Strangest creature found on Earth

Strangest creature found on Earth

I don’t think these photos requires any special comment. These are fantastic world news worthy of headlining any newspaper around the world. This creature, was found on Thailand, its strangely shaped body leaves a lot of mastery around it . The photographer has captured with his camera a truly unique and amazing moment, and got himself a fantastic photographs that make up a great story.

As all good mysteries it happens in far away from the technology wonders of the modern society in Thailand. You can see a lot of local folks in the background of these photos that seem to worship this creature they have “found”. The end result is an even more absurd and even humorous scene. They managed to get me even more amazed by this baby powder and juices they brought as a tribute to this creature. They have even brought a fan to keep it well preserved for the scientists.

strange creature found 01 in Strangest creature found on Earth

Lets turn to the main subject, or should I say object, of this photo series the fantastically colored and shaped body of the creature. There has been a lot of debates about what this creature might be and that is exactly the beauty of mystery, the inability to solve it.  It might be some kind of strange animal, it even looks like a mythical creature. Honestly I don’t know what to think about this  event. These photographs do raise more questions than answers…

strange creature found 02 in Strangest creature found on Earth

strange creature found 03 in Strangest creature found on Earth

strange creature found 04 in Strangest creature found on Earth

strange creature found 05 in Strangest creature found on Earth

strange creature found 06 in Strangest creature found on Earth

strange creature found 08 in Strangest creature found on Earth

strange creature found 07 in Strangest creature found on Earth

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213 Responses to “Strangest creature found on Earth”
  1. Alien says:

    Always use condom when you gonna f*** a sheep or other animal..

  2. Saqib says:

    this pictures are …………. i dnt know what to say

  3. rock says:

    its very simple. some guy must have had s** with his farm animal, a goat or cow or anything. so this is born. what happens when two different breed dogs mate. a cross breed comes. same happened. human + animal = strange creature.

  4. Mikael C says:

    OMG!! WOW THIS IS AMAZING!! THIS IS PROBABLY WHAT WAS REALLY AT ROSWELL!!! I CAN”T BELIEVE IT! WHAT DID ALLAH SEND DOWN FOR US ALL??? OK, seriously… Just kidding with all of that. I’m quite certain that I know exactly what this is. IT is a pig. A wild hog, a small rooter type pig with a TUM*R. The tail, identical to a wild pigs tail. The feet are exactly identical to a wild rooter pigs feet. The body size is spot on with that of a wild rooter type pig. The ears, and joints are also in correct association.

    “Oh, but the bizarre alien like stomach! Wilbur looked nothing like that!” Well, obviously this pig is rotting notice all of the incense and the fan blowing the opposite direction of the crowd? “The incense? that doesn’t mean it’s rotting it’s just a spiritual/religious thing. Fact: In many places all over the world it is simply just customary to burn incense in the presence of anything d**d (fun****s etc) so that the smell of rot and decay isn’t so bad. So, If Wilbur d**d and was left to rot upon his back, the buildup of natural gases in his stomach would cause him to look almost exactly like this. Swollen, and bloated.

    “But it’s head, that’s not like any pig I’ve ever seen” No it isn’t. But can anyone who has seen what a tum*r looks like tell me that this pig does not look like it was suffering from one?

  5. dragonfable says:

    many thanks for every one of many insight on this material i might appreciate to grasp much more and may come back again

  6. ChinaDoll says:

    Okay its funny how everyone claims to know it all about this. Clearly no one knows what this is. And for morons comparing faith to superstition. Faith is faith. Superstition is a simple belief with no evidence or hopes behind it.

  7. Sinan says:

    “I don’t think these photos requires any special comment.” Of cource it requires. How do we know that these photos are not fake? Where did you find them?

  8. 76million says:

    Holy c**p! Roger from American Dad! ..Ok, I’m done mocking the d**d animal.

