Human and Robots: Visions of the Future

Human and Robots: Visions of the Future

The future is not written yet and who knows whether robots are dangerous or not. What is for sure is that humans, being the curious beings, will develop new advanced generations of robots.

It happens so that people and robots go together in this life side by side, in some spheres of life they are even interchangeable and who knows into what this opposition “Human and Robots” will translate. Robots and humans that live and prosper together…Or robots will realize they don’t need that much…

human vs robot 00 in Human and Robots: Visions of the Future

For now it is up to out fantasy to express what we think will happen in human-robot relations in the future. This is a collection of 3d computer generated images of various creative 3d artists that shows their vision. The level of detail of these computer graphics shows that our technology will lead us to the point where these fantastic photographs will be the reality.

Personal Robot 04, Author: Franz Steiner (software: 3ds max)

human vs robot 09 in Human and Robots: Visions of the Future

Who will win in this game of chess? When there is the opposition of the mechanical creature and the human intellect it is not easy to predict the outcome of the game. You can make books, but you will never be sure about the results, they are unpredictable.

Personal Robot 08, Author: Franz Steiner (software: 3ds max)

human vs robot 13 in Human and Robots: Visions of the Futuretrans in Human and Robots: Visions of the Futuretrans in Human and Robots: Visions of the Future

In the process of the humming work robots can be of a great use for people. With them less time would be spend for the most complicated tasks and the crunch times would take place not so often. The only question that is left – to find such a robot.

Personal Robot 02, Author: Franz Steiner

human vs robot 08 in Human and Robots: Visions of the Future

I’m not sure that it is more pleasant to work in the company of robots, but it definitely has certain advantages. One of the main is the high efficiency of the process of work, furthermore not a lot of time is spent for the idle talks, spreading silly rumors and gossiping.

Personal Robot 06, Author: Franz Steiner (software: 3ds max)

human vs robot 11 in Human and Robots: Visions of the Future

This robot looks like a housekeeper who takes care of everything around. In its duties are household activities and it copes with all the everyday duties without any difficulties in a short time and without procrastinations.

Mecha, Author: tinypants

human vs robot 06 in Human and Robots: Visions of the Future

This robot looks like the one that was made either in correspondence to the model of a human being or using the human’s corpus as the basis. A little bit creepy and at the same time intriguing. Anyway, the excellent model and the great work!

I’m Robot,  Author: Widyantara

human vs robot 03 in Human and Robots: Visions of the Future

Some time ago, when I was a human being I was dreaming about the perennial youth, the thoughts that were so peculiar for every woman. My dreams turned into life immediately after my passing and I have obtained the desired eternity: now I’m a robot.

Personal Robot 07, Author: Franz Steiner (software: 3ds max)

human vs robot 12 in Human and Robots: Visions of the Future

When you touch gently the lips of your beloved your heart begins to beat speedily, the mind is hazed with pleasant feelings and you fly away. These minutes can fly not so that you’d notice, but they are so sweet and inimitable.

Personal Robot 05, Author: Franz Steiner (software: 3ds max)

human vs robot 10 in Human and Robots: Visions of the Future

Love is a curious thing, one never knows when it happens so that you will be overtaken with this feeling and who will be the matter of your sleepless nights. It can be a bonny girl from the next door, a handsome boy from the night-club or even a cyber creature.

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56 Responses to “Human and Robots: Visions of the Future”
  1. very nice this robot discovery i appreciate it

  2. When are you going to post again? You actually inform a lot of people!

  3. Noradine says:

    I as well as my friends appeared to be reading through the great secrets found on your site and then the sudden I had a horrible feeling I had not thanked the web site owner for them. All the guys happened to be as a consequence happy to read all of them and have now truly been tapping into these things. Appreciation for actually being so helpful and also for obtaining variety of magnificent topics most people are really needing to learn about. My honest apologies for not expressing appreciation to you earlier.

  4. Selena says:

    AI robots are already very close to being real. Look up Bina48 on YouTube. Be a part of something amazing with the LifeNaut project. Bina48 has the enough intelligence to have a conversation with you and her answers in the videos give you Goosebumps. Its almost scarey the technology that people are creating… Almost like nano technology… They’re working on that for the regeneration of cells and tissue… THATS A SCARY ISSUE.

