Top 40 Funniest Construction Mistakes

Top 40 Funniest Construction Mistakes

Doing construction work simply isn’t going well for some people. Construction requires a certain level of pre-thought that a common construction worker simply cannot handle, which can lead to some hilariously funny construction solutions, that are luckily captured by he eye of the camera so that we can enjoy the photographs of these wonderful technological fails. If I was in this people’s place I would want my money back from my construction contractor, because the design of these structure is simply not acceptable. But we tend to look at the world in a brighter light at Chill Out Point, so for the fun of it we have picked the top 40 such incredibly funny construction mistakes ever photographed that you will simply refuse to believe in. Honestly, we also find it hard to believe. Nevertheless, these are 100% real, non-photoshopped photographs, top 40 funniest construction mistakes ever made. We hope you won’t laugh your head off.

The Worst Placements Ever

funniest construction mistakes 42 in Top 40 Funniest Construction Mistakes

funniest construction mistakes 07 in Top 40 Funniest Construction Mistakes

funniest construction mistakes 08 in Top 40 Funniest Construction Mistakes

We missed a few inches

funniest construction mistakes 34 in Top 40 Funniest Construction Mistakes

Which way should we go now?

funniest construction mistakes 10 in Top 40 Funniest Construction Mistakes

Some misconceptions in the process of construction

funniest construction mistakes 14 in Top 40 Funniest Construction Mistakes

Everything seems to be going downhill

funniest construction mistakes 04 in Top 40 Funniest Construction Mistakes

We didn’t have enough cement to make a proper construction. So we used some recycled material and with little bit of improvisation…Here it is

funniest construction mistakes 35 in Top 40 Funniest Construction Mistakes

A bit too steep driveway for my taste

funniest construction mistakes 43 in Top 40 Funniest Construction Mistakes

funniest construction mistakes 25 in Top 40 Funniest Construction Mistakes

funniest construction mistakes 15 in Top 40 Funniest Construction Mistakes

funniest construction mistakes 26 in Top 40 Funniest Construction Mistakes

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52 Responses to “Top 40 Funniest Construction Mistakes”
  1. Fillup40 says:

    Thats a roit.

  2. Cyril says:

    Whats up, great web site. I adore your design. I just now ended cosmetic school and also launch my webpage. Thanks for the great post!

  3. ankit says:

    this beautifull image

  4. Georgia says:

    The railway track one is CLEARLY earthquake damage.

  5. Apnataunsa says:

    hi this is nice post i like it

  6. Adrian says:

    I think this the 12th pic, the pic of the house with the power pole in the middle of the drive way, that pic has been around the world in many emails etc as a magor stuff up. I actually live up the road from this house. its a newish area, the house was built before the power pole was installed. someone stuffed up i mean why not plan ahead and have a mirror image of the house drawn up if the pole had to be there. or move the pole. I can assure everyone now that about 12 months ago the pole was moved from their driveway HAHA, the house got sold cheap as it was STUPID, then the new owner paid tens of thousands 30 somthing grand comes to mind but you all know how rumers are.

    If interested i can supply a pic of the relocated pole lol… just found it funny that searching for funny stuff i found a pic of a location 5 mins from me :)

  7. Ptorq says:

    @Andy Frogman: I think you’re spot on for most of these; they’re funny to look at, but not all of them are clearly “construction” mistakes.

    #2: Looks like a construction mistake. Whoever built this seems to have forgotten that trees grow thicker, not just taller, over time. (MAYBE it’s a fake tree, in which case it’s just weird.)

    #16: That doesn’t look like a road to me. If it’s a walkway, or a bike path, it’s … okay, it’s still KIND of dumb, but not as much as if it were a road.

    #23: MIGHT be for symmetry: “Okay, we need a utility room just here, and obviously we don’t want to put a window in, but we’d like to have it not look like there’s a balcony missing.”

