Gliding on Water (Qing Gong) Performed by Monk of South Shaolin Temple

Gliding on Water (Qing Gong) Performed by Monk of South Shaolin Temple

Amazing gliding on water (Qing Gong) was performed by Shi Liliang of the monks of South Shaolin Temple in Quanzhou City, Southeast China´s Fujian Province on October 19, 2009. He used the three-ply board to glide on water for 15 meters and broke his previous 10 meters record.

gliding on water by monk 00 in Gliding on Water (Qing Gong) Performed by Monk of South Shaolin Temple

gliding on water by monk 01 in Gliding on Water (Qing Gong) Performed by Monk of South Shaolin Temple

gliding on water by monk 02 in Gliding on Water (Qing Gong) Performed by Monk of South Shaolin Temple

gliding on water by monk 03 in Gliding on Water (Qing Gong) Performed by Monk of South Shaolin Temple

gliding on water by monk 04 in Gliding on Water (Qing Gong) Performed by Monk of South Shaolin Temple

gliding on water by monk 05 in Gliding on Water (Qing Gong) Performed by Monk of South Shaolin Temple

gliding on water by monk 06 in Gliding on Water (Qing Gong) Performed by Monk of South Shaolin Temple

gliding on water by monk 07 in Gliding on Water (Qing Gong) Performed by Monk of South Shaolin Temple

gliding on water by monk 08 in Gliding on Water (Qing Gong) Performed by Monk of South Shaolin Temple

gliding on water by monk 09 in Gliding on Water (Qing Gong) Performed by Monk of South Shaolin Temple

gliding on water by monk 10 in Gliding on Water (Qing Gong) Performed by Monk of South Shaolin Temple

gliding on water by monk 11 in Gliding on Water (Qing Gong) Performed by Monk of South Shaolin Temple

gliding on water by monk 12 in Gliding on Water (Qing Gong) Performed by Monk of South Shaolin Temple

gliding on water by monk 13 in Gliding on Water (Qing Gong) Performed by Monk of South Shaolin Temple

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22 Responses to “Gliding on Water (Qing Gong) Performed by Monk of South Shaolin Temple”
  1. שיפור בגרויות says:

    big like! – thanks .

  2. Wow says:

    I seriously believe most people in china wouldn’t believe this chi gong rubbish or else they all would be doing it. Imagin all the money they would save from not having to buy sh**ty western medication. All those Chinese Olympic swimmers can skip the roids(western fake medication) and use chi gong power to win gold medals. Btw I’m of asian background, I don’t know kungfung tai chi or any of that stuff. As far as curing diseases I know mental power (placebo effect) work in SOME cases but that’s just science. To the dude who try to convince that chi gong can increase strength please go eat a handful of chow ma huang(ephendra) and see how that compare to chi gong. =]

  3. Chinese Guy says:

    @Jackson Yea your probably right on that one.

  4. Jackson says:

    Sorry but he’s simply running over floating boards, nothing more. There’s nothing magical about it. He’s just a very athletic person. Give any Olympic gymnast a couple hours to practice and they’ll do the same thing. Anyone talking about the healing powers of qi qong or whatever it is are missing the point. This has nothing to do with medical treatment or mental training and everything to do with physics. Anyone can do this, even us weak minded westerners.

  5. Chinese Guy says:

    @EzJ Scales would probably work best, patients have been known to temporarily weight more when induced with enough Chi energy, and altering weight at a dimensional level has been known to be done, although if you ask me its a waste of vital energy, if what he is doing is real he should use that ability to heal, not run over floating planks. Guess hes having fun.

