Staggering artwork

Staggering artwork

Sometimes art goes out of all perceivable limits. It brakes boundaries, crashes taboos and makes you feel. Yes, art is designed to stimulate feelings and seeing these images can do all kinds of things to you, but one thing is for sure, it doesn’t leave you untouched. It’s some really crazy stuff done to human body, wonderfully made, truly shows some skill.

You will never think of the human brain in the same way. This guys brain has turn against him.  Check it out!

weird01 in Staggering artwork

And if that wasn’t enough the next is even better. This puts a whole new meaning to the phrase my heart is jumping icon smile in Staggering artwork

weird02 in Staggering artwork

These really amazed me. Nice work it really amazes. If you liked it, feel free to give your feedback

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