Anorexic Models don’t Always Look Like Models

Anorexic Models don’t Always Look Like Models

anorexic models 11 in Anorexic Models don’t Always Look Like Models

anorexic models 12 in Anorexic Models don’t Always Look Like Models

anorexic models 15 in Anorexic Models don’t Always Look Like Models

anorexic models 16 in Anorexic Models don’t Always Look Like Models

anorexic models 17 in Anorexic Models don’t Always Look Like Models

anorexic models 18 in Anorexic Models don’t Always Look Like Models

anorexic models 19 in Anorexic Models don’t Always Look Like Models

anorexic models 20 in Anorexic Models don’t Always Look Like Models

anorexic models 21 in Anorexic Models don’t Always Look Like Models

anorexic models 14 in Anorexic Models don’t Always Look Like Models

anorexic models 22 in Anorexic Models don’t Always Look Like Models

anorexic models 23 in Anorexic Models don’t Always Look Like Models

anorexic models 24 in Anorexic Models don’t Always Look Like Models

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69 Responses to “Anorexic Models don’t Always Look Like Models”
  1. Emily Messick says:

    Whether these pictures are photoshopped or not, this is how your expected to look. Its not attractive at all. Why would anyone want to call someone so fat to the point to where they are anorexic? I’m sure you don’t think its attractive. People will do anything to sell their products whether that includes ruining someones life so bad just so you can make money, talk about selfishness. You can still make money by doing what your doing without having young lady’s or even mid aged women to loose weight. Beauty comes in all sizes. You dont have to be bones, your not a dog treat. You’re human. Society is going to judge you no matter what you look
    like. You cant and you wont please them. That’s the honest truth about. You can deny it all you wont. You’ll still be wrong. Life didn’t come with a instructional manual neither does the size of your jeans. Be who you are, do what makes you happy but don’t it by pleasing others. Learn to love yourself the way you are. If people cant accept who you are and what you look like it then that’s their problem. Not yours.

  2. Anonymouse says:

    Every single one of these photos is PHOTOSHOPPED. This is not speculation but FACT.

    The ones of actual models (1st and 2nd last images) – You can find the originals online. They are NOT the original images. They are slender models, but nothing like the extreme emaciation depicted in these altered images.

    The ones of the girl in white are part of an series of digitally altered images by an artist who is speaking out AGAINST anorexia. These images are OPENLY PHOTOSHOPPED. Just because they’re distributed as “thinspo”, doesn’t mean they’re real (other than they’re REALLY pieces of digital photo-art, and they’ve REALLY been used – without authorization – in contradiction of the artist’s aim).

    While people CAN look this thin, the people in these particular images are digitally altered. Again, not speculation, but fact.

    Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble! It just happens to be true (unlike these pictures).

  3. Deadly_Beauty5 says:

    My bad, the girls in the white wrappings are not in the video…those are part of a campaign specifically designed to prove how photoshopping can be used to make girls look anorexic. Ironic, no?

    The photos:

    I would suggest checking out the rest of the site as well…very good messages, and actually doesn’t claim fake photos are real.

  4. Deadly_Beauty5 says:

    I know all except the girl in the second and last pictures are fake. For those who are too lazy to do your own research and naive enough to except anything you see on the internet:

    This has all of these models except the girl in the pictures I mentioned. It shows the real and originals. Yes, some anorectics do look like this, but it’s just stupid to use fake pictures that discredit the entire point.

    Also, anorexia is not that much different from binge eating disorder, and it’s not about being sexy in most cases. Also, not every skinny girl or person who loses weight is anorexic, and not every person with anorexia is a stick. It’s a serious mental disorder which turns your mind into a living hell, not a diet, not a phase, not a fad. Just clearing some things up.