  6. Chinese Guy says:

    @Mythm, Actually, Chi Gong does cure all deceases aslong as they are not genetic, reason you dont see it used much in the west could be media influence or the same reason HTC was illegalized(cure for cancer). Its already proven to cure all deceases, there are many ways to use Chi Gong, 40 years and about 4thousand healed patients, about 700 of those cancer since our institute opened is hard to disprove, specially if its real. It has been used for thousands of years to heal, western medicine believes they are some sort of global leading authority on what works or what doesn’t when their products fail in the eyes of eastern medicine scientists, sometimes I think western medicine is a gimmick, just designed to keep you buying pills. Sorry I keep bringing western medicine, I know it is off topic. Anyways, Chi Gong healing is the main use of Chi Gong, there are thousands of institutes like this in China, maybe that’s why there are so many of us and so many old people, the reality is that this is real science, weather people interpret it as “magic” or not, it uses the mind and body to manipulate the multidimensional energy called chi to cure any illness at a cellular level. Besides its existence being recognized for about 5thousand years, repeated experiments, results and studies support the existence and function of Chi Gong healing, as a matter of fact I am alive because of it, I also got my sight back. Here are a few links with bits on info on the subject, although you do seem to acknowledge the existence of Chi I want to show you how it can be used to heal. Video on this website explains more than I can. //

  7. EzJ says:

    @Chinese Guy…

    ‘if you tried doing that you would fall off on the first step and hurt yourself’. I have tried it and I did not fall on the first step, neither did I hurt myself?

    You state that he is ‘altering his weight through Chi Gong’. Hmmm, care to prove that in a slightly more conventional way? May I introduce the scales.

    What he is actually doing is running across boards of plywood floating in the water. No more, no less.

  8. Myth says:

    obviously, people cannot distinguish Qi Gong (氣功) and Qing Gong(輕功).
    The former uses qi, which is the flow in your body to give seemingly unnatural strength(which is similar to reasons behind taichi) or give you better health by the way of breathing and using your body. By all means, it CANNOT cure most of the decease claimed since those are not caused by internal disorder which your own body malfunctioned. It can at most give you a better immune system by helping your body function better and thus better health.

    For Qing Gong, it is often overrated in movies, which people are depicted to be able to step on the cliff to jump up it or even step on air to fly around. Stepping on water is also a common fictional element of it. However, the real Qing Gong is only about practicing with weights and the knowledge of Centre of Gravity, and mastering it to give the best use of strength against gravity. The record in real life is only jumping to a height of 1 zhang(about 3.3 metres)

    The pictured guy can be either a Qi Gong or a Qing Gong practitioner. Either way, there’s nothing non-scientific about it, he only managed his centre of gravity very well and never let his own weight being pushed straight down the boards.

  9. Chinese Guy says:

    @julian To start, we all know he isn’t gliding on water, they show you the boards on purpose, he is altering his weight through Chi Gong, if you tried doing that you would fall off on the first step and hurt yourself, probably so would I. Before you judge things you do not understand, you should first study all of the scientific evidence supporting the existence of Chi, the statement that humanity are only what meets the eye is a very narrow-minded statement by itself often made by the western scientific community, but then again the West constantly disproves themselves and every few years we discover new laws of physics and other laws of physics that are the product of those laws, esp, telekinesis and geneticall mutations are not a myth, they are scientific facts. Chi Gong ofcourse, is real, we even have colleges dedicated completely to Chi Gong here in Beijing, its how I earn my daily bread, we have cured from Cancer, to arthritis to Hepatitis C, so you can understand why I roll my eyes at comments like these. Sure there will always be some fakes, just like there are some fake doctors in some hospitals, but the fact is, Chi is a reality, and all evidence of its effects has supported it for thousands of years.

