50 Stunning Satellite Photos of Earth

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Looking at nature from different perspectives can create stunning compositions for your photographs. This couldn’t be more true than when we look at our planet from outer space and appreciate the reality of its beauty from such an incredible and rarely seen perspective.

The images in this compilation are from the Landsat 7 satellite and were created to introduce the general public to the Landsat Program.Various combinations of the eight Landsat 7 spectral bands were selected to create the vivid RGB composites that we have featured.

Bogda Mountains – The Turpan Depression, nestled at the foot of China’s Bogda Mountains, is a strange mix of salt lakes and sand dunes, and is one of the few places in the world that lies below sea level.

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Delta Region, Netherlands – Along the southern coast of the Netherlands, sediment-laden rivers have created a massive delta of islands and waterways in the gaps between coastal dunes. After unusually severe spring tides devastated this region in 1953, the Dutch built an elaborate system of dikes, canals, dams, bridges, and locks to hold back the North sea.

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Akpatok Island - Akpatok Island lies in Ungava Bay in northern Quebec, Canada. Accessible only by air, Akpatok Island rises out of the water as sheer cliffs that soar 500 to 800 feet (150 to 243 m) above the sea surface. The island is an important sanctuary for cliff-nesting seabirds. Numerous ice floes around the island attract walrus and whales, making Akpatok a traditional hunting ground for native Inuit people.

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UNESCO Sattelite: Top 9 Beautiful Pictures

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Some of the most beautiful pics captured by UNESCO satellite. Fantastic coloring of the beautiful details from our planet Earth.

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Discover satellite internet

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satellite system in Discover satellite internetIf you are currently relying on dialup Internet connectivity, you are likely suffering from a case of poor performance.  This probably means that you are unable to use the Internet in the ways that you want.  You probably have difficulty downloading email attachments, much less listening to streaming music or watching shows over the Internet. Dialup is significantly unsuitable for the modern Internet; at least for those who wish to do more than stare at their monitor for endless periods as a single picture loads.  Below, you will find 7 reasons to ditch the dialup and get high-speed satellite Internet. Read more

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