  9. Doris says:

    Well, it must be a foetid cloven-hoofed animal, which has not survived due to its invalidity (underdeveloped face -> no orientation, no feed intake possible). I guess a calf or a goatling. (tail too long for a pig, and too big for being a foetus)

  10. deijhon says:

    i think it is “tony tony choper” from the anime “one piece”; it’s body structure is absolutely the SAME
    believe it or not…. º_º

  11. Person McPeople says:

    oh f*** it. no one cares and it`s just somethin made up so they can get attention. F*** IT, fa***ts

  12. andrews says:

    the father was “making love” a lot with his goat…A LOT!!

  13. lol says:

    its baby baphomet!

  14. geegee says:

    really? none of you can see it?
    A DUDE SCR**** A GOAT!

  15. Kate says:

    it looks like a baby connected to a pig….

  16. ko tu says:

    I think it’s E T. It looks just like the ET in the movie.

  17. Brixter says:

    Seems like a goat to me. But what if there’s a foreign ship buried deep in the pacific ocean and one day they come out shouting with us,.

  18. Peter C says:

    It’s more than likely nothing more “strange” than a baby white elephant, which is a symbol of great fortune in Thia culture. Traditional superstitious belief in Thailand holds that the animal’s body can pass on to those who visit it some of the good luck it is meant to carry.

    White elephants, due to their scarcity, have an inherent importance of their own, usually becoming the property of the reigning monarch, who is believed to be a living God.

    Nothing strange about this at all. IF you look closely at the head, you can just make out what appears to be the trunk tucked under the chin, sticking out to one side. X-files here..

  19. Snoopy's Shoes says:

    It’s a goat.

  20. VT says:

    I’m Thai and I am confident it’s not a sheep (or even a goat, we don’t have many goats here). It’s mostly likely a deformed buffalo from the colour of it. Baby powder and a fan are to keep the smell away and also to lower humidity, it’s very humid here so they decay faster.

    Those who say we are stupid and superstitious, it’s just a matter of belief eh? There are some people in your countries who think evolution is a myth and god creates the earth in god knows how many days. :) It’s a fun**al for that poor thing and people are trying to figure out the numbers for their next lottery round, pretty sensible to me :)

  21. ney says:

    it’s animal you can see from the tail, foot etc
    i think it’s like animal

  22. Jq says:

    It is Roger from American dad lol. Same shape and color. That’s probably where they got the idea from American dad

  23. azarie says:

    This looks like George w bush

  24. HiGh-C says:

    Looks like a child with elephantitus

  25. austin says:

    if this creature is real why was it not on world wide news. it actually looks like some thing from outer space

  26. Eric says:

    Looks like Roger from American Dad. Stan finally ki**ed him.

  27. Cláudia Brazil says:



  28. Harveer singh says:

    If it’s real, then it would have been or would be on BBC News. By the way it looks like some creature from another planet. They must have been revolving around the earth and suddenly their UFO’s Engine failed and they fell down the earth. Their UFO must be their too.

  29. Near says:

    More like a specie of pig…. or i think it is just actually a swollen pig just like the one that is found in the california that they called a devil but the fact is it is just a raccoon…

  30. dribbler says:


  31. Joe says:

    This looks like viral marketing for Super 8, or something similar

  32. cody says:

    these pictures look fake. well the satyr looking creature does anyway. and why wouldnt they show the face? easy to see that the neck is broken. and lets say it is real. it looks as if its become bloated. thats why its belly is so large. like a cow or possum or any animal will do after laying around de*d for awhile. so i believe this creature isnt so fat. but has an abnormally large head. its a disfigured creature thats for sure. its also looks like a baby. and di*d not long after birth. it may have made it a few days. but if you look at the body you can tell that this creature was not meant to be. it wouldnt be able to walk straight or anything.

  33. Joey says:

    Kinda looks like Yoda.