  10. julian says:

    sorry, but i disagreed. He don´t wolk on the water. He runned over wood floating in the water.
    Pepole, I want to say something. Exists many legends and miths about the human power´s. The man is a human being, nothing more. We live in earth, and Earth have laws, phisical laws, and nobody can broke this laws. This is the true. I am a 45 years old man. I am Ingenier in computer system, and i have a master degree. I travel for several countrys, and never I see a “superman”.
    please, I sorry for my english, cause I don´t know write very well. I don´t want to offender anyone.
    thanks you very much

  11. Dr. Meow says:

    @Saltypastawater, I dont think you are ignorant at all, altho the west is attempting to understand Chi Gong it its still almost a mystery there the same way many western things were a mystery to the east at one point. The connection between this is that they both use Chi Gong, Chi Gong starts for ki control in english, ki is a multidimensional energy that keeps molecules together so to speak, it keeps them vibrating so that they stay together and in the same dimension, if you go faster than the speed of light you are already in another dimension, but the universal balance would not allow anything to travel faster than the speed of light, but ki being primary matter so to speak, is in all dimensions, without it we cannot exist. Everywhere there is a reaction, a collision, an explosion, an element, a hurricane, a storm or any event as such causes ki surges in the area, then again, ki is everywhere, we breathe it from the crown of our heads and from below of our body, it energizes our organs to fulfill all their tasks, everything is relative in the human body.

    Sorry if I go on too long, in other words they are both a form of Chi Gong, to control chi with your mind, but Chi Gong healing, in my opinion is the only one worth training in your life to master, because it has saved many lives including mine. You can bend spoons, gain strength, alter an object’s weight at a dimensional level(it only gets light to you), make chi visible to others, see chi energy, you can even be a Chi Gong healer and k*ll someone by accident if you don’t know what you are doing, this is why I don’t see any other use of chi necessary, but then again why not learn, still I’m sticking to healing.

  12. Saltypastawater says:

    I can recognize the fact that this man is very healthy and extremely athletic. However I fail to understand how this is related to curing all of life’s ails. If their life style really cured all of these things and allowed people to live that much longer why would they “prove” this by running across boards floating in water? Impressive feet no doubt but no link to amazing cures and extended life. Of course I am just ignorant and can’t understand the implications is not much of an argument either.

  13. Dr. Meow says:

    @Lao Tze, Chi Gong IS the cure to all deceases, why is that so hard to acknowledge by America? They say socker and the rest of the world says football. Check information on Chi Gong, Reiki, Healing Touch or TCM before you judge it as just another miracle cure, its a science and you require graduating from it to open an office.

    And there is evidence that the Chinese have existed for more than 10thousand years, including carbon-dated maps of the entire planet back then, and don’t forget America was founded not long ago, about 400 years ago I believe, however that was what we now know as China, we don’t know what they called it back then, but fact is, most of the things that we have and do here in America originate from there. In terms of medicine, American/Western medicine, although technologically advanced it is primitive and clumsy, compared to Chi Gong, that is today a credited career, you just have to do research on it and not believe everything people tell you, because if that wasnt true I would still have cancer right now and wouldn’t be typing this to you right now, along with the thousands of testimonials and scientific evidence.

  14. Lao Tze says:

    BTW China has not existed 10X longer than America. I think the landmasses were formed all about the same time. AND there were people living here 10,000 years ago. Antiquity does not equate with knowledge of facts. Believing in invisible pink unicorns for 100,000 years doesn’t mean they exist.

  15. Lao Tze says:

    While there is some credit for the power of the mind to control physical aspects of one’s life to claim Chi or whatever term is popular this year, can cure everything is absurd. Anecdotal evidence rarely holds up to scrutiny. Why are almost all of these miracle cures and testaments rarely subjected to repeatable scrutiny. In the Americas we have the Toltec mythology of being the end all cure all.

    He is not gliding on water, he is running on floating boards. I think some game show had the same thing. Its due to inertia, no great mystery. Now if he could stand on a piece of 3 ply plywood, about 4′ square and not sink, I might be impressed.

    By the way, the Basilik lizard can do this without the boards. It runs rapidly and its feet slamming into the water allows it to not break through the surface. No ‘years’ of intense study there. I once jumped from ten feet in the air into a pool without sinking down. It was called a belly flop.

