People-Animal Twins

May 5, 2009 by  
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There is a strange connection between human beings and animals. Sometimes it is a pet and his owner taking a walk in the park, other times animals show some forms of behavior that is reserved for humans, like cats opening doors by jumping on the door knob, or a dog laying in his masters favorite chair and watching TV. Our pets supply us with very funny and interesting moments, that is for sure.
But, people can act like animals, too. No need to explain those moments.
These are the images where there is a twin-like likeness between people and animals; in the most obvious way possible. It seems we can meet half-way with animals when it comes to our looks. Lots of people are sending holiday cards with photos of their pets these days. Make them humorous with your own custom twin pictures.

people animals 01 in People Animal Twins
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