    If you don’t know, don’t act like you do. :)

  5. undefined says:

    Okay, people, I would just like to tell you a few things:
    Photo #1) THIS one was confirmed to be photo-shopped.
    #2) This is real.
    #3, #4, #5, & #6) This was an art exhibit. This is actually a healthy model who was photoshopped to appear emaciated. The exhibition is named ’32 Kilos’ and was done to MOCK pro-anorexia sites.
    #7) This, too, has been confirmed a fake.
    #8) This is real.
    Please, before you claim, look up your facts. Thank you, have a nice day. (PS: You can google ’32 Kilos’ or you can wikify ‘Pro-Ana’ and it will explain the exhibition. Also, you can google the 1 and the 7 and it will bring you to a french website that has FAKE vs REAL.)

  6. Starving Goat says:

    What a buffoon you are. That one in the blue dress with the string hair is Giselle, the highest paid, German model, born in Brazil. She CLEARLY does not look like that. It IS PHOTOSHOPPED. I agree w/ the last comment, tired of fat women ragging on skinny ones. Yes most of America and Britain and Australia and India is overweight. That’s why most fashion models look so skinny to you b/c you’re just so damned fat. In Eastern Europe and Asia, most women are not fat. Get a grip on life, on the world, on your own insecurities, and lack of will power.

  7. Dot says:

    You guys must be crazy if you think these are fake. As a recovering anorexic, I used to look like that. You don’t get it. Many girls actually can look worse than that. If u go to an eating disorder treatment facility, many girls look like this. And also, you shouldn’t judge the way people want to look. Honestly they didn’t choose anorexia. It choose them.

  8. Lucy says:

    OMG. These girls need serious help. They are soooo thin. How are they alive. I want to loose weight but not to that extreme. Someone please help those girls. I don’t think they are even healthy. I am sori but that is how I feel about Anorexic people. Some should be concerned enough to step in at least.

  9. a girl says:

    i especially hate knees and elbows – they are the worst in these pics. how could anyone think looking like that is even remotely beautiful….

  10. Monmon says:

    Anyone reminded of “Silent Hill”?

  11. monica says:

    because they are photoshopped lol the ones with the girl in the white stockings was a shoot and the photographer said he distorted them to make a statement. most of these are photoshopped there are website with the originals. do some research before you claim false information.

  12. hurrrrp says:

    First off, anorexia literally means “lack/loss of appetite”. Anorexia Nervosa is a mental disorder. It’s not that one is just some shortening of the other.

    Secondly, to all of the people crying that these are NOT photoshopped- alot of them are. I happen to know for a fact that most of these were from a campaign of an artist who photoshopped several healthy models to make them look skeletal. The anatomy is weird in these instances. Yes, there are some who are that skinny thanks to the disease, but most of these were from a sort of ad campaign and are fake. However, these have been used as “thinspiration” for girls suffering from anorexia nervosa, thus sort of defeating the whole purpose of the ads :/

  13. S says:

    the last one is not photoshopped it was part of in add in another contry to bring awarence to Anorexia so are the ones with the girls face wrapped

  14. xxHLxx says:

    why do people some automatically assume these pics are photoshopped?
    whether these pictures are 100% genuine or not, they highlight the dangers of starving yourself, and show how unattractive the results can be.
    i know some people are naturally very skinny (myself included), but i doubt anyone is naturally skeletal.

  15. Meg says:

    Yes, most of those pictures are photoshopped. ******************/models.asp feel free to check out the originals.

    Some people are naturally skinny, some people are naturally heavy, neither size should automatically be condemned as unhealthy. However I will say that there is a very obvious fat-phobia present almost everywhere you look. Like in a comment posted by Laura. Heavy people are dismissed as slobs, as lazy, as ugly, and as ‘out to get’ skinny people. I’m particularly angry with the ‘out to get thin people’ paranoia, as its so insanely obvious that the media(etc) are out to ridicule, demonize, and ostracize ‘fat’ people.

  16. kyle C says:

    Hmmm something tells me if you would Tap one of those Models She would Snap Like a Twig.
    And Yea PhotoShopped there is a demand for thin women but not Skeletons.

  17. BS says:

    FAKE. clearly photoshoped because some body parts have more fats than others and the image doesnt make sense.