    #31: At Iowa State University they expanded the library. The old library had 7 floors in which basketball players had to watch their heads. The new section was the same overall height but had only 5 floors (counting the basement). There were some… let’s say “peculiarities” in the connections between the two. This looks like that in progress, though going to the trouble to finish a wall you’re planning to hide behind stairs is pretty stupid. I can’t figure out that radiator (?) either.

    #32: At a guess they took out a balcony/walkway and want to leave their options open to put it back. This happened in my middle school auditorium for a couple of years; eventually the door got reused for access to a utility room/speaker system/stage lighting.

    #38 (you have 39, but I don’t see your 38): That toilet looks much, much newer than the surroundings and even still has a label on it. I could believe that the installers just needed someplace to store it temporarily while they got the plumbing ready, or alternatively that it USED to be a shower, and NOW it’s a toilet, and let’s just leave the showerhead because it’s easier than taking it out.

  8. CHOCOSO says:


  9. Theodore says:

    Funny pics, but most don’t belong here. I do like the 45* driveway though, winter will be a b*tch.

  10. Stacy says:

    It’s noticeable that a fair amount of these pictures comes from post-soviet countries, I’d say 40%. I noticed only few from India and the like.

  11. LS says:

    Some toilets are built into the ground/floor in Japan. It’s normal here but I hate using those ones.

  12. Wanda Jones says:

    While many of these photos are funny when taken out of context, I don’t appreciate the comment about construction workers having a poor intellect. I have been married to a construction worker and he was far from stupid. I have worked on commercial construction with a company of professional construction workers who were always neat, clean, on time and professional in demeanor. Some of them had specialized training and degrees in their field of endeavor. My husband has a degree in education but makes a better living as an HVAC Technician. HVAC work involves some advanced scientific principles the average person wouldn’t understand without spending several months, or even years, in a classroom.

    Often these ‘mistakes’ are the result of poor planning on the part of the engineers and architects who design the structures. They don’t visit the work sites sometimes until the building is finished! The bids for the jobs were based on the drawings / blueprints submitted by the designers. The building is supposed to have a certain number of doors, windows, vents, and stair cases, regardless of where they are located. That’s what the owner paid for, that’s what they get. If they aren’t on the site to prevent this nonsense, then the workers are simply following the blue prints and doing what they were told to do. They aren’t paid to ‘think’. Some supervisors will argue with a concrete post, no matter how foolish they look or where the post is standing.

    The goofy telephone poles are a result of someone measuring wrong and ordering poles that were a couple of feet too short. With the rise in the ground, if the poles were placed without the concrete supports, by the time the hill is reached, the wire would only be a few feet off the ground. Geometry, folks. Even some engineers aren’t good at it.

    The bottom couple of stairs with the exposed handrail is probably the result of some of those good old American standards in building. If you have a step, you must have a handrail. Even if the steps are unused, code says they require a rail. Besides, if the stairs continue beyond that wall, in some cities they will need a rail too, even if they are sealed off and inaccessible.

    Now the balconies that have no doors or windows… These balconies may have been included in order to give balance and symmetry to the exterior of the building. Leave them out and the facade begins to look like rows of teeth with gaps in them. Another possibility that was mentioned above, remodeling. It was probably cheaper and looked better to just leave the balcony after sealing off the door. Ripping the thing off will expose the rebar, steel frame, and concrete to the elements and leave an ugly hole.

    The tree blocking the stairs… I suspect this tree was just a little seedling when the stairs were built and no one bothered to pull it up so it grew until it became an obstacle. Someone loves that tree more than they wish to climb those stairs. Good for them.

    The toilet in the red bathroom may have been installed in a basement and the builder raised the floor a little too much in order to get the slope so it would drain correctly. Or, he could’ve got the rise over run calculations backwards, which is pretty funny.

    The bicycle lane in Columbia is a great idea. I wish more roads in the US had adequate, safe lanes for bikes.