  16. ZeSheo says:

    @yeah right and Fokjou, maybe you should get well informed and do some research before you criticize or use sarcasm on things you do not understand, after all China has existed nearly 10 times longer than America has, check out Beijing Chi Gong hospitals, Tai chi, Reiki, Healing touch, magnetic therapy, acupuncture and so on, its quite annoying when people attempt to discredit what they dont understand simply because they lack knowledge or believe everything their told when there are many Chi Gong doctors out there with legal certificates and careers for Chi Gong, I would be de*d from cancer right now if it wasn’t real, now in comparison with the west, western medicine is very primitive, treating only side effects, a pill for every ill, causing more serious conditions, quite frankly, western medicine is unreliable and I wasted 6 years of my life studying it when they only have 1/10th of the picture, Russian medicine is somewhat better since it does use more natural supplements and actually treat the decease as primary focus, however doing so sometimes causes contradictory effects, so as an american I must admit that TCM is the only real solution for all deceases in the planet.

  17. Fokjou says:

    The guy is running on wooden boards floating in the water…umm, how’s this “gliding”? The only reason he gets that far is because he’s “weightless” from starving and probably a semi good sprinter…I guess this kind of BS is to be expected from the nation that sniffs rhino horn to help get hard..pfft.

  18. yeah right says:

    yeah.. really too bad medicine is so primitive today (as opposed to practices with “thousands” of years old).. if only we had stick to Chi Gong it would have cured cancer, aids, pretty much any brain disorder and cetes (this one does not exist but Chi Gong would still have cured it)! we would be living until 323 years at least and we would have the ants doing everything for us (we wouldn’t force them, we would just ask nicely and they would do it coz they are that cool).
    The oriental side of the planet has it easy with the Chi Gong, they have no cancer or pretty mich any disease or de*th there I reckon. poor west, they should know better..

  19. ZeSheo says:

    @Sean, Yep, that’s exactly what hes doing, even the fastest person on earth would fall off on the first piece of wood when attempting to run over it because it cant handle any human’s weight. Chi Gong works at a quantum multi-dimensional level scientifically speaking, this is why you can cure all deceases, gain incredible strength/speed or alter any molecular structure at said level through intense training of Chi Gong for years, the key is to specialize, anyways, what he is doing is altering his weight, giving the impression that he is gliding, theoretically speaking gliding was possible about 5thousand years ago when the earth was pure and healthy, chi currents were much stronger, the ozone layer was stronger and protecting from the sun completely and air molecules were many times bigger, besides absolute better health, this allowed complete control of chi for anybody who trained. Chi Gong actually originates about 5thousand years ago even before the Yellow Emperor of China used it as medical techniques for war. It is not 100% clear if Chi Gong itself originated in China since the knowledge came from all corners of the world when the Yellow Emperor sent his men in search of wisdom, but what is clear is that at least the teachings Chi Gong Healing developed mostly after their collected data and it is still today, the world’s most effective method of healing any decease and the only one that heals holistically. Chi Gong translates to life energy control, you can measure chi through science but it is most effective to train to see said currents yourself through the chakra in the forehead.

  20. Sean says:

    How is this considered gliding on water? Its looks like he is just running on that slightly submerged walkway. Am I missing something?

  21. ZeSheo says:

    Yea, Chi Gong has existed for thousands of years, too bad medicine is so primitive today, if they implemented Chi Gong in the west they would have cured cancer easily, well actually Chi Gong is still used today in the oriental side of the planet, only real holistic healing that exists in the planet, the rest including western medicine are obsolete. Although I have never seen this use of Chi Gong besides healing, very interesting on what else a human being can do with Chi Gong.

  22. king lee says:

    If I am not wrong this is called qin gong or weightless qi qong, it can be performed on any space,.e.g flying in the air ,flying(gliding) on top of water(what we see), or above objects, or flying on the rooftop just like what you see in Chinese kungfu sword fighting movies.Infact ,when the zen patriach of China Rev.Bodhidharma came to China about 15 hundred years to have a dharma zen dialoque with Emperor Liang ,story telling said that he used to gliding to cross on a river top on a piece of big leaf,and the story had spread from there…

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