  18. Steve In Denver says:

    Why does anything weird or odd online have to be automatically considered PHOTOSHOPPED?
    There are REALLY thin anorexic models out there! Some of the really thin women are using coc***e and m**h to stay thin, too.Please, people, do not think every strange picture MIGHT BE ‘SHOPPED’.I believe that at least 90% of these photos are very real. The modeling industry is so scr***d.


    We’re so used to seeing ‘fake’ photos online. This is such horse s****.

    Thin, Thin, Thinner. God forbid that a woman weigh anywhere near her ideal weight for her frame. And people wonder why so many Teenage girls have Anorexia and Bulemia? They see all these dam*** SCARECROWS on TV, in magazines and in films, so they think, ‘gee, I need to be skinny as h*ll, too. It’s so cool!’

    It’s NOT COOL, It f****** s****.

    Be who you really are, don’t hide. Live your life to the fullest and please go get help if you have an eating disorder!


  19. Laura says:

    You know what I am sick of? fat people photoshopping healthy bodies to make them look sick! Healthy fit bodies don’t have much fat. I’m tired of you lazy slobs wanting the world to accept you. Yeah runway models are too skinny. What should be on the runway are healthy fit models, neither scrawny nor fat. We need positive role models

  20. Marlene says:

    This is disgusting! Real women are not thin, unless there is a problem. With the obvious exception of genes, disease or some other issue, women tend to be more “meaty”. Naturally they have curves and it is the roundness of them that most men are wired to be attr*cted to. The women here speak volumes about how scr*w*d up that industry is and how they need to get men there telling the world what they like

  21. archaeopteryx says:

    This is what gets me…I spent most of my life skinny (not like this, but very thin) due to Crohn’s Disease, and the comments people make about people they *think* are anorexic are very hurtful and not helpful at all to someone who may or not be suffering from anorexia. People are very concerned about other’s people weight when they should only be concerned with their own. Period.

  22. Dave Jones says:

    Oh by the way again, pretty disgusting to photoshop some beautiful girls into skeletons, is that how you make yourself feel good?

    show us a picture of yourself if you have the courage…

  23. sheridan says:

    the picture of the girl with the flower in her hair was obvoisly photoshopped.

  24. tasha says:

    this is so n**ty i wld never be this and of mi kids will be like it i will give them alway but this is a good wedsit tew look on of u wont to help someone get better

  25. Anita says:

    I can’t lie…anorexic women seriously disgust me. How much weaker of mind and character can they get? I mean, truly, they see absolutely no value in the amazing, complex system that is their bodies, and the food that is needed to sustain it. They let the world tell them who they should be, and are incapable of grasping how worthy they are of feeling happy, healthy, and ALIVE. You reap what you sow, and when your body shuts down because of the damage you’ve afflicted on it, perhaps then you’ll see the error of your ways, and hopefully you’ll get a second chance.

  26. Marts says:

    Thank goodness they barely hire stuff like that these days! They got hit so much for this that now, there’s no chance at all we see this in the modeling world EVER! Or at least, I hope so..

  27. ladyface says:

    Happy Halloween!

    This is a bunch of s*** skeleton costumes right??

  28. Laura says:

    Anorexicia…. A sickness of weak minds. Obese or starved both are existing cause people don’t give a sh** about themselves. Wake the f*ck up people would k*ll to have food to eat, to SURVIVE, and these sticks refuse it why? Cause they are afraid to gain weight? I’m not saying there isn’t reasons why they might have low self esteem but it wouldn’t be so low if they stopped caring what people think about them and started really caring about themselves and their well being. What a self absorbed ignorant sickness. It makes me disgusted to hear that young girls want to be like this. Damn if your overweight loose it healthy don’t go over board. To care SO much about looks to the point you’d harm yourself to possible de*th? How shallow…

  29. francis says:

    Obviously some of those pictures are photoshoped,some are paintings and some are real… The first model di*d a short time after this picture was taken and her sister also di*d 2 week later after a catwalk in Brazil… the designer or photographs or agent using them should be prosecuted… BUT… not all skinny girls are anorexic… I hear all the time from chubby or average girl … look she’s anorexic… some people are just naturally very petite like some others are just a little curvier… both are beautiful… an recent example is Kelly Osborne… she looked perfect a few months ago but is now too skinny… her head is way too big for her new body… she also was way to fat years ago… she need to find her ideal weight for herself… not the ideal weight pesonnal trainers are saying she should be…