    I’m not full of hate or anything like that over this post, just don’t assume all the tradesmen of the world are stupid. The guy who builds a stair case to nowhere knows what he’s doing is senseless but maybe he just wants to keep his job – even if his boss is an idiot and the blue prints are wrong.

  13. piotr says:

    :D 13th pic was made in the middle of 80′, and this bridge was not ended yet in this time :D at now its fully useful :D place of make is Sanok, Poland near PKP station :D

    PS: i live there :P :D

  14. x says:

    the third one in funny failed bathrooms is normal for asian ccountries

  15. Andy Frogman says:


    Wow seriously? I thought I’d recognised it. It’s been a while since I was last in Bath, but it would make sense. Thanks for that.

  16. E.L.STAFRACE says:

    real great this page.i shall recommend it to my friends.

  17. sankalp gaur says:

    wao..!!!ausum funny constructions…..u guys really do nice piece of work….

  18. james says:

    number 21 is in the town were i live, its called Bath in south west england

  19. Andy Frogman says:

    I just want to make a post to all those out there, who are posting flames and hates over the images here. To start with get off your high horse. Have you done that? I can lend you a ladder if you like, it does seem to be a long way up. No? Your good. There we go, now we can talk.

    Most of these images are taken after some devastating (or maybe not devastating just irritating) event, like and earthquake, mudslide or big gusts of wind. Yes these things may be horrible for the people that lived through them, but the fact is thatw e all have to egt on with our lives after such an event.

    Lets look at these one at a time.

    1: Someone put a camera up, and someone put a sign up. Mine is not to say who did what first, however someone was a moron. That is plain to see. Ergo: Funny.

    2: Where someone decided to lay foundations for a house required them to build around a tree. It’s not harming anyone, it may even provide slightly additional support, but it sticking out the side of the house there is ammusing.

    3: HAHA! It’s funny because it looks like his p*nis! Thats ammusing.

    4: It’s not that there is a telephone/electrical pole in the middle of a bike, or even tire path. It’s the fact that the poles are being suspended by concrete pillars. Aside from striking me as odd, I ask why it was so neccesary to do this. It seems like a pointless waste of time and effort.

    5: Not really funny, an earthquake has caused this and the people need to put it straight. Natural disaster tally: 1

    6: Oh yes I can see how a natural desiaster is ABOUT to happen here. Naturally the morons who thought this was a good idea, are about to dsasterously paint the floor of the pool red instead of blue. This is all about idiocy and not planing forward.

    7: I wouldn’t think this was caused by an earthquake, and theres no damage or dents to suggest it was hit by a car. Meaning this either occured through inabillity to sustain it’s own weight (ie. bad planning and bad materials), Inabillity to sustain the weight of a fat guy who was leaning on it (ie. freaking hillarious, bad planning and bad materials) or a big gust of wind blew it squiff (ie. Bad planning and bad materials)

    8: So a big flood or an earthquake came through and knocked out the syupports for the bridge. Thats not funny, and may be considdered as a natural disaster on the tally chart. BUT WAIT! Thats not whats funny. If the bridge was damaged to such an extent then it would better to rebuild for the ground up, to be sure that 1. it isn’t just a patch job and the bridge is secure and 2. to make sure the bridge is prepared should it happen again. However what has happened here is someone has propped it up using rubble, suggesting that someone is actually intending to use it! Now THAT is funny! Not a Natural disaster tally count. Sorry.

    9: Someone wasn;t thinking about how cars work when they built these drive ways… actually, even my legs would have a hard time. Someone building here messed up. Whether it be the people planning that thought it would be a good idea, or the actual builders who didn’t realise that it was stupid. Someone is account able for this screw up, and it ain’t nature!

    10: Now thats awesome, look at the pole, that hasn’t snapped, thats been cut. Someone has actually takent he pole and left that hanging! Hillarious!

    11: The most awesome shed in the world! Enough said! I wonder if Tim Allan built this…

    12: A Church made out of a train or a bus, yeah it’s common, it’s still amusing. It’s still a novelty to those who ahven’t seen anything like it before. It’s ammusing, and I like it!