  34. B says:

    for one it doesnt look like a cow or a pig does it mean it isnt not really, there was a recent episode of Destination Truth where they were in a cave and in a shallow grave they found a body extremely similiar too this c*rpse not only that it had hooves and if you look at the “arms” if you remove the hands they look similiar too a chicken wing in shape just like the creature they found on DT im thinkin it was in the same part of the world also does this mean its an alien or the same creature no absolutely not but it is the same size shape and has the same parts so it most likely is i dont believe its a deformity for this reason ive seen that body before i agree with two other posts one said a satyr its probably the creature thats reclusive that the stories of satyrs originated or its an unknown species we find them everyday so its a large possibility.

  35. G says:

    its MEW! One of the pokemons!
    Also the moogle theory is qite interesting, kupo!

  36. Frosset says:

    @Ju: It’s not worship. It’s a fun*ral.

  37. Ju says:

    its quite stupid how people worship something they don’t know exactly what it is………..

  38. Dutch013 says:

    Danny got i right!! HAHA
    ManBearPig…Al Gore the visionary

  39. dhoenks says:

    big fat old before time baby. hihihi

  40. Saritha Reddy says:

    The superstitious community! It luks like a born-prematured cow or pid made ready fo the photograph…

  41. guess who says:

    looks like someone messed with a cow…..hahahhahahh

  42. Narubiq says:

    That is one ugly baby.

  43. Dingybow says:

    yeah sum1 has messed that pig up and painted it in talcum powder.

  44. Danny! says:

    Its man-bear-pig haha

  45. Warthong says:

    Looks like a deformed cow or pig. It could be a satyr

  46. Gadgetsage says:

    its porky pig, dumped in a foreign country after his contract negotiations with disney fell apart…

    don’t mess with disney…

  47. ron says:

    Looked like it would have made a nice meal if not been left there so long.

  48. Hank says:

    First of all this thing is born froma cow, so its ain’t a pig.

  49. Sai Ko Ko says:

    Anyway, it’s amazing. It’s a mysterious world.

  50. Sai Ko Ko says:

    All i want to say is ” AMAZING.”

  51. Jaymes Johnson says:

    Its MANBEARPIG!!!!!!

  52. maja says:

    but it has a shape of a human child, tho the arms and legs are like in a goat.
    interesting, really.

  53. ardee says:

    Not that mysterious. Obviously, it’s a poor deformed pig.

  54. drokzilla says:

    Looks like a pan

  55. Soda says:

    I’s a combination of an b it’s a new creature..

  56. tammy says:

    looks like Roger from American Dad.

  57. sillyrabbit says:

    Thai people are obsessed with hopes of being a millionaires by buying lottery.
    So the baby powder was put on the de*d baby buffalo body so that they can scratch for numbers.
    Sound so stupid and low educated but it’s true , this case also happen to strange plant and fruits.

    You can laugh if you want … Thai people are fed up with these kind of countryside believes too.
    These people are way too low education , that’s why they get paid easily by the X-Prime minister to protest and burnt down the country.

  58. Yay for Science. says:

    Not a photoshop or a mystery.

    It just looks like an calf foetus that was aborted due to anasarca, hydrocephaly or some other common teratology. Vets and farmers see this sort of stuff a lot, you just don’t hear much about them (unless it has 2 heads and is born alive, coz then it’s kinda cool).

  59. melon says:

    does anyone of you have seen the topic about aliens+ ufo’s, and cow mutilation?

  60. Trisi says:

    The poor thing is obviously a calf that was born prematurely or deformed or quite probably both.

    Benchawan – I agree that we should treat animals better but that poor creature is not from “hel” and it’s not part human because as Zoey said it’s not genetically possible, further more we must ki** to eat, we are omnivores by nature. For future reference before you try making a point you might want to step up your grammar.

  61. EWW says:


  62. Dr. Dorgus says:

    Actually it is a cow whose mother has given birth to early and has not fully developed please stop saying it is ‘Photoshopped’ because i have seen this creature, it is not fake or made out of clay it is actually real.

  63. WelcomeHome says:

    It’s obviously the body of a baby Moblin from the Legend of Zelda series.

  64. Luis says:

    That is Roger from FAmily Guy !