  30. lady t says:

    these pictures are proably photoshoped i have seen some of them before without the girls being so boney, the ones with the fashion runway modles are really bad but i doubt that they would have girls that skinny on the run way for fear of being persicuted even more for appearing to advertise anorexia nervosa, also they have been photoshoped for girls to use as thinspiration to become skinnyer

  31. Hammersmith says:

    Girl in white – gold bikini definitely isn’t anorexic, just slim and lovely.

  32. C says:

    This looks like the sort of collection middle-aged women send each other in email to cause unnecessary panics (like the bottle kittens. Remember that?). Yes–the shape of a skeleton isn’t s*xy and anorexia is tragic. But I tire of all the hating on thin runway models because of how skinny they are. Did you realize some people are born in a way that takes effort for them to put meat on their bones? I suspect the obese west loves to put down people they are jealous of. If runway models really looked like concentration camp victims, they wouldn’t have careers for long. It isn’t a popular look and well, you d*e if you keep that up.

  33. Boner says:

    I’d hit it!

  34. adayinthelife says:

    i’m in recovery from anorexia. hospitalized for 8 weeks due to my health & i still see imperfections in myself. looking at these pictures, while i know that i shouldn’t have, is an addiction for me; just as restriction is for myself and so many girls and boys out there.

    i want people to be aware of the fact that these pictures are unhealthy and this disease is miserable.

    don’t accuse tara reid of anything & take this seriously. no jokes necessary.

  35. =( says:

    Wow, I wish I was that thin…god I am fat..

  36. Doc says:

    It’s interesting the anger displayed by many of you regarding these photographs.

    I can understand being miffed if the pictures are shopped, that someone tried to trick you, but those who display such anger at the thought of people with an eating disorder even existing and sharing your air, is what I wonder about.

    I suspect you get all riled up at the extremely obese too.


  37. danielle says:

    the pictures of the women in white are from a book from some artist…obviously shopped.

  38. DGrieux says:

    I recognized some works of a very fine artist named Andrzej Dragan. It’s the second woman which also appears in the last position. His works shows a distorted vision about reality, but this is his trademark. Having said this, the person who posted them was clearly not aware about the fact that they are fictional, and this reason alone is enough to render the title of the article useless and wrong :)

  39. Foxy Love says:

    Fist one is definitely photoshopped as I know the person who did the work – he is very talented at his art. The ones of the girl bound in white are part of an art project but I forget who by.

  40. blah says:

    Some of them look fine. Some are definately shopped.

  41. Swordsman says:

    Holy cow, which one is Tara Reid…?!?! I can’t even tell.

  42. Katee says:

    I seriously think that those pics are discusting! Even if they are photoshopped its still sick! I don’t believe that the very first pic. is shopped because look at the way her ribs stick out, not as far as the photoshop crap. Still if people that are really anorexic think they are fat, there is something wrong with them!

  43. skinny says:

    they look basically de*d lol. very sickening, that someone would willingly make themselves look like a starving somalian, while people actually dying from starvation. on other hand they prob would not get the job if they didnt look that sickeningly shockingly thin.

  44. Silja says:

    Photoshopped – both by ProAna supporters and those who oppose the movement.

  45. Narubiq says:

    Oh god I just threw up in my mouth.

  46. Luna says:

    I would love to be that skinny, photoshopped or not, they are beautiful.

  47. invie says:

    As for the image of the girl in the blue top on the runway, I’ve also seen the unshopped runway photo. The top image is obviously not anything any client would ever use so that is a shopped piece as well…..The images of the blonde girl have telltale shop textures all over it.

  48. invie says:

    The images are shopped. In fact the ones with the girls in white are from an artist who clearly states they are shopped. I don’t remember her name but her site showed the unshopped photos and the models were normal sized.

  49. ishitvegetables says:

    Now that’s what a woman is supposed to look like. Those chicks are h*t.

