Think These Are Photoshopped? Guess again

Think These Are Photoshopped? Guess again

amazing non photoshopped photos 12 in Think These Are Photoshopped? Guess again

amazing non photoshopped photos 28 in Think These Are Photoshopped? Guess again

amazing non photoshopped photos 05 in Think These Are Photoshopped? Guess again

amazing non photoshopped photos 10 in Think These Are Photoshopped? Guess again

amazing non photoshopped photos 09 in Think These Are Photoshopped? Guess again

amazing non photoshopped photos 06 in Think These Are Photoshopped? Guess again

amazing non photoshopped photos 13 in Think These Are Photoshopped? Guess again

amazing non photoshopped photos 14 in Think These Are Photoshopped? Guess again

amazing non photoshopped photos 21 in Think These Are Photoshopped? Guess again

amazing non photoshopped photos 23 in Think These Are Photoshopped? Guess again

amazing non photoshopped photos 02 in Think These Are Photoshopped? Guess again

amazing non photoshopped photos 27 in Think These Are Photoshopped? Guess again

amazing non photoshopped photos 30 in Think These Are Photoshopped? Guess again

amazing non photoshopped photos 20 in Think These Are Photoshopped? Guess again

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72 Responses to “Think These Are Photoshopped? Guess again”
  1. JOGAC says:

    is there a mouse in the oven or something?

  2. Evelyne says:

    I really appreciate articles on your site. You’re doing a fine job! Thanks a lot. :)

  3. Ticovaxia says:

    Fine article, especially the second paragraph :)
    Subcribed to your rss

  4. Shorty says:

    The one with Snoop, he’s rich as f**k and using a $5 disposable camera lol

  5. Shorty says:

    The photo with The lady sitting behind the tiger, is actually a photo of the first Liger ever bred
    The white tiger is a Tiger born with a deformity
    The shark is a real photo
    The chairs are painted on a building for art
    The guy standing on water is actully on the beach, it’s wet sand
    The giant rabbit the old man is holding is real
    And so is the giant bore

    And I can’t figure out the girl cooking :(

  6. fdsaffds says:

    everyone uses Photoshop to enhance their photos and here are some great examples of cool photos that were actually shot the way it’s seen. I think

  7. Jennifer says:

    I FIGURED IT OUT! The one with the girl cooking is that she is cooking with out fire!!!

  8. Shawn says:

    Creativeness is not a word.

  9. Glenn says:

    Girl cooking. Maybe it’s the eyes in the oven door. zoom in. eh?

  10. kj says:

    the chair photo is obviously photo shopped… i dont know where the cooking pic is that they r talking about

  11. Toq says:

    Actually Seli, you’re a moron and the poster didn’t do enough research. The shark picture I know for a fact is fake, look on they show the 2 pictures before editing and there is no shark near that kayak, love how they tried to make it look like a magazine scan. step is also correct but I don’t see the crop marks. For me, it’s the sunlight on the ground in the middle of the chairs, notice at the top of the image the sun is behind the chairs? it would be much smaller of a light breach if those chairs were really there. The “tiger” images are real but they aren’t tigers, they’re true life ligers, a cross breeding program of lions and tigers. The huge one with the girl is also a liger, the one with messed up teeth is the result of the cross breeding, get a few odd offspring messing with nature.

  12. kate says:

    What is wrong with the woman cooking? Is she famous? Its doing my head in! Please tell me

  13. step says:

    How can people believe what ever is said on the internet. Just think!
    Look! the picture with the chair has obvioulsy being messed with. Notice
    the lower brim of the chair mountain, you can see clearly that the image
    is cropped (the chairs are “cropped”!)

  14. Jesané says:

    I’m probably the only one who’s gonna ask… what’s so weird about that pic with snoop dogg (if that is him)at a lakers game??? And the h*t chicks in a bakery??? And where the h3ll did the giant bunny come from??!?!? Anyone help me??

  15. J says:

    Heh, that’s one ugly white tiger.. never knew it was possible.

  16. admin says:

    You almost had it :)

  17. Tiffany says:

    I’ve studied the last picture (the woman cooking) and I can’t figure out why it would be included in here. There’s nothing out of the ordinary about the woman or her surroundings that would lead me to wonder if it had been photoshopped in the first place.

  18. Seli says:

    They are real,if you actually watched the news or the discovery channel you would know.
    Happy trolling.

  19. Leo says:

    Am I the only one fre*ked out by the bird getting eaten?

  20. seven says:

    the stairs are from a subway station in toronto. there are a bunch more in that station, but the stairs are the best.

  21. Jesse says:

    There are three cats in the succession. One is a Maine C00n, the one in the arms of the woman, one is a Liger,the massive cat the woman is standing behind, and the third is the white tiger born inbred. They all are real. And the shock of the woman cooking is just that…a h**tie cooking. Run for your lives! LOL

  22. shaneeq says:

    dunno about most of these pics. but the picture of the shark and the guy in the canoe is FAKE. Google and find out more if you’ré not sure.

