Wellbit Mobile App – Live, Capture, Share, Savor

Wellbit Mobile App – Live, Capture, Share, Savor

Wellbit is a self-improvement app for focusing on the positive side of life, by:

  • doing personally enriching activities through specially designed challenges by psychology experts
  • collecting positive moments from your everyday life
  • practicing gratitude and savoring
  • building strong social bonds by sharing happy moments with your dearest ones

Create a habit to relax and manage stress by taking a moment every day to reflect and recall your positive moments on Wellbit, and thus create a calm and happier place where the best version of yourself lives.

Wellbit is for anyone, whether you’re brand new to practicing gratitude and savoring, or experienced one. It’s also for anyone who wants to improve social relationships by sharing happiness and kindness or needs motivation for enjoying daily activities and improving skills in various fields such as family relationships, self-care, etc.

Download Wellbit today, enjoy a free collection of features, or start a free trial and take time everyday to live, capture, share and savor moments that matter.

 in Wellbit Mobile App   Live, Capture, Share, Savor in Wellbit Mobile App   Live, Capture, Share, Savor


- Enjoy everyday to the fullest
- Build meaningful relationships
- Have a quick way for calming down
- Be more productive and engaged at your workplace
- Be inspired and have more energy for everyday activities
- Build resilience and cope with everyday negative emotions
⁃ Stop comparing to others and concentrate on your own life
⁃ Stop taking things for granted and count your blessings
⁃ Say goodbye to negative thoughts by focusing on positive moments


- Use the Wellbit Card Editor to save your moments from everyday life.
- Choose one from a rich collection of card templates to create the most appealing card of your moment.

- Create a card or use an existing one and send it to your contacts and Wellbit companions in order to make their day.
- Be excited at the moment a new card is received and save it to your Card Deck

- Learn to relax & calm down by practicing savoring with specifically crafted videos of your moments.
- Use the app AI-powered reminders to stay consistent in practicing savoring.

- Learn new skills by doing challenges from our eight categories: Show kindness, Family relationships, Connect more, Embrace nature, Get healthy, Self-care, Keep learning and Take notice.
- Track your progress and time spent on challenges’ tasks in your dashboard.
- Track your tasks nature in Wellbing balance wheel.


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