  50. noelle says:

    i’m not one of the people who says : everything is shopped.
    but this is. i mean seriously people – you can’t be so stupid to think they’re real.
    compare them to the actual photos and you’ll see.

  51. noelle says:

    Except for Tara Reid, every single Photo is shopped, some of them for an Anti-Anorexia Campaign.

  52. C-Mae says:

    Some of these look like Anime girls. How funny.

  53. Lillium says:

    Um..I knew these pictures and some of them ( girl with wrapped head) have been used for the No anorexia campaign of Oliviero toscani, a photograph artist working for Benetton.
    So those are probably real.
    But for the girl in the tutu: I suppose the face kind of sinks in when loosing weight, so it is just head-swapping and not a real anorexic person.
    Or do those people have silicon implants under their cheeks?!

  54. Neme Ndolo says:

    DIIISGUSSTING!! I’m only 15, I’m 5’9.5, and 160 lbs. I was unhappy with my weight, until i read this. NOW IM SOOOO OVER IT!!!! until I get back to school on Monday……:(

  55. lola says:

    A good deal of these pictures are artworks that exaggerate thinness as a commentary on anorexia (the girls in white, notice he never shows their faces, because they aren’t real humans). However, the pictures, especially the one of the blonde crouching, have been accepted by the pro-ana community as thinspo. It’s actually kind of annoying to see them as people’s avatars or thinspo cause there are plenty of real thin women to look up to. The rest are poorly photoshopped fakes, which you can view alongside their real pictures a bunch of places online if you search for it. They only one I believe is real is the last one, although I don’t know for certain about the girl in white who is looking at the camera.

  56. tiny says:

    Except for the girl in the tutu and the one in the polka dot bikini these are all shopped. How I know? Because joints are made of bone and they don’t shrink when you lose weight.

  57. Jamie says:

    WOW, I think those girls are so pretty. If they choose to be skinny at thier own detriment, than so be it. If photographers choose to photograph skinny girls, then so be it, too. I’m guessing those who oppose these photos do so on the grounds that looking like this is not healthy, and also is not a good role model for our children. Well what about chubby folk? Would these people also oppose fat people being seen in the media?? Being overweight is also unhealthy, and does not set a good example for our children….. So I gather these people would prefer PERFECT PEOPLE only be portrayed in the media/advertising industry. Budding models take heed….. body mass index reccomendations MUST BE ADHERED if you are to be seen by others, wouldnt want to offend thine eyes…

  58. Kendal says:

    The majority of these pictures are quite well-known as badly photoshopped fakes. What sucks is comparing them to the original pictures – the women are already beautiful and plenty thin enough.

  59. meg says:

    these all look shopped. what a waste of time

  60. Lindsay says:

    So gross.

    The photographers and producers allowing these girls onto their sets are disgusting. Way to support and promote their health problems.

  61. Nini says:

    These might be photoshopped but there are people like that. And models are too skinny.

  62. Jessica says:

    So yeah most of these images have been proven to be photoshopped. Tara is the only real one and she doesn’t look anorexic she just looks twacked out.

  63. lilyyy says:

    these are clearly photo-shopped. gisele bundchen doesn’t look like that. you people need to seriously open your eyes.

  64. Lonny says:

    Yuckkkkk!!!! How can they really even put these girls on the runway? I know models have to be stick thin, but this is going too far! Anorexia is a series disease of the mind (on par with the delusions suffered by schizophrenics)…why don’t they have something on the market – besides for years of expensive therapy – that can help people like this?

  65. Alli says:

    It’s anorexia nervosa…not nervous. As a recovering anorexic, I know all too well…

  66. nemesis says:

    very disturbing pictures i almost puked looking at these animals …

  67. Lala says:

    It´s photoshopped

  68. O´Slow. @Uhm says:

    Photoshopped my as*, this is real life and that´s it!
    The whole damn world is photoshopped, yes? Stupid..

  69. Uhm says:

    Most of those have previously been shown as photo-shopped…the only one I’d call legit is the car wreck Tara.

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