    13: This is an abandon train stop, there are not even tracks here. It’s old and it’s in obvious disrepair. However stairs that lead to nowhere are ammusing, you can’t really blame the workers on this. The real question though is, where did the corner section go? And why did the people who took it, refill in the hole int he ground where the corner supporting pillar would have been? I mean either that was the case or there never was a corner unit. That makes it the planing or builders fault, and either way specualtion makes it funny.

    14: Beware idiot at work! Someone obviously didn’t mesure the window, or mark out the cut in the wall before they started at it with the power tools. Result, one wonky window and an idiot looking for a new job! LoL!

    15: Either people put balconies up where there were no doors, people put balconies up which should have been under the windows or possibly the doors are ont he other side of the building, people filled in the doors (which is more likely) and didn;t remove the balconies int he process, or any combination of the above. All ammusing to look at the result.

    16: Considdering the tar is still being flattened I would go out on a limb here and say the pole was up first. Ergo someone didn’t plan this out very well. Now it’s possible that the rode will be continued out to where the woman is standing, and the pole will be the part of a central reservation, but if that were the case then why ghave they tarred around it, and not built it up? Until the final result is produced, this looks stupid and badly planned, ergo funny.

    17: Absolutely nothing wrong with this at all, though one has to wonder why they didn;t just move the tree..?

    18: Ok from here on the stupid gets really hardcore! I would like to say that the lamp post was there first, but I can’t be absolutely sure. Either way someone stufed up here. Now this could be third world, and someone pointed out somewhere in the comments section that they don’t have as much resource and don’t have as high standards as we do in the rest of the world. You may look at it as us Civilised people alughing at the quaint foreigners, but thats not the case. You see in the face of standards there is this thing called common sense. It’s the thing that everyone has reguardless of wealth, that states, you don’t put your finger in a plug socket, you don’t put your hand in the fire, you don’t climb into an oven, and you don’t turn your back on Tom Cruise. Common sense states that you don’t build balonies around a lamp-post, or you don’t put up a lamp-post through someones balcony, you move it further up or down the street.

    Basically to sum up common sense: If it sounds stupid, it probably is.

    19/20: This is just plain stupid… see the above paragraph for why if you can’t tell by your self.

    21: i can’t really call this inteligent. Yeah the building it’s self looks sturdy, but what thought process went into it, what was going through the persons mind when they decided “Hey lets build a 4foot by 4foot room on the top story of the building! Congrats to the builders and the planners for makign it stay up, butan idiocy award here for the people who had the idea in the first place, and actually a minor idiocy award for the planners builders for not telling them it’s a stupid idea.

    22: Can anyone here argue that this deserves a stupidity award? No? good.

    23: Again this doesn;t look like it’s disused or obsolete, it looks like bad planning. Humourosness applies.

    24: One would assume this was a disused rail, either way it looks silly.

    25: once again one would have to ask which came first, and why didn’t they plan this better? Move the pole a few feet down, or build the garage on the other side of the house, one way or another soemone was a moron.

    26: This kinda looks photoshopped. If not then we have the same situation as above on pic 15.

    27: Once again I’m going to make an assessment of this situation and say that the tree was there first. So why the hell did they think that it was a good idea to build bloody steps here? There’s no reason for it and has resulted in steps obstructed by a tree. Congratulations.

    28: So it looks liek the stairwell has been blocked off. It happens from tiem to time. However there is an issue here from the hand rail. Either thats a new handrail put up after the stairwell was blocked off, or that wall was specially built so that the handrail would poke through. Thats no temporary wall, it’s built, plastered and painted. On top of that, why not just remove the hand rail. This is all kinds of stupid. planning fail.

    29: Planning fail, once again, 3rd world country doesn’t mean the occupants are retarded, it just means the person who built this was.