  65. Zoey says:

    I’ve seen a lot of comments about this being a case a bestiality. One simple way to put that to rest is that not only do they have to be a member of the same genus, but to cross breed animals they must have the same amount of chromosomes. So no… This is not the product of a human rap*** a cow.

  66. Davo says:

    Tye comments on this page make me feel sad for humanity

  67. rohamis says:

    Seems someone nailed a goat.

  68. jess says:

    how can it be..

  69. Nick says:

    Looks like extraterrestrial DNA tampering with earth creatures, maybe a cow or a goat

  70. hassam says:


  71. Mz Cleofe says:

    question is,who or what animal gave birth to that strange creature.maybe a dude had s** with a pig or whatever,hence it looks like half human half pig.

  72. Tmoney says:

    It’s a goat you f***s

  73. Alex says:

    by “pan” i meant Satyr =P

  74. Alex says:

    Looks like a baby miscarriage of the fantastic Pan creatures xD

  75. thai people says:

    It’s not a joke. It’s really happen in thailand.
    It’s a Mutation buffallo.
    People are not PREY or Worship for it.
    But they try to look for numbers on its body.
    They hope that numbers will make they win a lottery.
    this belief has only in thailand.
    Poor me.’cuz I’m Thai too.

  76. Ibrahim says:

    it is a chang of genetic only.

  77. matt says:

    These people have got to stop f*rnicating with the local wildlife

  78. science says:

    Definitely it is photoshoped ,you may have deleted the body of a child who has di*d and added
    The form of creature, so its fake!!!but good try though

  79. Bragen says:

    human reproduced with horse or pig… MANHORSEPIG! lol

  80. Joe says:

    Could it be a deformed calf or piglet? I see hoofs there, but the head and body looks like a baby, a weird baby at least. Interesting, most interesting.

  81. Cramooz says:

    why you all go there and see from yourselves right?

    maybe this creature is the chubakabra??

  82. britannia says:

    should not analyze it much!!!
    is a baby rhinoceros, probably a few months of pregnancy, abortion or the mother or him out of the uterus.
    but, look at google and you’ll see the similarity. hahaha!
    and say it’s an ALIEN!, by God, stop raving! LOL!

  83. jack says:




    A COW !!

  84. MW says:

    It’s definitely photoshopped! Every single photo ever taken in the history of mankind has been photoshopped, so why would this one not be? All EIGHT different camera angles of that “creature” were completely constructed using photoshop. Duh!

    Disclaimer: Not ever damn photograph is OMG ‘Shopped~!

  85. moi says:

    it’s prayer for something that once was living but that didn’t have a good chance at it.

  86. Aaron says:

    Not True. Ever Been To Wal-Mart?

  87. puttputt says:


  88. Benchawan says:

    You are right about have to respect to the other. Nai….I was agree with you.
    New age.. They don’t understand other religion. They found the body, so they pray for that body to go to better stage. Or to the better place. God bless your heart Nai.


  89. nai says:

    We have no right to say that those people are idiots if they wish to worship (or pray or whatever it is.)Please respect others’ right
    If you wish to be respected – do not forget to respect others

  90. Upen says:

    Whatever it is, just look around and see the number of idiots who are worshipping it ! What kind of a race are we ? Anything abnorma we see or find we think of it as something to worship. This is the height of being an idiot.

  91. shaaa says:

    its a deformed goat. remember this has happened before in zimbabwe last year

  92. Endo7 says:

    It’s a shaved sheep u …

  93. J says:

    Nice photoshop skills. :)

  94. Thomas says:

    Hahaha, somebody mounted the pig and the poor creature gave birth to this strange thing. What are you people speculating too much.

  95. Benchawan says:

    That creator came from hel. Because when you kill animals mostly pig. You will born to be like it.
    The human head with the pig’s body. They have in the Buddhist Bible. Also they will have animal head with the human ‘s body too. So human please be kind to animal. Everyone loved their life.