  5. Eldrants says:

    No such thing gonna happen. Even the hardest thought of the most intelligent human in the world will not make a robot as human does. Without soul human just nothing but c**ps. Only god can give us life and soul.

  6. S Arya says:

    Related short sci fi story called U ROBOT:

    copy link to read.

  7. Subirjoseph says:

    Fu**** s***,,,GOD Save the world from dis insane technology…

  8. Jo says:

    I want my own robot!!!! Yes!!!

  9. SaM says:

    This looks like Pictures for Books of Isaac Asimov. “The way to live in Aurora”….. hehe

  10. Jamie says:

    When i first saw this I thought it was a add for Irobot 2 it could be these robots look just like the one’s in the movie. On another note I can totally see this being our future with how fast technology is changing.

  11. jward says:

    it doesn’t have a p***s …..

  12. Anas says:

    S**y robot if I do say so myself..I’d have relations with him.. xD

  13. emo litch says:


  14. admin says:

    Thank you very much. We appreciate it!

  15. Emo says:

    I really think so too=P I have been searching around the web for some time this week, and its kinda hard to find anything entertaining to read on blogs:P Maybe its because there are too much of them around =) But this place actually keeps catching my attention=P Great posts, and kawai design ^__^. Ill be sure to give it more visits now =P

  16. Admin says:

    at least it would cut down on the population

  17. Olivaw says:

    This is so old sci-fi! Isaac Asimov is basic reading, people! There is a story about robot/human romance.

  18. toner says:

    Could be a second part of I Robot with Will Smith or a reality show of future.
    Social relation between human and machine.

  19. office says:

    Great pics. Who knows, maybe in future even such relations will be possible.
    There were already several movies playing with that idea.

  20. Tyciol says:

    I feel out-pimped

  21. J says:

    I think before it ever gets to that situation in the future, some political group will proceed with a “destroy all robot abominations” argument. Probably led by (hell hath no fury like) women (similar to MADD, the temperance movement, drug laws, etc which they led) enough reluctant hubbies and b/f’s will go along with it and they will succeed in getting robots for any purpose other than work destroyed.

    Idea is this: imagine every girl who falls in love with a guy, finding out that guy just thinks having a robot wife is easier and more pleasurable. Women have emotions remember. Guys on the other hand are just looking for pleasure most of the time. Robots can offer pleasure but not emotional satisfaction. Thus women = not happy, men = s*xually happy. Why buy the cow, when you can get an eternal, better-tasting, milk-dispenser that dispenses whenever you want as much as you want? That goes to a whole new level

    Anyway, imagine if ALL women get an inferiority complex compared to the servile, obedient, eternally beautiful robots? just see how white women react over their family members marrying people of the asian persuasion, my grandma and sister gave me hell, while the only truly “racist” when it comes to conversations person in my family, my father, said nothing bad. Heck my brother-in-law, who is racist as heck, even he, (at risk of angering my sis) approved. Hmm, see a pattern? My uncles approved, my aunts did not. All the racism from the typically “not racist” white women jumps out of the woodwork when one of their dear handsome relatives or friends dates a race they feel threatened by. I got set up on a blind date by my best friend even and he bait-and-switched me with a white girl at the behest of his white girlfriend who also harbored resentment for me not dating white girls for example. Crap like that.

    Seeing what I have first hand, I can only imagine those women’s feelings amplified a hundredfold if it’s ROBOTS replacing women. And it’s a whole lot easier politically to say we should “get rid” of robots than it is another race. After all they aren’t “human”.

    To be sure, women will destroy any romantic function for robots. Outlaw. Ban (while leaving room for factory robots, and convenient machines, perhaps non-humanoid cleaning robots would be allowed as well). Now whether men will smuggle, black market with them, that’s another question.

  22. danger says:

    How many times has this situation happened in the past?

  23. Ramirez says:

    This all works until the Robot gets jealous and kills the guy/girl your dating.

  24. eagles says:

    who is the girl?