  23. Jamie says:

    The white tiger’s name is Kenny, no, he is NOT a liger. He was an inbred Tiger found at Turpentine Creek Big Cat refuge in Eureka Springs, Ar. Look it up, they have a web page. His mother’s name is Loretta Lynn, she is mentioned in one of their videos.

  24. Michelle says:

    A pretty girl that’s willing and can cook…PHOTOSHOPPED! Lol jk :P

  25. Mezz says:

    Gail if you mean the ‘tiger looking cat’ stretched out in a girls arms in one of the pictures, it’s not a liger, its a maine c**n cat. they are not inbred but originally come from maine. the c**n part of the name is a reference to raccoons because of their markings which look similar. They are fully domesticated cats, i have one that looks very similar to the one in the photo. And theyre not the largest domestic cats in the world, apparantly norweigan forest cats are bigger.
    So sad about the white tiger though :(

  26. mark says:

    The white tiger is actually a Liger, a Lion crossed with a tiger. Or a tigon a tiger crossed with a lion.& not a result of down syndrome, you fools.

  27. JANINA says:


  28. Kabsride Electric Bicycles says:

    Are these pictures real?

  29. Gewp says:

    Am I the only one who can see the silhouette ones are blatantly fake?? The actual silhouettes look like they’ve been done in paint ffs xD

  30. ChiGuy612 says:

    The white tiger isn’t so severly deformed as some people may be portraying it. Although it is due to large amounts of inbreeding on the part of humans. The tiger pictured has Downs Syndrome, or trisomy 21, a condition common in humans as well. Side effects are mental retardation, and an oversized tongue that causes facial deformities, very similar to Downs Syndrome in humans.

  31. Chris says:

    Does anyone know where the second picture of the man in the water was taken? It’s absolutely beautiful…

  32. khalid says:

    good v good

  33. sarah says:

    The giant bunny is a ‘Vlaamse Reus’. It’s a breed that was very popular here in Belgium. The animals are not huge due to overfeeding (unlike what some people here have posted) but naturally grow to that size. (The breed was created by breeding big animals together to create larger animals) Nowadays they are usually cept as pets as they are extremely friendly and tame. And even though they are big, their bones cary them easily and they are energetic creatures =)

  34. Dupey Wratson says:

    All of them are real. But I dont see one with a girl cookn

  35. robert reiss says:

    the shark one is not photoshopped actually just saw the episode of shark week on discovery it was taken from

  36. TheSharkisNotaLie says:

    For those of you doubting the shark, that picture is taken in False Bay in Cape Town, South Africa. It is entirely common for sharks to follow ocean kayaks. Though mostly they don’t do much else there have been reports of them taking a chunk out of the kayak in curiosity.

  37. yeah1992 says:

    okay the the guy that looks like he’s walking on water is actually on wet sand thats reflecting the sky like a mirror. i just wanted to inform the ones that are stupid enough to think its photoshopped.

  38. ALex98777 says:

    I don’t think anyone has mentioned this yet, but the giant bunny, very real. That guy breeds them for food. When I am old enough I am going to find him and steal one. I MUST HAVE A GIANT BUNNY! Seriously! You could ride one of those things!
    Oh and I love the chair thing. The artist does a lot of great work!
    I feel so bad for the Tiger. And the giant bunnies.

  39. mbt says:

    The one with the shark? That is photoshopped.

  40. Lady Shamisen says:

    The tiger is not a Liger at all. Liger’s look completely different. The issue with the Tiger is that it is badly deformed. Due to the demand for white tigers (thanks Siegfried and Roy!) they have been bred again and again to achieve the white tiger effect. However, as this is due to a genetic mutation, a lot of inbreeding has to be done to achieve it and it is more common to get tiger’s with awful facial (and other) deformities than a normal white tiger. To put it in context – for every 1 normal white tiger, there are ten deformed white tigers. Usually they are put to sleep which is horrific but, considering the severity of facial/ cranial deformities, probably for the best :( Humans are b***ards.

  41. Pp says:

    I did a project on Salcedo for art and yes, the chairs are real. Assuming that one (or more) of the images are real, I can’t see the rest of them being photoshopped.

  42. Gail says:

    Those tiger looking cats are called liger’s.Cross between tigers and lions.All are sterile and cannot re-produce.Just like the mule.Another one of Man’s messing with things that should be left to God!!.There is,I think, one real lion and one real tiger.The big faced White Tiger looks to me to be just that.A slightly deformed white tiger.These photos are all very interesting but I wish they all came with an explination.Like the chairs.Is it a photo of a mural between the buildings? Or a photo of some wacked out people that through chairs in untill they piled like that between the buildings????

  43. torkild says:

    1 one is fake.. you can see its a doll, you are really really stupid if you think a man walked all that way ..

    the COMMERCIAL is fake too, how would a car fly in the air, land in a container, drive out of it with no damage at all? it would get totally f***ed up if it landed in that container irl..

    the women might be real, but still, the guy who made this, REALLY S*CKS!!

