Real life Shrek Wedding?

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Shrek, the cartoon character has had his ‘happily ever after’, but would these people having their Shrek themed wedding have similar future of their relationship? Are these two trolls in love the same way the original Shrek and princess Fiona? We cannot know that for sure, but for now, the least we can do is enjoy their wedding and admire their creativity and a bit of wackiness that made them have such a wedding. I just hope that these masks do come off icon smile in Real life Shrek Wedding?

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Keith Green and Christine England spent three hours in make-up to walk down the aisle looking like the cartoon characters from the hit animated films. Mr Green, 44, and his 40-year-old bride were covered in green paint and full costume and wigs and married in front of 100 guests also dressed as characters from the film, including the Donkey and the Gingerbread Man.

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The new Mrs Green, a hospice nurse, of Barnstaple, Devon, said: “Every girl wants a fairytale wedding and I got one – with a bit of a twist. It was a real laugh.” “The idea just came to me. I knew what we would go as them because Keith looks just like Shrek. It was funny because when we said our vows Keith had these green ears sprouting from the top of his head. “I tried to convince my teenage son to dress up as the Donkey but he wasn’t having any of it.”

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Mr Green, a builder, said: “It was a very strange experience to say the least, but a thoroughly enjoyable one. We love the films and my wife tells me I have resemblance to Shrek.”

The couple hired a make-up artist to make them look like the characters – voiced by Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz – in the hit films.  The bride’s mother Annette England, 66, said: “It’s not necessarily how you imagine seeing your daughter get married but it was great fun.”

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4 World’s Most Unusual Plants

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Nature can be very strange and sometimes its creatures can be incredible. Here are 4 of the world’s most unusual plants. Don’t give any of these to your Valentine…

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1. Dracunculus Vulgaris

4 the worlds most unusual plants 01 in 4 Worlds Most Unusual Plants

4 the worlds most unusual plants 02 in 4 Worlds Most Unusual Plants

4 the worlds most unusual plants 03 in 4 Worlds Most Unusual Plants

The Dracunculus Vulgaris smells like rotting flesh and has a burgundy-colored, leaf-like flower that projects a slender, black appendage.

2. Rafflesia Arnoldii

4 the worlds most unusual plants 04 in 4 Worlds Most Unusual Plants

4 the worlds most unusual plants 10 in 4 Worlds Most Unusual Plants

This parasitic plant develops the world’s largest bloom that can grow over three feet across. The flower is a fleshy color, with spots that make it look like a teenager’s acne-ridden skin. It smells bad and has a hole in the center that holds six or seven quarts of water. The plant has no leaves, stems, or roots. Read more

The Best Hybrid Cars

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hybrids in The Best Hybrid CarsThe Hybrid cars introduce us to a brave new world of trying to efficiently replace gas as the main energy source. The down fall of all previous attempts to do so was slow and very small cars that simply couldn’t replace the ‘regular’ car. But, today’s hybrids are really beautiful machines that you can proudly drive on the road at a reasonable price, as you will see later on. First things first, what are the hybrids? And why would you want one?

hybrid sign in The Best Hybrid CarsAbout Hybrid cars Hybrid cars were introduced by various automotive industries as a result of the need for more efficient and environmentally sound cars. Even though everyone has heard about hybrid cars, but there still exists confusion about how they operate and what are the components does it need to function properly.

Basically hybrid cars are operated by three main sources such as, a well performing battery, an electric motor and a gas engine. Each of the sources is very important for the performance of the car.  The main benefit of using hybrid cars is that, it proves to lower the harmful emission and better the gas mileage. A lot of difference in their function exists between full hybrid cars and a mild hybrid car.

Based on the gas mileage and its performance, the top 10 best hybrid cars are taken and reviewed in detail. Read more

Green Development

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Green development is becoming increasingly more popular with architects, builders and homeowners each year. Consumers’ environmental awareness is growing and they have come to demand more naturallygreen building2 in Green Developmentgreen7 300x204 in Green Developmentgreen3 300x199 in Green Developmentgreen2 300x172 in Green Developmentgreen1 300x298 in Green Developmentgreen6 274x300 in Green Developmentgreen4 300x225 in Green Development sustainable and recycled materials incorporated in the construction and renovation of their homes and favor homes that utilize construction and design techniques that improve energy efficiency and reduce indoor air pollution. These green home building techniques not only let homeowners feel good about leaving a smaller environmental footprint, but can provide long-term savings in utility bills. Does a greener house have to look like a yurt or geodesic dome like so many of the first-generation eco-houses of the 1970s? On the contrary, green-built homes are often indistinguishable from their traditional counterparts. Green buildings will, however, function much differently. Their heating and cooling costs will be lower if they are sited to maximize wind-sheltering trees and incorporate passive solar design principles. Green building is a growing segment of the new home and home renovation market. Go to any Homebuilders Expo these days and you’ll find plenty of vendors exhibiting green building products and services, from energy-efficient appliances to roof shingles made of recycled plastic to architecture firms that specialize in sustainable design. The hit television series Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has incorporated green building in many of its episodes, in part to help out its financially struggling families with lower energy and maintenance bills for the future, but also in recognition of this progressive trend in the building industry.

Realtors are finding that green architecture components are a good selling point for their listings. Home buyers in this relaxed housing market can be more selective about their many housing options and the long-term economies of green homes make for an attractive real estate package. Banks and financial lenders are also recognizing the investment value inherent in green construction and are responding by offering more favorable terms for these loan customers.

There is also the social trend of environmentalism as a way of life. Just as consumers are veering away from sport-utility vehicles and snapping up hybrid and more fuel-efficient cars, so too are prospective home buyers thinking twice about the status of traditionally-designed houses and thinking more about building green.

If you are interested in learning more about green design, check out your next home builders fair in your area or contact a local architect to discuss this exciting home building and renovation option. You’ll be happy you did.
Building materials typically considered to be green include rapidly renewable plant materials like bamboo and straw, lumber from forests certified to be sustainably managed, ecology blocks, dimension stone, recycled stone, recycled metal, and other products that are non-toxic, reusable, renewable, and/or recyclable.
The Environmental Protection Agency also suggests using recycled industrial goods, such as coal combustion products, foundry sand, and demolition debris in construction projects. Building materials should be extracted and manufactured locally to the building site to minimize the energy embedded in their transportation. Green buildings often include measures to reduce energy use. To increase the efficiency of the building envelope, the barrier between conditioned and unconditioned space, they may use high-efficiency windows and insulation in walls, ceilings, and floors. Another strategy, passive solar building design, is often implemented in low energy homes. Designers orient windows and walls and place awnings, porches, and trees to shade windows and roofs during the summer while maximizing solar gain in the winter. In addition, effective window placement can provide more natural light and lessen the need for electric lighting during the day. Solar water heating further reduces energy loads.
Finally, on site generation of renewable energy through solar power, wind power, hydro power, or biomass can significantly reduce the environmental impact of the building. Power generation is generally the most expensive feature to add to a building.

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