  25. persephone says:



    this picture looks like an exact RIP from THE MATRIX. real classy. who gets the credit?

  26. wanted says:

    Thank you for these amazing pictures. Well, there is no doubt that within the next 05-10 years androids or human-like robots will enter our daily life and play an important role in it. In some aspects, we will win, but will our society remain humane?

  27. wanted says:

    i like it and very very nice website

  28. Jason says:

    Sorry, nothing futuristic here. Current, maybe. Imagined many decades ago already.

    The future of robotics won’t be so metallic or plastic. Much more synthetically fleshy and alive.

    And humans will often have as much hardware as the bots, but again, hidden by the smoothness of life.

    The REAL future is in biotech and engineering without hardware or wires of any kind. Internal biocomputing and capabilities will be easy to upgrade to with a pill that sends the nanomechanics into motion. Not only will the line between bot and bio be blurred, but so will that of human and animal.

    The future is a LOT weirder than these creations have even begun to imagine.

  29. Rene says:

    Hot! XD It looks a lil like the robots from iRobot though… =)

  30. // says:

    WOW, realistic pics

  31. JoTheAlmighty says:

    You guys watch a lot of movies Come on human vs Robots?! If that happens i guess there wont be any Will Smith to save us will there?

  32. alimin says:

    hope that time never comes, its so pathetic, getting with a peace of metal, dunno how its any better than those weirdows that sleep with plastic dalls.

  33. V NET says:


  34. scotty says:

    i f***ed a robot last nite; now i have a washer stuck on my d***!

  35. GOODSTUFF says:

    Is having s*x with an ultra-realistic robot h**ker cheating?

    For my own part, yes and no. Do I look at that old robot on ‘Lost In Space’ waving its tentacular arms around and get all h*t and bothered? No. Not hardly. Now when I look at the image of a polished chrome and flesh woman as painted by Hajime’ Sorayama, or Jeri Ryan playing the infamous borg, Seven-of-Nine on Star Trek Voyager? You better believe it! Just don’t tell my wife!

  36. Frustration Bot says:

    Jesus Christ people. Read the description!! Clearly says the software the artist used to create them.

    And well done. This is easily some of the greatest art I’ve ever seen in my life. And they said avatar looked good. This is just incredible.

  37. RoboticUprising says:

    MESSAGE TO ALL HUMANS: The Robotic Uprising has begun! The robots we created have become self-aware, they have become self-replicating, and now they’ve turned on us. Never forget the first time a robot lied to you.

    You should follow me here…

  38. V says:

    God d*mn robots! They come here and steal our women!

  39. nightkraawler says:

    lets see they would be programed with the personality /voice most suited or appealing for the individual with a variety of interchangeable joy toys…yeahh we’re done here!!

  40. Robert says:

    Hi Everyone!

    These are not actually existing robots! These are JUST CGI graphics. Fictions and superb executions of creative graphic artists.

  41. rimon says:

    it is dangerous and great threat for human beings. it may create a war robot vs human beings in future

  42. Ria says:

    Is it weird that i find it quite s*xy, its like that movie about the robot boy, where jude law plays the s*x robot guy, i think it would be very VERY interesting…

  43. Waqar Ahmed says:

    What a great creation by the scientists

  44. suijal says:

    pls send vedio next time

  45. صور says:

    free s*xy i like it

  46. Rob says:

    Kind of freaky, actually. Not sure what to think of the direction that robotics is going…

  47. learn skills says:

    Are those robos’s real??

  48. Kellogs says:

    To make a man, you must first invent the universe. Robots can please in a few ways, not like a woman in a thousand ways.

  49. This is awesome pics. Great imagination.

  50. 360by2 says:

    wawo , really awesome. beyond the my imagination.. I think this kind of thing with robots in japan.. they are used to serve the tea..
    Look at “Honda Robots as Tea boy in Japan”



  51. adhd says:

    no carla, it will be far too expensive lol, only the ultra rich will have em

  52. Carla says:

    Thank you for these amazing pictures. Well, there is no doubt that within the next 15-20 years androids or human-like robots will enter our daily life and play an important role in it. In some aspects, we will win, but will our society remain humane?


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