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The world’s best professional tennis players are currently playing on series of tournaments all over Asia. And while the people of Asia are able to see some high quality tennis action we are, once again, witnesses of  “High quality” products that come from China.

Have you ever bought something that has the writing on it “Made in China”. If you have, you exactly know what I am talking about when I am discussing the quality their products.

This time it is the China Open official website. Below there are examples of it’s “cool” organized layout. Red text over red background to give you fantastic contrast that enhances your browsing experience icon smile in Web site design Made in China .

This website raises the question “Who made this?”. We should probably contact some organizations for prevention of child labor, because this website looks like it was made by a ten-year-old. Meanwhile, we can laugh about it and hope that someone will tell Chinese how to fix this funny layout.

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