10 Freakish Wedding Ceremonies

10 Freakish Wedding Ceremonies

When the day comes every person in the world want to have a special wedding ceremony for themselves. It’s such a special occasion in your life that you want to have fond memories of for the rest of my life. Some people do take these wedding ceremonies to extremes and come up with the most bizarre and weird ideas for their wedding day. Check out these photographs from 10 of the most freaky wedding ceremonies ever. I hope that their marriage didn’t turn out to be as awkward and funny as their weddings.

bizarre weddings 01 in 10 Freakish Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding dresses as heroes from “Star Wars”. And instead of a priest – Princess Leia

bizarre weddings 02 in 10 Freakish Wedding Ceremonies

Beauty will save the world? And what beauty is – if not harmony. This couple really look very harmoniously after all?

bizarre weddings 03 in 10 Freakish Wedding Ceremonies

Nice shelter…Safety first

bizarre weddings 04 in 10 Freakish Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding in McDonald’s restaurant. Cheap and tasty. Judging by the size of bride and groom, this is their favorite meeting place

bizarre weddings 05 in 10 Freakish Wedding Ceremonies

Men like to show their women. To make other men envy them. And if you’re old, bald and waring glasses – how else to conquer the public, if not by displaying young attractive wife

bizarre weddings 06 in 10 Freakish Wedding Ceremonies

Fiona and Shrek  in real life…

bizarre weddings 07 in 10 Freakish Wedding Ceremonies

Mothers-in-law know that telepathic communication with men, leading their daughters down the aisle is necessary to keep thing running smoothly

bizarre weddings 08 in 10 Freakish Wedding Ceremonies

Not enough money? Caribbean wedding then

bizarre weddings 09 in 10 Freakish Wedding Ceremonies

Gothic,  or whatever today’s youth call this?

bizarre weddings 10 in 10 Freakish Wedding Ceremonies

Zombie wedding: they’ll decompose together in a long and happy life (or afterlife)

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5 Responses to “10 Freakish Wedding Ceremonies”
  1. durka says:

    Agreed, the man walking the bride down the aisle is her father. You can tell because grooms don’t walk brides down the aisle. This isn’t a post-vows picture of the happy couple, either, because her veil is still down (the veil is lifted during the vows and stays that way).

    It’s interesting to look at the faces of everyone in the pictures. You can tell if it was mutual or if one person was conceding to appease the other.

  2. GirlySmiles says:

    i agree with teresa that was my first impression when i saw that guys expression on his face– that he is her dad hell i wanna know what the whole wedding party looked like! lmao and whats up w the half bald brides? gothic girl is half bald and so is the big one that married a military guy that guys face looks so worried like “oh c**p what did i just do?!” and the big balding bride looks like “ohhhh yeeaahh i hit the jackpot” lmao!

  3. Teresa says:

    You can tell the one of the old guy with the chick in her und*rwe*r is her dad (grooms don’t walk their own brides down the isle). He doesn’t look to happy to be walking his mostly n*ked little girl down the isle either. Makes me wonder what the groom looked like..

  4. Moot says:

    the gothic one is cute ^.^

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