  96. Lily says:

    looks like a pig

  97. peoplesfronEstEuropaaresolooser says:

    it’s a joke

  98. Karla says:

    it’s a tree sloth. Notice the rear feet in the very first picture. The toenails curve like hooks. this happens on a fairly frequent basis and they lose their body hair while floating in the water.

    It’s not the first and won’t be the last.

  99. Jay says:

    I think the fan and baby powder was to keep the smell away. I see people covering their nose, the thing is dead and probably smells. There’s something a bit off about the photos…the lighting…. Probably a really good Photoshop.

  100. Abraham says:

    Looks like a deformed goat. The simplest answers are usually the correct ones.

  101. Minko says:

    It’s a whale s***.

    PS this is s fairly good Photoshop I think. You really think if there was sn alien creature someone in the picture would look at it?

  102. DRabbit says:

    they worsip everything!(KOOLFEVER too)

  103. Msh says:

    Is this creature alive?

  104. alfred says:

    Yup it is kind of a pig folks.

  105. Tommy Som says:

    They were PRAYING for the animal. Not WORSHIPING!

  106. Niggit says:

    Lisa, I think you’re right. Either that or a bulldog calf.

  107. MickV says:

    it kinda looks fake. like its molded with clay and sprinkled with baby powder lol.

  108. izaak says:

    21 is good man

  109. ChanceHarris says:

    It looks like porky pig!

  110. Lisa says:

    if it’s what i think it is, it’s real. some animals are born as cyclops due to the mother eating a specific plant at a point in embryo development. if you google it, you can see cows and pigs being born like this, with a normal body and a fairly messed up, sometimes quite human looking head due to the deformity.

  111. Misa says:

    Its obviously Roger from American Dad ;D

  112. C says:

    I don’t think that’s exactly worship, their offerings and behavior could be to appease the spirit of this thing or to pray for it’s passage into the next world so it doesn’t haunt them. You wouldn’t want it’s spirit hanging out with you, would you?

  113. pinoykid says:

    get life all of you ignorance will stole your sole…

  114. Owl says:

    Seriously, who didn’t see this coming? EEYORE finally committed suic*d*.

  115. dusski says:

    Is it alive or what?

  116. Mog says:

    It’s a moogle, kupo!

  117. theone says:

    Ladies and gentlemen we have found the manbearpig. It is half man, half bear, and half pig. More information can be found here //

  118. Algerian says:

    this is just a trick,a facking photo for business.See the contrast of the light between the place where the thing is and where the people are.than,what a ventilator would do for a de*d creature?The truth is seen throught their eyes.

  119. osaka_girl says:

    No, in south east asian countries, part of their funer*l service is to pray to that person, to worship them…perform rites to help them proceed unto the next phase of life, or maybe pray for good fortune for themselves.etc etc…perhaps guard them from evil…but it’s nothing like a christian funer*l service! Whoever said that was an idiot. Christian (as in western style) funer*l services are more like a memorial of sorts, and its more about the relatives and friends saying goodbye. In certain asian countries, people actually have fear if they do not worship whom/what has passed away. Anyway, I’ve seen pics of animals that passed away at birth, that looked identical to this…i read on a medical site that it sometimes happens, there’s a special condition which causes the brain to fill with too much fluid, usually the animal will be born without a proper skull too…which causes the oddly large head shape…because of that defect, multiple other defects will arise, and usually it wasn’t alive even while in the mother for very long.

  120. chad says:

    it’s not a worship nor a funer*l.
    They pray to that creature as they believe that it could give them a fortune.
    This is quite common in rural Thai society.
    When they find something strange, they will pray to it and ask for a fortune.

  121. RIP says:


  122. FLiTz says:

    That’s tweety bird.

  123. sroz says:

    Ok, that’s pretty freaky.

    However, what you are seeing in the photos is not ‘worship’ by any stretch of the imagination. Those are pretty normal funer*l rites for something they may believe to at least partially human (as you wouldn’t hold a funer*l for an animal).

    A big part of these rites is propitaiting the spirt of the person, so it won’t come back as a ghost, the same way a christian would pray for the souls of their dear departed to find peace in heaven. But there is no element of ‘worship’ in this, just sayin’.

