The Most Scariest Airports In World

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Flying may be one of the safest methods of transportation but it doesn’t always look that way, especially when flying in and out of certain airports. These 10 air travel destinations challenge the skill of pilots, the structure of aircraft, and the underwear of passengers.

Tioman Island Airport, Tioman Island, Malaysia

You may not have heard of Tioman Island (known locally as Gunung Daik Bercabang Tiga) but likely you’ve seen it on TV or at a movie theater: “Bali Hai” in the 1956 film South Pacific was actually Tioman Island. This beautiful tropic isle lies off the east coast of peninsular Malaysia, due east of Kuala Lumpur and roughly north-northeast of Singapore.

Berjaya Air operates 2- and 4-engine turboprop planes capable – barely – of negotiating the single 3,254ft (992m) runway at Tioman Island Airport. Pilots must first set their planes on a heading directly into a mountain range, with the pilot then performing a 90 degree turn to line up the runway. Late touchdowns are ill-advised as overshooting the runway means plunging off a sheer cliff.

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Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Maarten

Originally constructed as a military airport during World War II, Princess Juliana International Airport today serves as the main hub for the smaller island destinations of the Caribbean. Takeoffs from the airport require quick reflexes as a sharp turn must be made immediately after becoming airborne, so as not to slam into the mountains.

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Eggstraordinary Workspaces

Earlier this year Wadhwa Developers commissioned James Law Cybertecture to create an office unlike any other in Mumbai, India. Cybertecture Egg, an egg-shaped office building brings together iconic architecture, environmental design, intelligent systems, and new engineering to create a fascinating structure in the city.

The concept of this unique design was inspired by planets and sustainable ecosystems. Elements of the design and intelligence systems will work together to give this office building’s occupants a great place to work.

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Throughout the building, a series of innovative systems will be implemented. One such system, “Cybertecture Health“, is designed to monitor office worker’s health. Data collected may be retrieved or sent to a doctor if necessary.

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Recycable Office – Made Completely Of Cardboard

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Imagine how much money you could save, if you made an office completely  out cardboard. Impossible; I hear you say. But these images say otherwise. Yes, it is possible and it even looks really cool.

I believe it would be a perfect option for all companies that want to show their care for the nature, and the headquarters of save the nature activists. This, light and fully recyclable office, looks good and perfectly functional. The only thing you need to worry about is your employees bringing a lighter to work. I would buy a good supply of fire extinguishers along with it icon smile in Recycable Office   Made Completely Of Cardboard

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