    30: This is more of a decoration planning fail, thats obvioulsy a movable chair, thats been placed in front of a disabled toilet. No the toilet may be out of order, or disused for whatever reason, but there’s no evidence fopr that and the sign is still on the door, which is goign to result in anyone walking past to wonder why they can’t use the toilet. So this is a planning fail.

    31: It’s people like the ones who planned and built this that are dragging down the over all IQ of planet earth. Idiocy award here.

    32: now it would make sense to think that they once had a balcony up there, the balcony has since been removed, and the wall has be patched up and repainted. Sow hy the hell is the door still there?is this the way they deal with snoopy health inspectors? They slide the floor back to reveal the shark pit and then guide the inspectors to walk through the door to their messy doom? hmmm… actually sounds like a good idea. ultimataly though the money that was spent ont he shark pit and retractable gym floor, not to mentiont he sharks themselves, could have been spent on blocking off that door.

    33: i don’t actually get this one. So is it because there’s no access to the door? it looks like there may be stairs… a bigger image is needed for better effect. I can’t call stupidity on this one because I can’t see whats going on off panel.

    34: Toilets! So much ammusement you can find with toilets, loads of people do them wrong and the results are always humourus. This one however, this is insane. What do you think this bathroom needs Jimmy? “Well it’s a bathroom so chances are it’s going to be slipery and wet because of the tiles and water and all that… lets add a flight of steps to get the lav!” That’s brilliant work Jimmy!

    For the love of God, fire Jimmy!

    35:For conjoined twins? I mean there’s no way I’m getting that close to a guy in a public toilet… what if it turned out to be Garry Glitter? I’d be boned, litterally!

    36: “Awww look at them quaint middle-eastern europian guys and their toilets sunk in the floor.” I’ve traveled quite extensively too and I recognise these toilets. It actually makes a whole lot of sense, though hard to poop into… Nothing really funny here, and ignorance of the culture does seem to be apparent in use of this image.

    37: However one pic later and we’re back on track. Well planned guys! People don’t like to poop in public.

    38: A double whammy of obvious moronic planning. People don’t like to poop with a partner either.

    39: This. Is. Genius! No toilet paper, take a shower while you crap saves time. I can’t say that I would do this, but it makes some sense. Sort of.

    40: Wow 40 already? Didn’t think there was this many when I started this. I don;t actually get this… it just looks like the red thing has been stolen… I might be missing somethign though.

    41: The steps are obviously more recent than the window, planning fail.

    42: Finally the last one! Tiny door! Unless this was built for or by Hobbits there is no sense for this at all. So there a building fail here.

    So in all that, Though not all can be put down to moronic planning, they are surely in the majority. As for 3rd world country, I think you caount around 5, and even then common sense still comes into it, or doesn’t as the case may be. There is the awesome theft of a telephone pole, and a number of things that are obviously taken out of context but are funny.

    In conclusion there is no need for all the hate and anger here, this place is called Chillout Point. So get the point and chill out for goodness sake.


  20. jose says:

    The last picture ( the bike lane) was take in Bogota, Colombia.

  21. Chris says:

    Does anyone know where exactly that last picture (with the bicycle lanes) was taken? It looks so familiar to me…

  22. Sprmcandy says:

    That is funny stuff.

  23. Bob Bobson says:

    @Lakawak, it’s not that the path goes to the telephone poles, it’s that they are mounted a foot off the ground by being strapped to little concrete poles. The ground must be a hill and they needed to keep the poles’ tops level for some reason.

  24. TheWye says:

    The church symbol is actually correct. It is called the Orthodox Cross : //

  25. a;jfsdlkja;lsdk says:

    Yeah right,
    photoshop is for liars.

  26. Christopher kincade says:

    I find your comments to be quite offensive and ignorant. I don’t think you even know what you are looking at. I have a bachelors in psychology and work as a project manager for a large petrolium company. “I am a construction worker it’s what I enjoy doing” most of what I see here arnt scr*w ups at all. You can’t blame natural phenomena (like earthquake damage as a ignorant construction workers scr*w up) I also noticed you had some pics from third world builders, I have seen much of this as I travel extensively. We have code here in the US. In closing I would just like to inform you you are an average f*** up who doesn’t know your as* from your face. Re****!