  124. Lúthien Tínuviel says:

    WOW! It’s like Gollum… but it isn’t saying “My PRECIOUS…. ” or “My Treasssure” xD

  125. Rlj says:

    It looks like a f***ed up pig :S

  126. bramz says:

    ntu mah babi ngepet gan..!
    that is like ghost in Indonesian Myth..
    indonesian people call that BABI NGEPET (Human –> Pig)
    he/she will stole your money at night..

  127. gentleman says:

    look like a birth of a man and a cow. lol
    i suspect the man in the first photo sitting front

  128. xino says:

    well….these kind of photos cannot be photoshopped!
    also there are 8 photos, so it will take a long time to photoshop them all.

    This doesn’t look like an animal with a defect at birth, because if an animal like that ends its life upon berth. It’s 4 legs will be parallel together.

    Sounds to me like another Alien abduction experiment sh*. Experimenting humans with animals now. You can see the head is round in a shape of a human. The way it’s laid on the floor, animals don’t lay like that.

  129. Debra says:

    Its probably a calf with a birth defect. The hooves are definitely cloven, and whatever it is, it was recently born before the photos were taken- the umbilical cord is still attached. An animal with that severe of a birth defect would be unable to nurse its mother, and would be rejected at birth by her.

  130. blu says:

    This is not a photoshopped image at all, it’s an animal (most likely a pig or goat) with a birth defect, It happens. I once found a bird which was highly unusual looking, it had a huge head with a short lumpy beak, I took it to the vet and it was a pigeon with a defect so it had been kicked out of the nest by is mother. Its possible this animal was pushed away by its mother due to its defect too

  131. Pablo says:

    Just because it has been around for several years does not mean it is not a “photoshop” job.

    I’ve been manipulating pictures since 1996 and those in the industry have been doing it way longer than that (and there is no way that picture is over 20 years old).

  132. core70 says:

    E.T. phooone hooommmme. Guess the stupid machine didnt work…

  133. Leo says:

    Hey! Teacher!……..Leave those pigs alone….. ;)

  134. Marscena says:

    Somebody just f***ed his pig !the pig got pregnant and as a result we’ve got this “strange” creature!

  135. snowpea says:

    They are not new photos. I’ve seen these photos years ago, but again
    there was no information.
    I’m curious to know what this creature is though.

    Oh, by the way it’s not photo-shopped, because these photos been
    around for some years.

  136. balls says:

    man-bear-pig!! i’m super serial!!

  137. gabb says:

    it’s Roger from American Dad :D DD

  138. akbar says:

    That’s obviously a decomposing pig.

  139. BILLY says:


  140. solomon sagbeh says:

    Why are you guys thinking? The answer is easy. That picture is the return of Leprocon (Sp) just arriving from this 2000 years trip.

    Leave him alone, he needs 10 years of sleep.

  141. psidra says:


  142. Thorsten says:

    “I don’t think this requires some special comment”

    No, what it requires is some info.

  143. nightkraawler says:

    That’s Roger!…..what did they do to Roger?…….Stan is gonna be pissed!

  144. Lya says:

    Anyone with at least one eye can see this is photoshopped.

  145. ?sdrawkcab daer yllausu uoy od says:

    Its an alien! Just like the one that abducted me as a child!

  146. Rob says:

    What in the world is that thing?

  147. SpaceMonkey says:

    Get a life “jayjay”, you ignorant dimw*t – they are not Indians. If you had any knowledge of people and their features, it would be obvious that they are from the far east part of Asia – also from the bottle of talcum powder it appears to be Thailand. So before you generalize just do your homework, you dork.

  148. jayjay says:

    d*** Indians worship anything :D

  149. azy says:

    men its look like a pig coated with sugar like donuts…

  150. Ciara says:

    Oh My.. It’s Roger :o

  151. Steven Douglas says:

    Those bast**ds, they killed Tweety Bird.

