140. Patriot says:

    Love these kids asking where America is, the fact is we’re the best damn country on this earth, and that’s what pisses you off

  141. Jörg says:

    Most of you can read – but not very good. On top of this page (and a few comments above this one…) it clearly states the following:

    “During the last half-decade, the Fund for Peace has been putting together the Failed States Index, using a battery of indicators that determine how stable (or unstable) a country is. As a result, we have taken the top 60, or should we say worst 60 Failed Countries of the World.”

    So stop barking up the wrong tree (ie. blaming the messenger) and in stead check it all out at:


    Jörg, Sweden

    PS. How come Norway isn’t included…?!?

  142. jd says:

    The fact that you all got so angry without stopping to think shows That we don’t belong in that list at all. You all sound like a bunch of spoiled brats trying to make yourselves seem apathetic and intelligent, but instead you blow your own credibility.

    First of all the poster clearly stated several other factors were involved in determining this list. They just said that instead of throwing numbers and stats at us they would use pictures to illustrate they’re point (which was clearly still way too much for you to comprehend).

    Secondly the list is extremely long and I would have stopped reading the explanations they would give if they went past number five.

    You guys really think we belong on that list? Think about this… you may have a friend in that country or have been to that country, but right now you’re spending your free time reading this on the internet. Helluva luxury don’t you think?

    Why not quit your whining for once and just be happy we aren’t in that bad of shape as those countries. I’m sure people could find a lot worse in those countries to take pictures of too morons…

  143. David Rozgonyi says:

    Like a lot of posters here, I’ve been to a number of these places, and as a personal witness, long-term and very low to the ground, and let me tell you that a lot of this is pure BS. I go to Bosnia about twice a year (I’m living in Hungary at the moment), and it is utterly beautiful and peaceful. I was married in Yangon (Myanmar), and friendlier people (like the total strangers who arranged my blessing ceremony at their local monastery) I’ve never found, with the possible exception of Cambodians. Bhutan has ZERO crime. I could go on…

    A lot of these places are “failed” because of Empire or US meddling in any case.

  144. Signoro Incognito says:

    This is bull****. USA is missing. 10 minutes drive into the projects or in a jobless mid-western city is as bad as anything Central European.
    Papua New Guinea been there- fine. Laos & Cambodia also been- fine and improving. Cambodia is really beautiful- o visit.
    Modlova, Bosnia, Egypt, Iran, Syria- don’t belong. All these countries are amazing and progressing.
    Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan are normally peaceful- the violence is an aberration funded by the CIA.
    Bhutan WTF? Bhutan is one of the most peaceful, crime-free societies on the planet. Poor, but happy.

  145. Khaizer says:

    yah~USA,imperialist f****** empire is missing

  146. Augure says:

    What a bunch of bull****. I went to lots of these countries, and in fact some of them are fake (they’re not from where they pretend it to be)

    What is it? America’s bombing wish-list ?

    Most of these countries are f***** because of the US and their UE friends.

    F*** this ethnocentric stupid ignorant bull****.

  147. admin says:

    Here is the list according to witch this top list was compiled. It is mentioned in the first line of the post.


    As with any list compiled by man using some math formula and some data you consider relevant, you may agree or disagree with the choice. But people at least tried to do it.

    I hope that you can put some suggestions of your own here, so that we can all exchange opinions on this intriguing topic.

  148. mbsmith89 says:

    @TheWave I so agree with you. This post would be fine if it was solely postcards from hell since these particular photos are very horrible but to say a country fails is simply being in denial about our global responsibility. Yes you could say Haiti failed but what would you say when you are asked about France initially forcing the first Black nation to pay for their recognized independence which was the start to their heavy debt? France failed the world by demanding reparations from Haiti so why is the blame all put on Haiti? Or what about how as a nation (USA) we look at Ethiopia as a “failed country” but little of us know that it is one of the first Christian nations in the world, has established churches that pre-dates any in Europe, a successful lineage of 225 monarchs descended from Queen of Sheba and some of the richest cultural experiences on earth? We blame some, ignore others, lie to our own and then wonder why the world is why it is the way it is….This is a GLOBAL community so when one fails we all suffer. The fact that the poster stopped giving explanations after the first few countries and simply made assumptions based off of the worst photos they could find is saddening to say the least.

  149. gaza says:

    you missed gaza

  150. nusa says:

    VENEZUELA. 94% of murd*rs are not even prosecuted. Barely 0,2 of all murd*rs result in Conviction. 150,000 de*ds in 10 years… oh I forgot to say: WE ARE AT PEACE.

  151. theINTERNET says:

    This list of failed countries is fail…

  152. Haiku says:

    I think you can put more or less every god damn country of this fu**ed up planet on this list.

    We failed, we got own3d, so to speak.

  153. FYT says:

    Where is USA and their so called coalition. They failed to eradicate terrorism for the last 9 years. Sri Lanka did it in 3 years. So who has failed?

  154. TheWave says:

    So, you judge the failure of a country based on some…pictures? I could show you upsetting pics from pretty much every country in the world, so does that mean that every country is a failure? I have friends from Nigeria with family back there who are perfectly happy with their country. Iran and Iraq were fine up until recently. While many of these countries, it’s true, have corrupt governments and lax policies, many are struggling because of war (see Middle East) or something else (see Haiti earthquake). If this had been made during the American Civil War, one would have said that it was a failed nation. During Apartheid, South Africa might have been a failed nation. Certainly during WWII Germany could have been labeled a failed state. And yet now, the US, South Africa, and Germany are all (relatively) stable. That you say these nations have failed demonstrates a lack of perspective, which you might want to gain before passing such blatant judgment.

  155. Marzena says:

    you forgot Poland

  156. fuck you says:

    usa is missing

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