Funny and Cute Hedgehogs

Funny and Cute Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs can be very interesting pets. They supply tons of fun, all you need to do to see that is to catch them in just the right moment. Hedgehogs are cuter than kittens. Check out what they have in store for you:

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Interesting Information About Hedgehogs:

* If you think about the name hedge-hog, it tells you a great deal about this animal. Hog – snout like a pig: hedge – where it roots about for slugs and snails.
* Hedgehogs are found in Europe, Asia and Africa. In some parts of the USA people have introduced the African Pygmy hedgehog, but it’s not native to American, and hedgehogs are banned in California.

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* For hedgehogs, smell is their primary sense, however hearing also pays a large part in its senses. Hedgehogs hibernate for one simple reason: to survive the winter, for the rest of the year they are solitary and nocturnal, hence their eyesight is not highly developed. Famous hedgehog – Mrs Tiggywinkle
* The male hedgehog is called the boar and the female the sow, their their offspring are hoglets. Incidentally, the sows are grateful that the hoglets are born without spines.

funny and cute hedgehog 04 in Funny and Cute Hedgehogs

* The hedgehog is an insectivore and eats lots of beetles and caterpillars; they particularly like, earthworms and slugs. Hedgehogs have a varied diet and will also eat small mammals, snails, millipedes, earwigs and even bees.
* In Will and Guy’s view, Mrs Tiggywinkle is the most famous of all hedgehogs. Mrs Tiggwinkle appears in Beatrix Potter’s books where she is usually ironing, or starching shirts. (See hedgehog picture to the right). By comparison Sonic the Hedgehog is a young interloper.

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* Sadly, hedgehogs are becoming rare, even endangered. The problem is fewer good old scruffy gardens. These days it’s either manicured lawn or patio. Other enemies of the hedgehogs include cars, lawnmowers, trimmers, plus the occasional fox or badger.

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