  152. Thuggy says:

    yeah man thats a ugly-a** PIG….d*mn why those Thai people worshiping? So Stupid!

  153. fasf says:

    it is just a mutant pig, but they paint it silver

  154. joe says:

    It’s a cyclops pig, a malformation of the cranium.

  155. Noa says:

    Just a deformed sheep. Sheep are actually born with long tails like that one, and they are later cut. Also, it seems similar to the “human faced pig” picture that circulated a while ago.

  156. Pog says:

    This is a load of *****! It’s clearly from a funeral or something with a creature photoshopped over it. Or maybe its a model of a creature and he has these people all gathered around it for an art shoot? A lot of photographers have done stuff like this! Who can forget the famous image of a boy holding up the head of the Chupacapra? Use Snopes…

  157. Rob says:

    It’s a new kind of Pokemon =D

  158. stating the obvious says:

    its ET!
    probably toppled off the flying bicycle and landed there.

    or somebody’s playing a really mean joke on them

  159. INEED says:

    looks like to me it just proves that man does have s*** with sheep

  160. Dahab offers says:

    i think they will woarahip it :)

  161. Malaresian Luciferia says:

    Perhaps pigs are sacred to Thai people. I remember watching about Thai food, they eat alot of their own pork and pigs are very common.

  162. Monelu` says:

    la chupacabraaaa :) )

  163. Dolores says:

    Looks like someone had s** with their cattle.
    And what the f is wrong with these people? They covered it with baby powder no one can see its face! What is the baby powder for anyway?!

  164. Belial Ballaizebub says:

    I just noticed the flag in the background. This pictures were taken in Thailand.

  165. Belial Ballaizebub says:

    That’s just the bloated carcass of a pig with a deformed head. Its legs have been broken that’s why they look that way. The white powder is baby powder from the blue bottle; it and the electric fan are used to keep the smell at bay.

    This seems to be in South East Asia in some bass-ackward area where the people are a bunch of superstitious, ignorant, and most likely uneducated hicks.

  166. Google it says:

    Normally it’s not possible to mix humans and goats but just Google on a lamb with human face and skin color, just happened in Turkey for some moth ago… some times odd things happens…

  167. Stormy says:

    It looks like a made up creature, probably taxidermy using a goat. If it was real, where are its g*nitals and naval?

  168. Wolfy says:

    Its a goat, look at its face. That’s a goat’s snout. Its legs were obviously broken. Aliens don’t exists.

    Oh and P.S. to all the morons out there that think its the product of beastiality, biologically speaking, animal genetics wont allow the production of offspring when the parents are from different genuses. And FYI humans and goats, swine, bovine, etc are NOT in the same genus classification. Dur, I’m 16 and I know that.

  169. Tasha says:

    Dude…. that’s a dead baby goal. If you leave a dead goat outside in the hot sun its carcus inflates with fluid and gasses. I see that someone has broken all of its legs so it can lie on its back and look human. Looks like tthey have a fan on, and I’m not surpised… I can only imagine what that thing must smell like!

  170. Oh. says:

    Lots of people here talking about superstitious people. Stupid people. Morons.

    Saleem says it is something that happened to people from some far off backward tribe or village of a far eastern country where superstition is a way of life.

    Superstition is a way of life everywhere.
    jesus is gods son=This dead animal is a mythical creature.
    In my mind these are equally intelligent claims.

  171. drake says:

    someone with the cow (human+cow=alien)

  172. sealkazz says:

    that’s goat alien!!! ^^

  173. Constantin says:

    That’s a baby pig(wild boar perhaps because it’s hairy,but it’s not necessarily so),with a large tumor in his belly an extremely deformed and possibly underdeveloped head,sprinkled with some white stuff,surrounded by superstitious morons.You don’t have to be very smart to notice that.Nature can f**k up a being beyond any possible recognition,it’s by far the weirdest thing I’ve seen,but weird nonetheless.

  174. wahehenessgenes says:

    I see they are hungry. Ready to deep fry that critter! Why cover it with flour? Haha

  175. bhuwan says:

    Nothing can be said without more information.