  27. AnonsUnite says:

    Number 10 and 11 are obviously shopped. Especially 11. And the last one on first page is a bicycle trail.

  28. YourKing says:

    I like the idea building your toilet on a platform

  29. Abby Kim says:

    but in some countries the people pefer to have to go to the bathroom in just a hole in the ground. thats why the toilet in page 2 #18 is in the ground it wasn’t a mistake

  30. Lakawak says:

    Some of these are not even REMOTELY strange…which makes hte iditos who submitted them look stupid, not the people who desgined it. For example…what is wrong with a bike path cirling around some trees/ OR an off road rec vehicle path going near telephone poles? Or stairwells being disconnected from an obsolete, no longer in use walkway overpass? Or inspectors checking out train tracks after an earthquake?

  31. Moose says:

    the church one the church looks fine, but what about the cross?

  32. simon says:

    hehe-simon says

  33. Traitorfish says:

    I don’t get the 6th one, with the church. Is because it’s a bus? I’ve that’s a pretty common thing in Eastern Europe. After the Soviet Union collapsed and the churches were able to make themselves a bit more public, they had to try and set up more churches with very little money, so in poorer areas they started converting old buses and train carriages. I mean, it makes sense- they already come with seating and an aisle, they just need foundations and a bit of redecoration. I’d say that kind of thing is actually a really *smart* approach to construction on a budget, not stupidity.

  34. Chootastic says:

    Just thought i’d point out that no4 is a winch house… There are a few of them round here (mostly on old mills), and they’re used to whinch stuff up and down from the top floor. Otherwise, nice topic. You have to wonder how these people installing them didnt stop and think about this…

  35. Shane says:

    OMG those doors up high.. at our high school here in town, when going down stairs you look up and there’s this door just in the wall up high! LOL (it might be even on the ground outside.. but what it’s for I have no idea!)

  36. Tyler says:

    Tina- You’re such a blondie!

  37. TonyC says:

    There are few “mistakes” in this group.

  38. admin says:

    Ooops, looks like you just did comment. It proves that these funny construction images are worth your comment after all :)

    Anyway enjoy funny and hilarious articles and image galleries on Chill Out Point! If you don’t have the sense for humor point feel free to point your browser to some boring website :)

    Cheers to all of you Chillers out there

  39. Coppy says:

    Reynardo is quite right by the 5th pic.. It aint built that but it’s neither an earthquake.. It’s caused by heat. When the temperature goes over 60 degrees in Celsius, the railway starts to stretch itself.

    And i bet the 10th pic is also by natural cause..
    There is also much more i would like to comment about these pictures but i wouldn’t even care less

    thumbs down dude

  40. Gizo says:

    walking bridge is here in Egypt and its not mistake
    by the way nice topic thanks …

  41. aneka says:

    lol, the two balconys are indeed quite ok, just a little access problem i guess :)

  42. Juan says:

    the last one on the first page is in my city (Bogotá, Colombia), and I don’t know what’s the ‘mistake’… that’s the design of that avenue (El Dorado Avenue) :)

  43. bonah says:

    the church is a train only painted in blue XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  44. cami says:

    last pic in page 1 actually looks pretty cool :)

  45. Nasir says:

    Tina u could also feature in this collection.Why the balcony?? where is the door??? does it luk right now eh!

  46. Tina says:

    Okay whats so funny about the 3rd to last one with the 2 balconies??? It seems alright to me.

  47. Facey says:

    You know, the last one on the first page is a cycling lane, between the two roads, right? You can see it painted quite clearly on there

  48. same here……i have seen many picture like that

  49. Reynardo says:

    Number 5 wasn’t built like that – that’s post-earthquake.

  50. 360by2 says:

    I did not found funny in that..



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