Tweeters Watch Out for the Wheat Thins Team Lurking with Surprises

July 7, 2010 by  
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Important info to all the Tweeters out there! Your tweets are being watched and carefully monitored by the Wheat Thins team. A lot of tweeters have experienced this first hand. Tim found himself in an unlikely situation when he found out that his complaint about Wheat Thins being the loudest snack ever, was scooped of the internet and brought Wheat Thins team to his aid and a genius set of crunch-proof headphones.
Here is a couple more videos of those lucky tweeters who got a visit from Wheat Thins team. The first video featuring Tabatha, who found herself in a critical situation when she found out she was out of Wheat Thins and got a truck load of Wheat Thins to her great surprise. The second video featuring a guy named Dan who uses Wheat Thins as a guitar pick for his ‘air’ guitar, having loads of fun with his new pick pack.
How come this never happens to me, you wonder. Well, good things come to those who wait. So tweet away and hope for the best.

Unsuspecting Tweeter Gets Truckload of Wheat Thins

Air Guitar Jam Session FTW!

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