  176. haym says:

    why do they have a fan blowing on it?

  177. Aoi says:

    Looks like a birthday cake to me.
    Huge gathering of people, celebration, carcass on the table.
    World’s most meaty birthday cake. Yum. Somebody get the candles.

  178. justin says:

    yeah it looks like someone mated with some animal and that is the product of a human and animal. i’m guessing its life ended because of too many abnormalities.

  179. It is very strange. Did anybody analyze it ?

  180. Thats not a goat!
    It may be a baby cow or pig

  181. mezzaluna says:

    its actually just a baby goat which has a problem with its genes. im sure you guys know what MUTATION is. well if you dont, google is ready 24/7 for you.
    Ps. it happened in Indonesia btw.

  182. Rizkiansyah says:

    a Goat (baby goat)

  183. antto says:

    That is a Goat and i dont see anything weired about it…Am Not surprised

  184. smk says:

    Looks like God! (In South Park)

  185. ammu says:

    what’s this i can’t guess….!!!!!

  186. aki09 says:


  187. Saleem says:

    Obviously some sort of deformed animal; a stillbirth. However despite the fear of supernatural, human beings are thrilled by it. Anything or anyone unusual is immediately perceived as someone or something unusual. These picture reveal these people from some far off backward tribe or village of a far eastern country where superstition is a way of life

  188. sam says:

    it is a pig
    these innocent people think its an alien or any thing else

  189. Jimmy says:

    This is what happens when some drunk ass Thai gets attracted to the local cow….leave that one up to your imagination folks…!

  190. Estong_D_Cute says:

    watta faq Is that Creature…? I think its An upComing Minautor or somthing like that..damn Faq

  191. Trey says:

    @ Marc
    That was pure win… just pure win…

  192. abe says:

    It’s a Waynhim.

  193. javy says:

    it’s a muppet!!! jim henson is not dead!!!

  194. Nicci says:

    There have been loads of articles about this all over the internet. It is the dead body of conjoined calf twins. As far as I can recall, they are treating it with such respect because it is believed to be bad luck and they are trying to ward it off.

  195. GX67 says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s a dead pig that has a defect. Look at the feet: Cloven, and around the same size for a pig. Tail: Again, like a pig. In the first pic, I can see parts of a snout, and the pointy ears.

    I’m pretty sure it’s not an alien, but a diseased pig. Still pretty interesting, though.

  196. Dave says:

    It’s most likely a goat or a pig with some from of anencephaly, looks like it has cyclopia. If the mother whilst pregnant ingests cyclopamine, found in many common plants, it inhibits the Sonic Hedgehog, (Shh), pathway and prevents the optical placodes from migrating during development. It’s usually incompatible with life, but some do survive… Either that or it’s Roger from American Dad, get it a Gin and Tonic!

  197. Ben says:

    that’s not an elephant fetus?

  198. ana says:

    Chupacabra’s baby? the feet…

  199. orate2130 says:


    I looked at the flag in the 2nd pic. It’s Thailand.

  200. ms says:

    The poster wrote “I dont’ think this requires some special comment”

    Um yeah it does, like where is the source of the photo, where is the location of this photo. Is this creature’s body still available. I can guarantee if this were real, there are thousands of legitimate anthropologists that would like to take a look at this body.

  201. DerDonut says:

    Maybe it’s a hydrocephalic pig.
    Or just a dead pig with a swollen head.
    Hard to say without being able to touch it or see x-rays.

  202. aaron says:

    It looks like an alien from mac and me.

  203. John says:

    Are they trying to cook it? I think they are you you know. They’re all queuing around it to get a mouthful.

  204. mariob says:

    It’s obviously CG, what’s the matter with you people?

  205. j says:

    Is anyone else thinking Roger from American Dad?

  206. Johnny Cash says:

    Wow, that is totally weird!

  207. robert says:

    That is all the info? No location?

  208. Marc McDonald says:

    It’s MANBEARPIG! I’m super serial


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