  44. Lakawak says:

    AkatsukiReign..your dad is lying to you, siince it is pretty obvious that this is done in chalk (as all sidewalk drawings like this are and as you can SEE the chalk on the sidewalk) so there would be no spray paint.

  45. Trip McNeely says:

    rue says:
    July 9, 2010 at 6:19 PM
    the one with the girl cooking took me a while, but underneath the cupboard there are two peep-holes. they’re right above the tiles with the yellow-fish things on them.

    im pretty sure that it isnt the peepholes intended to be the amazing thing in that pic….its a Hott girl actually COOKING… sarcasm

  46. Drupal Web Developers says:

    Photoshop can do every thing,it rocks..the photos are amazing they have customized well into clear and funny shapes..this site seems iintersting

  47. Danj says:

    The white tiger saddens me because I know that one is real. Terrible people all over the world breed tigers with the white gene like factories. A huge percentage of the white tigers born are retarded and look like that. It is the most common way a white tiger looks. Many times they throw these babies away, let them d*e, or just ki** them right away. And don’t forget that 95% of the tigers born are normal tigers who the breeders cant take care of, they just want the white ones.

  48. grimthetoad says:


  49. Chelsea says:

    I can’t believe how uneducated some people are. The one with the chairs was a famous art instillation piece made for an Art festival. I’m in art school and I can’t believe how now just because photoshop exists everyone thinks that anything amazing was simply photoshopped. if you just open your eyes are tear yourself away from your computer you’ll find that amazingly REAL things happen out there in the REAL world all the time, take Stonehenge for example.

  50. John Smith says:

    The tiger is very real, he lives in a wildlife refuge in the US!

  51. admin says:

    Right on spot! :)

  52. Kihei says:

    I’m not entirely sure about this, but I’m guessing that the picture of the girl cooking might only be pointing out the fact that as impossible as it may seem, this girl, not only knows how, but is actually cooking her own food at home instead of going out to eat or ordering food in. It just could be that simple ;)

  53. Gerlof says:

    It is not possible that the one with the chairs is not photoshopped, OR they glued all chairs together and then cut off the legs to make them even and put black material between the legs. Didn’t think so. Also, what would be fake about the cooking girl? I mean, her chest may very well be fake, but that is due to a doctor, and not photoshop ;) Most of these are great though!

    Whoever was supposed to take care of that (very rare breed!) tiger should be hanged from the balls, severe neglect is not funny, and these pictures are horrible, poor animal.

  54. doug says:

    by my count (hard to do with so many adds fit in between)9 is real, but i don’t believe the pic with all the chairs and cr*p filling the ally is real, my reasoning being that the concrete must stop there and the ally floor below street level (been all over and never saw a plan such as that) because you can see the chair back (?) by the mans right foot is diagonal and obviously would need to extend below street level.

  55. AkatsukiReign says:

    last one is VERY real, when i was in New York, me and my dad spend lots of time watching guys spray paint these things on the ground. They’re very impressive.

  56. camchick22 says:

    I’m a photographer and I’ve spent a long time learning my way around a camera. Some of these pictures are incredible. I especially like the man on the water. I know that’s not fake because I’ve done it with puddles in my backyard. If you’ve never been in the water with a shark then you never really know how curious they are. And they love shiney moveing objects. The shark is real and the water looks pretty deep there too. As far off shore the water has got to be a good 50-60 ft deep. And that’s a shallow estimate and sharks that big can swim in water that barely covers their gills and that’s about three feet of water easy.

  57. rue says:

    the one with the girl cooking took me a while, but underneath the cupboard there are two peep-holes. they’re right above the tiles with the yellow-fish things on them.

  58. Pickleface says:

    The ones with the woman with a really tiny waist are real. I watched a documentary about her when i was younger, and it showed you how she managed to get her waist so tiny. I can’t remember exactly but i do know she’s real and that really is what her waist looks like. And i don’t believe any of these are shopped. People are too judgmental when it comes to photographs that are out of the ordinary. Can’t you just say it’s an amazing photograph and leave it at that!

  59. k says:

    I feel really bad for the tiger he only looks like that from years of neglect and abuse from being in a circus….

  60. samgoddamn says:

    number 9 is fake it was featured on the news

  61. Dureall says:

    Umm whats so shocking about the girl cooking, am I missing sominthing here, Cause I dont find it to be all that shocking.

  62. Lakawak says:

    For a lot of these, I don’t have to think again since they ARE photoshopped…and obviously so.

  63. Kate says:

    The stairs are awesome I saw something like that before but instead the floor looked like you were going to fall straight through.
    And the shark is not photoshopped. You just thought that it wasn’t possile, go to Hawaii or Guam or any other island with warm clear water and you can see everything up to 200 plus feet down. And sharks come close

  64. S says:

    The last photo on pg 1 looks like one of those 3D chalk drawings.

  65. S says:

    The last photo looks like one of those 3D chalk drawings..

  66. Bronwyn says:

    The one with the shark? That is photoshopped.

  67. tho says:

    ha! last picture is near beurs/bourse in brussels!


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