The Best Hybrid Cars

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hybrids in The Best Hybrid CarsThe Hybrid cars introduce us to a brave new world of trying to efficiently replace gas as the main energy source. The down fall of all previous attempts to do so was slow and very small cars that simply couldn’t replace the ‘regular’ car. But, today’s hybrids are really beautiful machines that you can proudly drive on the road at a reasonable price, as you will see later on. First things first, what are the hybrids? And why would you want one?

hybrid sign in The Best Hybrid CarsAbout Hybrid cars Hybrid cars were introduced by various automotive industries as a result of the need for more efficient and environmentally sound cars. Even though everyone has heard about hybrid cars, but there still exists confusion about how they operate and what are the components does it need to function properly.

Basically hybrid cars are operated by three main sources such as, a well performing battery, an electric motor and a gas engine. Each of the sources is very important for the performance of the car.  The main benefit of using hybrid cars is that, it proves to lower the harmful emission and better the gas mileage. A lot of difference in their function exists between full hybrid cars and a mild hybrid car.

Based on the gas mileage and its performance, the top 10 best hybrid cars are taken and reviewed in detail. Read more

Return to the Moon

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moon10 in Return to the MoonWhy go to the Moon. Been there, done that

There are a couple of good reasons why we should return to the Moon.
, it could serve well as a source of fuel, mineral and other elements the Earth lacks.
, the Moon could be used as a start point of further exploration of space.
Anyways, NASA has determined the dead lines. Building of a permanent lunar base should start in 2015, and that would be a great starting point to head to Mars, by the year 2030.
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